Today’s post brings my next review, with a closer look at the beautiful Pandora Feathered clips! These made their début in most regions for Autumn 2015, but they were only released this season in the US & Canada as part of a Valentine’s Day gift set. A couple of readers requested that I do this review and, with their plain silver and elegant design, the Feathered clips seem destined to become a staple part of Pandora’s collection – so I thought they were worth covering!

pandora filled with love gift set
Image by Pandora

As is usual for me with this style of clip, I had to get two – they look so nice as a pair! Read on for more details and styling inspiration! :)

Also – there are more previews to come, including the Essence Spring 2016 and the accompanying jewellery for Spring & Mother’s Day – so stay tuned for those soon! :)

Pandora Feathered clip review

The lovely thing about these clips are how shiny and clean-looking they are! They have a very smooth look, offset by just a hint of oxidised detailing in each groove. The lines of this clip are curved and neat, and it looks softer and more stylised when compared to some of Pandora’s older silver clips in the same style.

pandora feathered clips

They are quite compact and unobtrusive, and they blend seamlessly into pretty much any bracelet design. Nevertheless, while they are undoubtedly elegant, I’m not sure how much they would have reminded me of feathers without the name however!



Much like the Autumn 2015 Layers of Lace clip, I personally like this clip best worn matching as a pair. Their soft simple design blends nicely into the background of a bracelet design, and for this reason my instinct is to use them to add a little symmetry. This is how I’m going to wear them – on my latest bracelet design, which has delicate pinks and Cinderella blues. The plain silver works to complement the business of the colour beads.

pandora valentine's 2016 bracelet

They are called Feathered clips, however, and my next styling works to illustrate that! With the upcoming Spring 2016 collection in mind, I’ve gone for a styling that encompasses birds, natural themes, daisies and a fresh green colour scheme. The Feathered clips would go well with the Dove of Peace, the classic oxidised Feather and the openwork Light as a Feather charm for a bird-themed design :)

pandora feathered clips

Next, I have a couple of leather bracelet ideas showcasing how you might use the Feathered clip on its own or with a different clip. Using a silicone insert or a Pandora rubber stopper, you can use the clip to hold charms in place on the leather bracelet. Here, I’ve used it on the silver leather bracelet – the clip’s shininess contrasts well with the oxidised charms and acts as a symmetrical point to the bracelet’s clasp itself. :D

pandora feathered clips

Finally, for comparison, we have a styling with a different clip – the retired Queen of Hearts clip, which is larger and more of a statement piece. The Feathered clip itself is subtle and unobtrusive, and does pair nicely with other clips – but overall I prefer having two of the same when it comes to that style. This red leather bracelet features the Piggy Bank as a centrepiece and continues the Lunar New Year fun a little further into the week ^^

pandora feathered clips


Pandora have really improved their selection of clips over the past couple of years, with some beautifully colourful designs in enamel and pavé. Nevertheless, it was so nice to see them go back to their roots last year with some lovely plain silver clips. The Feathered clip, along with the Layers of Lace and Braided clips from AW15, are simple, affordable and in keeping with classic Pandora designs.

The Feathered clip is £25 in the UK. In North America, it is currently only available as part of the Filled with Love bracelet gift set until the 15th of February – you will be able to purchase it individually after that date.

What do you think of this new clip design? Is it on your wish list?

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  1. Hi Ellie!!! Thanks so much for adding this review as I had requested! Your’re the bestest!! xxx
    And it’s perfect timing as I will be going to Poland tomorrow where Pandora charms are much cheaper than London. My hotel is minutes from the Pandora store so perfect! I love how the clip is so subtle and it looks beautiful on your leather bracelet. I wasn’t sure of I would get one or two but from your pics, I will get two of them because its to versatile and blends in with almost everything. I don’t think it looks like feathers either, but it has a ‘movement’ look. I might also get the Arabian coffee charm and Evil eye charm as I noticed that they are sold in Poland (yay!) Let me know if you want me to get anything for you. x

    • Hi Judie! No problem at all. You were so helpful when testing that issue with the iPad issues and these are lovely clips – they probably deserved a review anyhow <3
      Ooh excellent! You should stock up on your Pandora :P I remembered you saying that ideally you'd like to see the clips before the 11th. I think getting two is a good choice as they look so great together and they're perfect for adding a little symmetry to a design. And yay to the Coffee Pot and the Evil Eye! I am still saving up for the Spring collection but thanks very much for the offer. <3 Glad you enjoyed the review! x

      • Hi Ellie, I got the clips! They are very pretty. My partner said the clips looked like ugly Danish doughnuts so he ended up buying me the waving cat charm (as he thinks it’s one of pandora’s nicest looking charm even though he does not like pandora at all) as he didn’t want me to leave Poland with 2 ugly doughnut charms .. Hehehe

        • Hi Judie! Yay, I’m glad to hear it, and that you got two in the end :D I love the Waving Cat charm as well, it’s so cute with its little pink heart collar. (Although your partner is wrong about the clips :P)

  2. I do like these as there quite simple and can match with lots of different designs. They are on my list to buy at some point.
    I think they look nice on your first and second bracelet designs. Thank you for another great review.
    Hope to see the Spring jewellery preview next.

    • You are welcome! These clips are very versatile and you can pretty much put them with what you like. ^^
      I’m not sure which preview will be coming next – but a new one will be up this week! :)

  3. Thanks for the review Ellie.
    They are very pretty clips and I agree that clips look nice as a pair. I think they work well on all your designs.

    I see you bought a fascinating olive crystal! They are gorgeous aren’t they?! I think they look beautiful with the wildflower murano too.

    I will be getting another Pandora delivery this evening which I’ve been waiting for a while. It’s the items I bought in the bangle promo in Australia as well as some bits from the German sakes. I will have two wildflower muranos, (which I will pair with my two fascinating olives) two darling daisy clips, two daisy spacers, the dragonfly meadow charm, the dainty bow bangle, the Mrs hedgehog charm, dragonfly stud earrings and the statement piece dragonfly pendant!

    I blame you and your blog for my Pandora addiction! My collection has grown so much since I started reading your blog ;)

    Thank you again,

    • Thanks, Hazel! :D I did get an Olive crystal, yes. I couldn’t resist in the end! ;) I think I will be putting mine with two of the Spring 2016 Flower Garden muranos ultimately, but in the meantime it is lovely with the Wild Flowers murano. The olive crystal brings out its green a little more.
      Ooh what an amazing haul! Those white daisies would look amazing with your green muranos :D And those dragonfly pieces are beautiful. Have fun tonight aha. My brother is jetting off to Australia for a year on Saturday and the only upside to him going is that I’m going to get him to ferry me cheaper Pandora :P
      Aha, I’m sorry and not sorry, Hazel! ;) Glad to hear that the blog has inspired you – I am constantly inspired by seeing everyone else’s pictures online as well. Thanks for commenting! <3

  4. Hi Ellie I really like these clips they are simple and classic, I do like to get two of the same clips for symmetry these are on my very long wish list lol which is constantly getting longer and longer. I also think these are really affordable like a lot of there silver clips.

    • Hi Nicola! Aha, that wish list of yours does get longer by the day. Strangely enough mine does the same. :P These clips are definitely on the affordable side, especially when you compare them to some of the enamel or pavé pieces. You can get two of these for £50, while one single Cherry Blossom clip costs £45 for example :)

  5. Great review Ellie <3 I love all the bracelets you made up for these pictures! These are a nice simple clip option, I agree they look good paired. They remind me a lot of the silver ribbed clips, I got a pair of those during the Dainty Bow Bangle promo and find them so useful, I am constantly taking them off a bracelet to use on another one just to have something easy to cover threads or use as stoppers that doesn't detract from my other beads. I do find it interesting that ribbed clip is only US $25 and feathered is going to be US $35 I think? For a similar design/amount of silver.

    • Thanks Natalie <3 I have the silver ribbed clip as well - it's a beautiful clip and one I use a lot in reviews. You're right, they do go with just about anything as well and they're quite striking in their own right.
      I hadn't noticed that difference in price in USD. :/ Here in the UK, they're priced at the same rate as the existing silver clips. But then you guys have seen other price increases, so I guess they're just trying to subtly up the price on the newer silvers too?

  6. Those are super pretty! Very elegant and I like how they are shiny. I especially love your nature themed bracelet. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Martha! I really like the Olive facets and the Wild Flowers murano together, but ultimately I think I’m going to put my new Facets bead with the Spring 2016 Flower Garden muranos :D I’m excited to try it!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    Great review! Back in the early fall I had a friend pick up these clips & the olive muranos while in Europe on business. Those clips are one of the best Pandora investments I made last fall. Your designs really show the versatility of these clips. I have used them on my Christmas & Valentine’s bracelet. When they are finally available to buy on their own I plan to purchase an additional set as they look elegant on my necklace.

    So glad you were able to snag an olive murano, I think you will make great use of that, love your nature theme design & how you paired the two muranos.

    Thanks agin Ellie for another great review & design ideas. I love coming home to read your blog.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa, it is a shame that the olive facets was missed in so many countries! I got mine from a friend in Hong Kong in the end. :D At least you guys in the US & Canada will be getting the Feathered clips on their own in February – finally!

      Glad you enjoyed the post Lisa! Thanks so much for reading – I also enjoy your comments, too. :D


  8. I also bought 2 of these clips. They have a simple elegance that would go with anything and so shiny too! I like how you’ve styled it with the silver and red leather bracelets. It makes the more detailed charms like the Filled with Romance and the butterfly murano really stand out!

    • Yes they are so shiny! The oxidized grooves in each clip look all the prettier for it. Glad to hear you love them too! ^^ and thanks, Bebe – I do love the leather bracelets and I think the Feathered clips go well with them for a more casual look!

  9. Hi again Ellie!
    Those clips are so elegant in their simplicity! I was thinking about getting them for my pave barrel bracelet, but then the lace clips seemed more appropriate in person! I’m sure I’ll use them soon though, because they are both affordable and beautiful, and as you say, they look perfect on any design!
    Are you preparing the blog’s new image? While posting my previous comment, a message for blog’s preparation was appeared! Can’t wait! :-)
    Thank you for another wonderful review, Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! The Feathered clips are really lovely – I love how shiny and smooth they are. :D You should definitely consider them if you’re looking for something simple but pretty!
      Yes, change is a-coming ;) I’ve put in a lot of the leg-work and done some extensive testing this evening (which was why the blog was in maintenance mode) before the new website hopefully goes live next week. I’m both excited and rather nervous, haha.
      Glad you enjoyed the review – thanks for commenting, as ever! ♥♥♥

  10. hi Ellie!
    These clips are pretty, these and the braided ones always remind me of one another. I prefer the braided a bit more however I think they are similar in style. these are more simple which I think could go with any style or themed bracelet. I think I prefer them best on your nature style theme bracelet since u have greens, and the bird and the older style feather bead.
    is the bracelet with the two blue muranos the Cinderella bracelet? if so I like it a lot, I kinda like its simplicity. will you wear it like that or change/add beads to it?? ;)

    • Hi Alex! The Braided ones are nice too, but I like just how simple and shiny the Feathered clips are overall. <3 I'm hoping that the bracelet I'm planning with the Olive Facets and the Flower Garden muranos from Spring 2016 will end up with a similar feel to the nature design I created here. :D The olive facets charm is very pretty!
      Yes, that bracelet has the two Cinderella muranos :) I am actually planning on adding a fair bit to it, but it does look nice worn as it is! I want to add some more clear pavé pieces and an extra dash of pink and blue. I think my Vienna dangle will be going on it when it arrives too! <3
      Thanks for commenting!

  11. Although this clip is very pretty and elegant, it hasn’t yet made its way onto my shopping list. Nevertheless, I really have enjoyed seeing your stylings. The woodland design, in particular, appeals to me. I am surprised by how much I like the Pandora rose with the silver. I suspect it is the complimentary olive color that makes it work for me. I may now consider dipping a toe in the Pandora rose pool, even if I don’t dive in. Thanks, Ellie!

    • Thanks, Angie! I have nature themes on the brain, what with all the Spring 2016 previews recently. :D The Pandora Rose does look great with both white enamel and the pretty forest greens. On my bracelet, I have them paired with the Wildflowers murano and that looks nice too. Glad to hear it inspired you – you should definitely try out Pandora Rose. It’s such a lovely shade :D Thanks for commenting!

  12. Considering how much I like the simplicity of the ribbed clips, I’ll definitely be getting a few pairs of these clips! It’s nice to have another all silver, simple design.

    • Definitely, these seem perfect for your mini-stylings! <3 I can picture them looking nice with the Jasmine muranos, for some reason.

  13. Love your springtime styling as well as the one for the purple bracelet. So beautiful. I enjoy both your photos and writing so much! Have a very happy Valentine’s Day too!

    • Thank you very much Kris! That’s so lovely to hear, glad you enjoy them. Nature-themed bracelets are a favourite of mine, and these clips are lovely with the floral beads. Thanks very much for commenting and have a happy Valentine’s Day too! I did mean to do a post or review for it but ran out of time. :)

    • Thank you so much, Karolina! Missed your comment last week, I do apologise. My blog app isn’t working quite as it’s meant to.

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