Today’s sneak peek brings some extra photos & unseen pieces from the Pandora Spring 2016 collection, revealing a host of flowers including dahlias, forget-me-nots, cherry blossoms and primroses! The collection, entitled Poetic Blooms, is due out on the 17th of March. I have no full preview yet, but hopefully these extra pictures will help whet your appetite until more pictures come out, either here or elsewhere. :)


I have posted a few articles previously showcasing some of the Spring 2016 jewellery due to be released. You can find them all below:-

Pandora SS16 Sneak Peek III

First up, we have a wonderful sneak peek at three new Spring 2016 murano glass beads – one floral glass design and two faceted beads, in pastel pink and purple. :D These are published with the very kind permission of Monicah Carey, so please do not reproduce without her permission. 

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms
Image courtesy of Monicah Carey – please do not reproduce without permission :)

Next up, I have a sneak peek at the upcoming Poetic Blooms heart charm, which pays homage to a variety of Pandora’s most popular floral pieces – with primroses, daisies and cherry blossoms all clustered together in one cdesign! <3 The keen-eyed among you may also note that the bracelet featured in this campaign image is the new thread-less Moments bracelet, with a spherical clasp (this was featured in a previous Spring 2016 sneak peek)!

pandora spring 2016

In addition to the rather pretty charm, there will be Poetic Blooms earring studs! Continuing the flower theme too is the Blooming Dahlia collection, which features soft pink/peach enamel – pictured below is the Blooming Dahlia clip.

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms

In addition to the Blooming Dahlia clip, there are some accompanying jewellery pieces. In this campaign image (click to enlarge it!), you can see a matching pendant and ring.

In the bottom left-hand side of the campaign image picture, you can also see the new gold pavé spacers, which are silicone-lined. There’s also a new gold version of the Radiant Hearts charm. I have another image of that one (see below), although it’s unfortunately a little poorly cropped! ;)

pandora spring 2016 gold radiant hearts

To finish off, Pandora themselves showed off a new campaign image of their new forget-me-not jewellery, featuring clear and amethyst-coloured cubic zirconia:

pandora spring 2016 forget me nots

My Comment

This is another hodge-podge of pictures and sneak peeks garnered from a variety of sources, and I know we’re all waiting for a fuller preview, but it seems weird not to share them if I have them.^^

The fact that we’re getting three new muranos is fantastic, and I particularly like the look of the floral glass bead. :D Also, I have been wanting a pastel purple murano for SO LONG now, so that one is really exciting too. Overall, there certainly seem to be a lot of floral designs coming up! I prefer the Blooming Dahlia design as a ring to the clip and pendant designs, I think. The forget-me-nots are pretty, but not so much to my taste. I’m also told that we can expect Sparkling Apple Blossom designs! There are not many plain silver charms coming out, from what I’ve been told.

What do you think of what we’ve seen so far? What would you like to see?

123 Comments on Pandora Spring 2016 Teasers Part 3

  1. Hi Ellie,
    Wouah the flower murano is gorgeous, I hope that it will be release here in France ! The two other need to be saw in real…
    The poetic blooms need to be on my bracelet for sure, and I hope that the clasp for the new bracelet haven’t strass…
    Hurry up spring !
    Have a nice day :)

    • Hi Isabelle! I’m in love with the muranos as well. :D The floral murano bead will most likely be mine (unless it looks very different in person!) and I’d quite like the pink and purple pastel muranos for my classic silver design I’m working on.
      What do you mean about the clasp on the new bracelet? :)
      Aha, have a nice day too! Thanks for commenting ^^

      • Hi Ellie,
        You have write “the new thread-less Moments bracelet, with a spherical clasp : on the photo I can’t see very well the clasp : I hope that it was a “classic” clasp without zircon. I am not a fan, of the pavé clasp…
        I have buy the bracelet “always in my heart” especially for the engraving, and not for the pavé clasp.

        • Hi Isabelle!

          Ah, I see what you mean. The new Moments bracelet does not have a pavé clasp, no – it’s plain silver, so you don’t need to worry! ^^

          I like the pavé heart clasp on the Always in my Heart bangle, but the script is very pretty as well!

  2. Hi Ellie,

    I agree the new muranos look pretty. The one item that stood out for me was the Dahlia clip. I couldn’t help but think that it might be a nice compliment to the rose gold pieces.

    Not a huge enamel fan, although I purchased two of the valentine enamel hearts so I am getting

    I do like how the flowers are clustered on the enamel charms, creates nice depth & texture. Very 3D.

    Thanks again .

    Lisa k.

    • Hi Lisa!

      The muranos look lovely, especially the floral one. It looks like a more sophisticated version of those knock-off floral glass beads that you see all the time on eBay. :) I’m also excited about the pastel purple one!

      The Dahlia clip looks really pretty in that shot Suzy posted below! I’m warming up to it already. I actually really love the enamel pieces and I prefer them to pavé detailing on the whole! I just like the little pop of colour they offer without being too sparkly.

      You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed the preview. :D


  3. My first reaction to the Poetic Bloom was :
    CZ Daisy openwork + Primrose openwork + Cherry blossom enamel clip = Second version of the Heart Padlock charm (without the lock! =P). It is very pretty, and would probably tie all the actual pieces together if they were all stuck on a bracelet! =D.

    I love love love the muranos! It’s a very Trollbead/Chamilia move – if you haven’t seen their new collections yet, they are also in peachy tones this year, with faceted muranos, and the shimmer as found in the recent Wild Hearts murano! =D.

    I adore the bracelet! Do you think they’ll do a silver equivalent of the snazzy new spacers?! I really really hope they do, and that it’s not just in gold! The Dahlia seems a bit enamel-y for me, it looks huge o.O!

    Hmmm… is apple blossom a fruit or a flower? Haha… sorry I really don’t know what it is…. More flowers for the collection then? =P

    oOOOOoo it’s so exciting! I can’t wait =D

    Thanks for the lovely treat of a post today Ellie! All those lovely Spring Love colours are absolutely beautiful ^___^!

    Speak to you soon! xxx

    • I just had a nosey at their sneak peaks and the close up of the Dahlia clip in the making is very sweet! I actually really like it without the enamel! Or maybe just the inner petals the peachy colour, and the outer ones in a contrasting white! =D

      (I’m not sure whether this picture embedding thing will work, if it doesn’t please delete =X)

      • Ohh it looks so much prettier there! I love how peachy the petals are. And you’re right, it looks kind of cute without the enamel. You could oxidise it and leave it like that!

        P.S. The image embedding thing didn’t work, but I fixed it for you! :P Sometimes html like that seems to work, sometimes it doesn’t. ^^ I’m trying to figure out how I can make it easier for people to add pictures to comments without breaking my website ahaha. I could switch to Disqus comments, but… I really hate Disqus! :P

      • Hi Suzy, is there a making video of Dahlia clip? If yes can you share the link? I believe it must be very interesting and exciting to see… Can’t wait to see the item in person…

        Aside to Ellie, would be perfect if we can share picture in the comment here.. Love the creativity of readers in designing the pandora bracelet.. Awesome sharing blog done by you :)

        • Hiya flying piggy =) I got that picture above from Pandora’s official sneak peak webpage. You can access it once you’ve joined the Pandora Club – this can be your current country, or any other country you wish.

          If you do like the “in the making” videos, they have previously released short story-board-like clips (of some older charms), showing how they come up with ideas, to making it. You can find most of these on YouTube =).

          The clip looks so promising in the above photo – I really hope it looks as good in person! It has such a subtle peachy shimmer to it, I can’t wait to see it either now!

        • Hi.. I am pandora club member but i can’t find it in their official website neither notification from pandora club.. Hmmm… Not sure what’s wrong with my account as recently pandora app doesn’t work properly in my phone.. Need to write in for help..

          Anyway thanks for the info.. I have the same thought as you, cannot wait to see the dahlia clip in person.. :)

        • Hi! Just in case you haven’t found the sneak peeks yet – you have to go the ‘UNIVERSE’ section of It’ll be there :)

          Also – I have started to look into the possibility of having you guys upload pictures, but it seems like it will be more tricky than I thought. I’ll keep working on it! ^^

    • Aha, it is kind of Floral Heart Padlock esque! It’s their second attempt to marry hearts and flowers together. ^^ My problem is that I have my white enamel florals and pink enamel florals on two different bracelets… so the Poetic Blooms can’t join all the flowers together for me in one design. ;)
      It might look nicest on this one though:
      pandora pink green petite facets charms

      I’ve seen a Chamilia Season 1 preview, I’m sure, but I don’t remember seeing peachy pieces! I will have to go back and have another look. I don’t think I’ve looked at Trollbeads either. Or at least, it’s not stuck in my head. ;) I usually keep better track of what other brands are doing!

      They are doing silver silicone spacers, yes! I previewed them in my first sneak peek. Here’s the pic:

      Apple blossom is a flower! It’s quite pink in shade, I think. The name ‘Sparkling Apple Blossom’ makes me wonder if it’s another big pavé statement piece, like the Sparkling Primrose and Sparkling Daisy from last year’s Spring collection.

      Aha, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I’m all in the mood for flowers now. ;)

      Speak soon! xxx

      • Their sneak preview of the Dahlia is very very pretty! I was amazed when I saw it too, it looks so much cuter =D. The blooms charm will look so pretty on your pink and white bracelet! (But I love your rose gold bracelet more =D). Apologies for missing the spacers in your post – I thought it was just different lighting on the same spacer… :P

        Now…Sparkling Apple Blossom sounds like a sparkling water drink…. hahaha =D Maybe it has the water shimmer when light catches on it =D Fingers crossed for less CZ…

        You know, those three muranos would probably look good together all on one bracelet =D! It’d be super girly though haha. They are all on my wish list! I’ve geared towards putting muranos on my bracelet as a centre piece – they’re just so non-fussy and simple, I love it =D

        Thanks for bringing the floral mood to us Ellie! xxx

        • Aha, I love my pink oxi bracelet and my Rose bracelet pretty much equally ^^ They both get worn a lot. I made them both during last year’s Spring collection and they’re quite associated with each other in my head!

          Haha, it does sound like a pressé drink or something doesn’t it? I expect it will be big and pavé-esque, whatever it is!

          I am actually planning a super girly bracelet with the pastel pink and purple muranos! ;) They’re going on a plain silver design with the lavender candy-stripe, I think. I also like a nice murano centre piece – it gives the bracelet such a nice, clear focal point :D It’s usually a murano or a pendant charm for me. ^^

          Thanks for your lovely comments Suzy! xxx

  4. I am a purple & pink kind of girl, this release will suit my taste. I am saving for April free bracelet promotion, can’t to see everything in person. My eyes is on murano, Flower murano is beautiful.

    • Ah, this release is perfect for you then! I am so pleased to see a purple pastel murano. I’ve wanted one for such a long time! <3 I will be getting most of my picks in the free bracelet promo as well, provided I can be patient. ;)

      • Me too! Fascinating Purple & Purple Effervescence are not what I want. Purple is a very special color, it have to be exactly what I like.

        • I love most shades of purple, and I have the Fascinating Purple and Effervescence beads – but I need pastel purple as well, haha.

  5. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for yet another preview! I LOVE the new floral murano; it will look so wonderful on my nature-themed bracelet with the wildflower murano from last year’s Spring collection! I’m not usually a fan of hearts, but the Poetic Blooms with all kinds of flowers is so pretty and has so much detail!

    I also love the Blooming Dahlia, but I agree that I think I like it most as a ring. It’s neutral shade will make it easily go with anything :)

    I can already see the wish list growing haha! Can’t wait for your eventual full preview with prices :D

    • Hi Kristen!

      Yes, I absolutely love that murano too! I’m hoping it might look nice with the olive facets from Autumn 2015, which I have just acquired thanks to a lovely friend in Hong Kong. :) The Poetic Blooms heart is nice, although I’m not sure if I have a place for it in my collection… Pandora do a lot of hearts, and a lot of flowers, so I suppose it’s not that surprising to see them put the two ideas together in one charm haha!

      I’m really quite tempted by the Dahlia ring! It looks so nice in that campaign image. My ring collection is slowly growing ^^ The clip also looks a lot nicer than I thought in that picture Suzy posted above – Pandora have posted their own sneak peek on the same day as me ;)

      I’m looking forward to a fuller preview as well! :) Hopefully I, or someone else, will have one soon.

  6. Hi Ellie. Thanks for another sneak peek! I don’t think any of these pieces grab me, fortunately. (I have quite a long wish list already!).
    I have this idea that I’m not interested in faceted muranos, that I prefer smooth glass muranos. But the light pink and purple are so pretty, I may have to consider them. I’m also quite curious how the floral murano will look in person.
    Regarding the beads, I prefer simple, whimsical flower designs (in silver) so none of these floral designs with enamel are to my liking. I do like some of the English Lace designs you previewed earlier.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the other spring pieces and the new Disney beads, and I’m hoping the US gets the last fall released Essence beads.

    • Hi Judy! I’m surprised that you aren’t more taken with the muranos, given how much you enjoy murano glass in general. I really like the faceted beads, and I suspect that all three of these muranos will be coming home with me. :P Hopefully the floral murano will look nice with the olive facets for Autumn 2015, which is a recent acquisition of mine.
      I think that the Spring 2016 collection is going to be almost exclusively floral beads this time. :( and most of them with enamel or pavé detailing. So you might strike out a bit on this one! But there are the English Lace pieces and there might be some other things thrown in, so fingers crossed ^^

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. The glass beads are exactly the kind of thing I’ve been wanting! Thanks so much for the preview as it will allow me to budget accordingly!!

    • You and me both, Martha! I’ve been saying for the longest time that Pandora needs to make some light purple muranos so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the new murano glass. :D

      • Thirded! I have been wanting pastel purples for a long time. :D It’s one of the reasons I wanted them to do Rapunzel for the Pandora Disney collection, as I imagine her signature murano would be light purple, haha.

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re enthused :D Even if I don’t end up with much else from this release, those murano beads are enough to get excited about!

  8. Those muranos, wow!! I agree with you in that I love the pastel purple one. I haven’t had the need to get any of the glass ones with the little designs in them yet but that daisy one I might have to get also! I really like the look of the threadless moments bracelet. I like how you don’t have to fill it up with charms and you can just let the silver show. To me it’s sort of a threaded moments and bangle bracelet hybrid. I previously liked the forget me not purple wide band ring but I’m not sure if I like the coordinating jewelry. It reminds me of wedding or prom jewelry. It is so refreshing to see all this beautiful flower themed jewelry when it’s a cold snowy day in Ohio! Thanks for posting the pics when you get them! Can’t wait for the full preview!

    • I don’t fill up Moment bracelet, only put charms in between 2 clips to keep it simple. I don’t need thread-less bracelet, I would rather like to collect original Moment bracelet with different style clasp and LE bangle.

      • I have a full Pandora and two others I purchased recently with charms in between the clips. I also like the simplicity of these bracelets, the movement, and the sound of the beads dancing on the chain,

        • Yeah I can see what you guys are saying. I have a few moments bracelets that are full of charms but I am liking the simplicity of a few charms more and more. That way you can showcase a few charms you like without having to spend a lot of money and fill up the entire bracelet!

        • I used to fill bracelets, but now I only do “mini bracelets”, with beads between the clips. I, too, like seeing the silver of the bracelet and like the simplicity, and just as you noted, it doesn’t cost a fortune since there are only up to 5 or 6 beads (plus clips) on the bracelet. I have small wrists, so the mini bracelets look better (for me), too. So yeah – bracelets with just a few beads can be really nice.

        • I only love mini theme bracelet, put 2 to 4 beautiful charms in between the 2 clips. One beautiful dangle is a must in between the charms, I like the sound of the beads dancing on the chain also. My bracelet size is 6.7 a few beads do a good job. Save $$$

        • For me, I have one bead between the two clips on the threads, then I buy two identical clips that I put on the ends and have a bead I between that and the stationary clip- so, there are four clips and three beads. I recently made one like this of all heart beads and it looks great!!!

        • You create your own Essence style without buying another line, smart. I don’t like & spend for Essence with very limited choice.

      • I wear the charms in between my clips as well. I only have small wrists, so it’s just the right amount and I love to be able to see all my charms.

    • Jackie,

      You hit the nail on the head when you said the coordinating jewelry reminded you of prom or wedding jewelry! I have to agree with you. What first drew me to Pandora was the idea of creating my own jewelry that didn’t have to match.
      I enjoyed your comments.

      Lisa K

    • Yes, I’m so excited for the pastel purple one! I hope it is the delicate light purple pictured here and not darker in person. :)
      I know just what you mean about the threadless Moments bracelet. I called it the bangle-bracelet before I realised it was essentially a scaled-up Essence bracelet ;) I hope they do a range of nice silicone spacers to go with it and not just the pavé one!
      There will be charms in the same purple Forget-Me-Not style, apparently – but they do remind me of the Accessorize or Claire’s jewellery I used to wear when I was younger. Pretty, but not particularly Pandora!
      You’re very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it, it’s miserable weather here in the UK as well haha.

  9. the flower murano looks very interesting. I hope they come out with more plain silver clips. I read on a news clipping that Pandora will be pushing their earrings now that their rings market has successfully developed.

    • I read that news article too! I think that must be why they’re doing an earring promo for North America this year. I wonder if it will catch on like the rings did!

  10. Hi Ellie, thanks for these updates. To be honest nothing above peaks my interest except the muranos which from what I can see all three seem beautiful. Is it me or are the light purple and pinks ones glittery, or is it just the picture that is blurry? Still hoping to see some non flower pieces and more objects or stuff of that nature.

    • Hi Alex, the muranos are what grab me most as well! I think you’re right – they do look sparkly. Perhaps they are the same German glass as the Wild Hearts murano? :) I hear that this Spring release is very heavily based around florals and previous spring collections, but hopefully there will be some character pieces too!

  11. Thanks for more pictures. It’s nice to see better pictures of some of the charms, etc I could only slightly make out in previous pictures. I can see my list for the Spring collection, been a long one. I’m loving what I’ve seen so far, I’m so excited. Can’t wait to see the full preview.
    From these pictures on this preview I like the poetic blooms charm, I like how it brings together all the different flowers from previous collections. Also I like the blooming dahlia clip and ring and can’t quite tell on the pendant. The forget-me-not stud earrings are nice. I’m interested to see the charms to match them.
    I hope they release some silver silicone spacers to go on the new bracelet.

      • I saw that! Unfortunately I think we’ve seen everything they unveiled in their sneak peek already. But it was great to get another look at the Dahlia clip, that looked much prettier in their live shots!

    • You’re welcome! It’s so nice to hear that you’re excited for the new pieces. The muranos are what are really grabbing my attention – and the Dahlia pieces do look pretty in the images as well! <3 The Poetic Blooms heart is pretty, and I like the concept of a charm that pulls together all our favourite flowers from previous collections. Having said that, it would be nice to see some more original designs to go with them!
      There will be silver silicone spacers, yes. I previewed them in my first sneak peek:

  12. Hi Ellie, thanks for these additional pictures! <3

    I do like the Poetic Blooms heart, that will be one I consider getting. I think light pink and peach colors go well with Pandora Rose, but I'm not sure if I really like the Dahlia collection as much as some of the others they've done before.

    I don't think the purple and clear CZ earrings and necklace set look like Pandora, but I usually don't buy many jewelry pieces anyway.

    • Hi Natalie! I wasn’t sure about the Dahlias either, but they look a lot nicer in the live shots Pandora posted on yesterday. I quite like the delicate peachy enamel. I’ll wait and see how they are in person! :D I like your idea of putting them with Pandora Rose.

      No, the Forget-Me-Nots aren’t very Pandora-esque at all! But I tend to stick with the charms & bracelets, or the rings, anyway.

  13. Hi Ellie!

    So looking forward to these, I love all the flowery enamel designs. I love how the white enamel in the knew Valentine’s Day abundance of love range has gone glitter in it, hopefully these new spring ones might too.

    I got told by a friend in pandora UK head office that pandora aren’t going to be making as many new designs and concepts, they’re going to be creating new and complimenting pieces to go with previous collections and from this preview it looks like that’s what they’ve done for spring with the poetic bloom range. They’ll probably do this for summer/autumn too so I’m looking forward to see what they choose to redesign!

    Can’t wait for your next post!

    • Hi! :D I’m really pleased to hear that you’re enthused! I love enamel designs as well and have all the previous enamel flowers in some shape or form. The Poetic Blooms heart is nice, although I have finished most of my flowery bracelets so I don’t know how I’ll fit it into my collection for now. ^^

      That tidbit of news from your friend in head office is v. interesting, and makes sense given what we’ve seen so far. It’s a shame though, as they are retiring so many of their original designs… It kind of feels like they’re not going to have much left apart from hearts & flowers if that’s the direction they’re going in! But we’ll see. :)

      Thanks! :D Glad you enjoyed!

  14. Wow, the floral murano is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it in person, and will probably obsess over picking out the right one instore.

    Muranos are my favourite type of charm but have long thought that Pandora were always somewhat lacking compared to other brands (Trollbeads do amazing ones), but I think with this one they’ve upped their game.

    I got the green leather bracelet last month and can’t wait to add it onto that for a fresh summer design (hopefully it’ll live up to expectations!)

    • Agreed! It does look like one that will need hand-picking though. There are lots of different elements to it!

      Muranos are my favourite as well, but I have always liked Pandora glass. Even the older, simpler glass beads are still pretty to me – I especially like the classic Flowers for You beads. ^^ Having said that, their glasswork has come on in leaps and bounds and is on much more of a par technically with other brands now.

      Oh, lovely – the green leather is gorgeous! It would be great with this new floral glass bead for a really vibrant look. :D

    • Me too! I’m hoping they’re as pretty as they look here. I really hope the purple one is as light as it appears here, as I’ve been wanting a pastel purple murano for ages!

  15. Hi Ellie those muranos look gorgeous I love all three of them the poetic heart charm is really pretty too. So far I like what I see. When ever I see newmuranos I get really excited I do get a tad bit nervous being the fact that sometimes they don’t make it because there something wrong with them. So I prey that’s not the case for these and that they make it to the uk they are stunning.

    • Hi Nicola, I love the muranos as well. Particularly the pastel purple and floral ones :) You’re right – the muranos do seem particularly prone to production issues, so fingers crossed these make it out okay! They are the pieces I am most excited for so far, so I’d be a bit gutted if they were delayed even, haha. I think I will need all three! ;)

      • Oh yes I would love all 3 I would be cool if they sold them together as a deal but they would never do that. I saw the valentines collection yeasterday ans it all looked very nice lots of sparkles. I didn’t purchase anything but on my wishlist are the bracelet, the open heart charm, the pig which is so cute, and the murano the muranos I saw didn’t look as vibrant as yours. I love all the pieces but don’t know where I would put them in my collection at the moment.

        • Haha, I wouldn’t mind it if they bundled them all together either. Usually I hate it when they do gift sets ;)
          Lovely wish list! Hope you get some new pretties soon. I finally saw some other Wild Hearts muranos in store last week and they all looked pretty similar to mine, but some were perhaps a little more of a reddy-pink. All the ones I’ve seen so far have been very pretty, though!

  16. Another preview! I’m very excited for the release, and I love the lace earrings and dew drop rings. I really like the forget-me-not jewelry because they are my favorite flowers. I really don’t like the mourns though. The flower one is just too crowded for my taste, and the other ones are just too girly. The forget-me-not earrings really excite me though! What do you think you will be getting?

    • Oh good, glad there are things you like! The Forget-Me-Nots are pretty, but not must-haves for me. The muranos, on the other hand, have me really excited and I’d love to see some live images of them! I suspect the floral one will look a lot more co-ordinated and less crowded in person. :)
      So far – I think I will be getting the three muranos, the new threadless bracelet and some silicone spacers to go with the bracelet. The Dahlia pieces and the Poetic Blooms heart are maybes. :)

      • Hi what is the silicon spacer? I got some rubber stopper from pandora shop for my bangle and it can only be used for clip. Are silicon spacer the same thing as rubber stopper?

        • I just thought I’d paste the picture from Ellie’s previous post here for you to see (Ellie, I hope I don’t break your website…. lol):

          The silicone spacer is sized like a normal spacer, but it functions like a clip with integrated silicone to stop it sliding. So we won’t be needing those little stoppers that Pandora can sometimes charge for in our clips =D

        • If you have a look at Ellie’s first post for the Spring sneak peaks, you’ll see it there.

          The link to it is at the start of this post entitled: “Pandora Spring 2016 Sneak Peek 1”

          There should be a gold one with CZ stones, and an equivalent silver version, alongside a floral enamel one. You should be able to spot it in the pictures ;)

        • Wow, now i notice them…
          It seems like a good idea as we can decide where to stop the charm in the bracelet.. I hope it suits for bangle too:)

      • Yay! a threadless bracelet! Maybe you can do bracelet designs with different core sizes! Silicone-lined spacers seem like a good idea. I’ll be excited either way!

        • Cindy, I was thinking exactly that! You can section the bracelet however you want with them, or stop some of the larger ones from sliding about, and lastly…. there’s no need to fill up the full bracelet =D and it looks gorgeous filled or not! I’m super excited too, it’s contagious, haha. =P

  17. Wowowow…. Another new collection coming up on 17Mar, same time as new Disney collection?? It will be hard time for me when i go Aus this end Mar/early Apr… But i must agree with many of you, go for three spring 2016 murano glass, gorgeous….

    Thanks Ellie, can’t wait to see more pictures on spring 2016 collection as well as new Disney collection

    • Yeah, they often release multiple collections on the same day – Essence, Rose, Disney, Moments, etc. :) They don’t stagger the release dates! So we always get hit with so many new things at the same time. It’s a bit hard on the wallet, haha ;)

      You’re welcome, hopefully there will be new pictures soon! :)

  18. At last! A charm for spring that I can’t wait to see! The floral murano looks lovely, and the faceted beads are interesting, too. They look as though they may be glittery. (I hope they don’t glow in the dark…) I also look forward to seeing more of the dahlias. I’ve always liked peach and blush for spring. I can hardly wait to see the rest! Thanks, Ellie!

    • Yay, I’m so pleased to hear that you’re excited! The floral murano (going by this stock image) is something of a must for me, and I’d love to see a live image. Mm, I’m hoping the faceted beads are the same kind of glass as the Wild Hearts murano – sparkly and iridescent but not actually glow in the dark.
      I’m looking forward to seeing more too! Thanks for commenting, Angie! <3

  19. I am in awe.. That floral Murano is something I’ve been dreaming about for 2 years! Being a Pandora girl on a budget, I have just one bracelet and it’s purple daisy themed. I HAVE TO HAVE THAT MURANO. It’s just perfection!

    I am also very pleased with the screw-less moments bracelet. I adore the 3-5 charm look on a Pandora bracelets and was thinking I could never achieve a good and comfortable look with clips (ugh, being a perfectionist with my jewellery here).

    One sad thing though – my Pandora bracelet broke after a careful and occasional 11 months wear… The chain just slipped out of the screwy bit completely out of the blue!!! I mean it’s clearly faulty. I bought it in UK and the seller didn’t hand me the warranty papers, which was odd, I know, but I have my bank statement as proof of purchase, which should be sufficient. Unfortunately, Pandora claims you have to return the bracelet to the place of purchase, and I am living in Italy now! I think it’s a bit of cheating since so many people buy Pandora jewellery on trips and are helpless if it breaks under warranty. I don’t know what to do. The Pandora help center was unhelpful. :(

    • Yay! My reaction was similarly thrilled when I saw the floral murano. It’s so pretty! :D I think – I hope – that it will look nice with the olive facets from the autumn collection, as I have just got that one in order to start a new spring design. I think I’ll be putting them on that new threadless bracelet with either the new clear pavé silicone spacers, or maybe the new pink daisy spacers. :D

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your bracelet! That is odd, did you buy from an authorised retailer here in the UK? Here in the UK, Pandora now operate a ‘yes’ policy which means that they should exchange or repair authentic Pandora items even if you didn’t buy it from that particular shop or franchise. Perhaps that’s not the case in Italy :( perhaps email Pandora in the UK with your proof of purchase and see if they can get anyone to get in touch with Pandora Italy? I once had a faulty bracelet and I emailed head office – they got me to post the faulty one back to them and then they sent me a new one out themselves. This was a couple of years ago, and things might have changed, but it’s worth a try? Good luck! :)

      • oOOo! Do you happen to have the UK head office email addy? I popped into store about the threading on my bracelet and it was just as I thought – they can’t fix or repair it because:

        a) The single stranded leathers were discontinued last year,
        b) They don’t offer the single leathers here, plus
        c) They would like the original invoice before even taking the item to check with their repairers whether it can be repaired.
        d) Lastly, to even contemplate an equivalent exchange/repair/upgrade due to a manufacture defect outside of their warranty period, production of original invoice is mandatory.

        So… they basically told me I’m stuck unless I have an invoice. I can’t even pay for a repair just because they don’t sell that colour here! It’s very frustrating because they can actually just stick a new end on it – regardless of the colour! And also, since they are trained in spotting fakes, you’d think they wouldn’t need an invoice unless someone is trying to claim under the warranty.

        Even so, they make you register your purchases don’t they? The purpose, they say, is to activate your warranty on your charms at the time of purchase. They really need to make their registrations global so they can actually carry out their international warranty and repairs scheme – I totally agree with Karolina, it is a big cheat when something happens to your Pandora jewellery =/.

        Apologies for my little rant there… I was really annoyed when they told me that yesterday… =/

        • Hi ladies! When I say the head office email, I just mean the UK’s customer service email that they provide at

          This was a couple of years ago now, but they were great when I got in touch with them. I don’t know how they are now.

          I will also say this – whenever I’ve had a broken or faulty item at Pandora, they’ve been pretty good about sorting it without charging me. And I’m not just saying that as a big fan of Pandora, haha, as I am pretty quick to say when I don’t feel they are up to scratch. ^^ It is definitely worth a try, especially with the ‘yes’ policy in place!

      • Yes I bought it from Silver Tree Jewellery in Lancaster, where I studied. If you could provide us – brokenbraceleted girls with the head office email, that would mean a lot. I am also going tomorrow to a Pandora store in Florence this time. I visited a retailer the last time. Maybe a branded Pandora store would be more understanding, I hope.

        • I was scouring Facebook for stories regarding Pandora repairs yesterday. In a nutshell, they make it as hard as they can to make you give up repairing your jewellery, because taking it in and fixing it means they should acknowledge manufacturing faults which develop outside of the warranty period, and fix it for you, without a charge. I saw someone had actually started a small claims against Pandora for a manufacturing fault with their silver bracelet.

          In the end, they probably just want you to give up and buy a new bracelet. I agree with road trip collecting – I’ve bought some charms from airports, and it’s very unlikely I’ll be at those airports (or countries) again o.O. Makes you wonder why they even have a repair team if they can’t fix the simplest item that’s present, and needed to showcase their charms in each country – THE BRACELET! ;)

          Don’t give up! I hope you find someone that can help you. Oh, and try social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. :)

        • I have a bracelet with the heart barrel clasp and have recently noticed that the clasp is very loose. I bought it from an online retailer that sells authentic Pandora about a year ago as part of a set. I’m going to try to take it to my local Pandora concept store to either get it repaired or replaced. This is my first time needing a bracelet repaired, but the employees at this location are typically very accommodating, so we’ll see how it goes.

        • I remember when I purchased Pandora at an authorised retailer too! They were absolutely lovely and changed my silver bracelet multiple times until I found a suitable one.

          Let me know how it goes! It’d be great if they could do that for you, plus it’s only been a year of wear – they shouldn’t break that fast. Good luck Joanne! :)

        • I have always found them previously to be pretty good when dealing with faulty items over the years. They repaired one bracelet that had kinked, and have swapped two others that developed faults. I’ve not had a problem for about… a year and a half now, though, so I’ve not had to test their customer service for a while!
          *EDIT* And this has always been when dealing with a concept store, or Pandora UK directly.

        • Good news! Went to a branded Pandora store in Florence and told the ladiesthe situation. I said Pandora UK help centre told me to take my chances there. One of the girls seemed displeased with it and the other felt sorry for me, but the displeased girl went ahead, measured my bracelet, and brought me a new one anyway. I am so happy this happened! I can wear my bracelet to my first day of work on Monday! ^^

  20. The Muranos are very pretty as are the enamels, together with last spring’s enamels, I think you could create a lovely bracelet, I love this fresh and pretty look.
    The necklace and earring combo however, leaves me cold, looks like something you could buy in Claires Accessories!

    • Yeah these beads definitely seem to be designed with last year’s (and the year before’s) spring collections in mind! I’ve actually finished my bracelet that featured all last year’s floral enamels and murano though:
      pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan
      And I’m pleased with that one! So I will have to think of something new for this season. I’m thinking maybe putting the new floral murano with the Autumn 2015 olive facets and going from there. :D

      Yes, I know what you mean about the Claire’s thing. I had some similar jewellery from Accessorize when I was younger. I think these new Forget-Me-Not pieces are pretty but not especially ‘Pandora’ in style!

  21. Love the flower murano. The styling in the campaign picture with enamel charm is awesome. I would like to replicate that.

    • You mean the styling with the Poetic Blooms heart bead? That one is nice! :) I’d like to get the new threadless bracelet and maybe add the Autumn 2015 olive facets, this new floral bead and some pretty silver charms.

      • Yes, that’s the one. I already got the white primrose cluster charm. So just have to get the poetic bloom and primrose pendant. And maybe the new pastel pink and purple murano on each side. All on a bangle for a light and mini flora theme design. I can imagine it looking very girly and sweet.

        • Sounds lovely! I have my Dainty Bow bangle, which doesn’t have any charms on it currently – I’m tempted to maybe put the Poetic Bloom heart charm on that one on its own. :)

  22. I don’t have any glass beads, but this flower Murano is beautiful. It might just be my one and only! It would be sore as a centre bead on a necklace too, with a simple one, like the round clip bead on either side. Would really make it pop, and stand out!

    • Ooh the floral murano would be a great place to start a murano collection! :) I love the glass beads so I’m a little biased, but this one looks so intricate and pretty. I can see it working well on a necklace, as you describe!

  23. Hi Ellie!
    The new pastel muranos left me speechless!!! They have that shimmering effect as the blue one of winter’s collection, don’t they? Just gorgeous!
    As for the floral one, it seems I’m the only one that is not exactly thrilled… I think it’s possible (history has proved so :-P) that I’ll change my mind when I see it in person, but on the particular picture, that murano makes too much “noise”! I mean, there’s a red background with gold glitter, three colours of flowers, zirconia on them… :-o Isn’t that too much or is it just my impression? Anyway, it’s relieving that there’ll be sth left out of my endless wishlist! :-)
    Besides, the clip looks so amazing, and so does the floral heart on this photo, that it seems the spring collection won’t limit my Pandora expenses (again)! :-)
    Thank you so much for sharing the new information and pictures Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Yes, there’s definitely a lovely shimmer to those muranos :D I’d be interested to see how it works in person – whether it’s more like the Winter 2015 Iridescent murano as you say, or whether it’s more like the new Wild Hearts murano with its German glass!

      Aha, I have to say, I’m rather enamoured of that floral murano. ;) When you break it down into its different components like that (glitter background, flowers, zirconia), it does make it seem busy – but when I just look at it, it just seems like a pretty meadow effect. I also expect that it will blend better in person!

      Glad to hear you like the clip and the Floral Heart too! They do look pretty – the Dahlia clip in particular is already growing on me (I wasn’t that keen when I first saw it).

      You’re welcome – thanks so much for commenting Chrysa! <3 <3

  24. Ellie, do you think the bangle that is shown in the campaign image could possibly be a new Pandora Rose bangle? It may just be the lighting, but the clasp looks like it has a pinkish tint to it. I would be so excited if this was the case; I love everything rose gold!

    • Hi Joanne! I see what you mean, but I don’t think it is. The new 14kt yellow gold pieces (pavé spacer and Radiant Hearts) are the ones pictured in that image (along with the Autumn 2015 gold Floral Brilliance) and they look the same hue as those two-tone bangles. I think it’s just the lighting. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though! ^^

  25. Hi Ellie! This is turning out to be a very lovely collection! The new muranos are simply gorgeous and I am thrilled that Pandora is introducing THREE new ones. The shades are lovely! I was quite dismayed last year because although I think that the petite facets are appealing, what initially attracted me to Pandora was their awesome murano glass beads and it seemed that Pandora was about to abandon the murano! It seems to me that as of late, they are making more of an effort to satisfy their long time customers. The pave is not quite as prevalent, they are including some more affordable (but finely crafted) silvers, the enamel charms are quite tasteful and lovely and the murano is BACK! I am beyond thrilled! <3 <3 <3

    Although it's very early, I am beginning to wonder about the Summer collection. The Summer and Winter collections have been my favorites in recent years. I have noticed in the new Pandora brochure that the Lighthouse is no longer available. I liked the Lighthouse, but the red enamel did not match my other aqua/teal nautical charms. I am hoping for a new Lighthouse (hopefully no pave!) in the Summer collection! :D

    • Hi Carol! Apologies for the tardy reply, I’ve been a bit under the weather for the last few days. I’m back on form now ;)

      It’s so nice to hear your enthusiasm! :D :D I am thrilled with the muranos, too, if nothing else so far. I also like the new bracelet concept and will grab some of the silicone spacers, so that’s a healthy wish list right there already ;) Seeing Pandora return to investing in murano glass designs also really gladdens me, as murano glass is far and away my favourite kind of Pandora charm! I can’t wait to see a live photo of that floral glass charm!

      I have heard nothing about Pandora Summer 2016 so far. I’m not usually a summer release kind of person, as I don’t particularly go for nautical reds and blues in my collection. However I loved last year’s oceanic blues and teals – so softer colours like those would be perfect for me. And a plain silver lighthouse would be lovely! I’d love a quirky, well-crafted silver bead like that. :D

  26. I love murano which is a piece of art, each bead is handmade with slightly different. I don’t like petite faceted & crystal bead which look like machine made.

    • I so agree Michele! I love the artistry and the variation of the glass work. The facets all look the same to me! To me, they are not worth $50 USD. I was never impressed with this “production” type bead!

      • Actually, murano start my journey to bead or charm bracelet collection. I like the glass bead making technique but no time for another hobby, I knit & sew.

        • This is why I really respect the hardwork of lamp working artist. I am very glad still can afford to own some beautiful murano. I enjoy knitting, it takes 6 weeks for a sweater. I make Japanese clay flower, it take 80 hours to make one pot of daffodil.

    • I only got Wild Heart murano for Valentine release. I will get Flower & Purple murano and one more charm to get the free bracelet for Spring release. Not a lot I like from the photo yet! I will be very picky this year because I got what I like in 2015 already.

        • Thomas Sabo has the 2015 LE Valentine rose quartz Heart back. I was so exciting to see in store, big beautiful light pink heart Can $38.5. I saw some Pandora’s fan put it as a center piece on their Essence bracelet with other semi previous, very beautiful! I think you will like it, pink!

    • It’s funny, because I am increasingly warming up to Chamilia. ;) Some of their pavé designs are not at all to my taste, but at the moment they are coming up with a lot of quirky, fun silver or silver w/enamel designs that really appeal to me. They seem a lot more willing to take risks than Pandora are, in some ways. So I’d actually like Pandora to do a few more charms like Chamilia – Chamilia’s In the Kitsch collection is adorable, for example – as was their latest Christmas collection!

  27. I’m loving the muranos and it is time for me to get the Wildflower murano to go with this Spring floral one. I have been waiting for pastel purple pieces for so long. I really hope this murano is not the only piece we are seeing, going forward. As much as I enjoy purple, the forget me nots necklace and earrings do not entice me. No offense to anyone whom love them but I personally find the designs to be very “non-Pandora” and lack intricacy which I have come to expect of Pandora. I do have the Poetic Blooms charm and earrings on my list though as I like the combination of different blooms all together. The Blooming Dahlia clip is pretty but I probably will not get it as I am not sure how to work the peach colour into my existing collection.

    • Oh yes, the Wildflower murano would go great with this new floral one. I’d love to see a live shot of it (and I’ll be a little bit devastated if any production issues occur with this one :P). Pastel purples are something I’ve wanted for ages, and so that one will be coming straight home with me! I have one of the retired lavender candy-stripes sat on a charm bar and it should go nicely with that.

      I really like the peach colour of the Dahlia charms, too, but I’m also a bit stumped as to how I might use it. Pandora don’t have a lot of peach charms to choose from so it would be a bit hard to do a full colour scheme for it (although I love peach and would love to do a bracelet in those colours!). Which is why I might go for one of the rings instead! ^^

      Thanks for commenting Ariane! <3

      • I kept thinking about the Dahlia pieces. Peach can be a neutral color of some sort (if it is cool toned), I am beginning to be positive and think it might go along very well with pink. Excited to see it in person.

  28. :-D Oh, all of them so pretty!
    I just picked my first Valentine’s Day collection charms.
    Blog post is in the making…for in the morning…
    Thanks for all the pictures and information! xo :-)

    • I saw your lovely post earlier today! You picked some great pieces. I’m tempted by both of them myself :D
      Thanks for commenting! <3

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