Recently there was a fair bit of debate about a mystery silver animal charm pictured in some Pandora Summer 2016 live shots – the pictures from the event were a little blurry or too far away, and it was hard to tell exactly what it was. Theories included a dragon, a fawn, a rabbit, a kangaroo and more!

Thanks to help from a reader, who has managed to scan in a catalogue shot for me last week, I can now confirm that the mystery Pandora Summer 2016 animal is indeed a kangaroo! :)

pandora summer 2016
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The Pandora Summer 2016 collection is due out on the 2nd of June – for a full preview of the other charms and jewellery coming out with this release, please see my post here. Otherwise, read on to see the stock image for this rather sweet kangaroo charm! ^^

Pandora Summer 2016 Kangaroo Charm

The new kangaroo charm is a sweet design, featuring a mother kangaroo with her baby in her pouch. It’s very similar to the retired Pandora kangaroo charm, which also featured a mother and baby – but the details on this updated charm are much smoother and cuter, I think, especially in terms of the baby.

pandora summer 2016 kangaroo

It will retail for 29 euros. This charm was not pictured in the North American pre-release catalogue, so I guess it is not up for release there – for now, at least.

My Comment

I like this new design, and it gets extra brownie points for being plain silver, affordable and in keeping with Pandora’s classic animal charms, with lots of specific detail. :D This is a design that particularly appeals to me for personal releases, too, as my brother left for Australia for a year last month and this charm would be great as a keepsake/commemoration of his adventure.

What do you think of this new kangaroo charm? Is it going on your wish list?

47 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Summer 2016 Kangaroo Charm

  1. I think its great the charm is plain silver, and it’s sweet to add the baby joey, but as an Australian i would not wear any aussie animal charms because it’s too ‘touristy’. The kangaroo’s face looks like a mouse

    • I can totally understand that. Although I do like the quirky London charms they do for England, haha. ^^ And you’re right, it does look kind of mousey – both in the stock image and the live image!

  2. It’s very cute, I’d want it if I didn’t already have the original Pandora kangaroo with baby, but I think I’m good on kangaroos probably ;-) The original is one of my all time favorite charms. I wish they would do some different animals they didn’t already make yet.

    • I am totally on point with u Natalie, although it’s a adorably awesome charm it looks nearly identical to the retired charm which I hunted down over the summer and was lucky enough to find. Very cute charm though, I will be getting the silver elephant which will be part of the summer release :)

      • I want the silver elephant as well! It’s fun that we’re getting not one but two plain silver animals with this collection, at least. :)

    • Haha, there are only so many kangaroos you can want! I do like the original one, but I like this one a little better. And it coinciding with my brother being out in Australia means that I am almost certainly going to get it!
      I agree that it would be nice to see some more creativity in Pandora’s latest collections. They really need a bit more spark!

      • If it was different somehow from the original I might be interested…I have like 4 monkey charms :-D Pandora chimp with baby. Individuality little monkey with gold banana. These I wear with my other small silver animal charms. And then I have 2 monkeys in that larger oxidized style, Redbalifrog magic monkey and Individuality silver monkey that I wear together. So I will buy multiples, but they have to be different enough. I have both Pandora snowmen too, original silver and enamel, these are very different from each other though.

        I guess at least it’s not a pave kangaroo! Can you imagine a pave baby on it or something? I wouldn’t put it past Pandora to try!

        • Yeah, it is really similar. I guess they literally just wanted to make it a little cuter? Monkeys seem like more of a understandable animal to get multiples of, they can symbolise multiple things and cultures for one thing. ^^

          Ahaha, a pavé kangaroo! If they could have, they would have, I’m sure. ;)

  3. I am a new to Pandora I was wondering if there is a diabetic Pandora charm or heart patient charm , please I need an answer

    • Hi Rori! There is a Pandora charm that was originally sold to benefit the British Heart Foundation called the Sparkling Heart charm. In the US it is called the Sparkle of Love. I have this charm and it is very lovely and versatile!

      • Sparkle of love was one of the first charms I bought. I bought it because it was exactly like the very first adult type pin I had. I wore the pin on plain sheath dresses and loved it for many years but somewhere along the way it got lost. I have a heart issue so now it is doubly appropriate.

  4. I loved this charm. It is simple and so cute!!! No stones, no shining ! Yse, it is in my buying list!!!!

    • Exactly! I’m so pleased to see another plain silver design, although it is funny that they’re so rare these days..

  5. Hi, Ellie! Thanks for the update. I’ve been very curious about this little charm. She is not a must-have, but I will take a look at her come June.

    • Hi Angie! There’s actually a lot to love in Summer now, I think. With two silver animals, two gorgeous leather bracelets and the now-delayed Flower Garden murano, I am pretty much set. ;)

  6. Hi Ellie I think this charm would be great for if you had traveled to Australia for memory’s. I would love to go to Australia one day. But for now I might leave this charm.

    • Hi Nicola! Yeah I definitely think it has more appeal if Australia/NZ has some relevance to you. I am still terrified of flying and the idea of 24 hours on a plane to Australia makes me feel a bit queasy, but it’ll be a nice memento of my brother’s adventure at least!

  7. It is cute, but it would be nice if they made another Australian animal since they already had a kangaroo. A platypus would be cute, or a sea dragon or echidna, but the last two would probably catch on things so I suppose they aren’t practical.

  8. Can you use clips as regular charms? I already have two clips, but i like “Daisy Silver Clip with white enamel” and i was thinking about buying them and putting them in center next to dangle charm. Is it ok to use them as charms or they are heavier than regular charms and may bend the bracelet?

    • I think it’s okay to use clips as regular charms… I use clips as charms at the end of my bracelet to protect other charms from falling off when I open the clasp.

    • You can use them as regular charms. They just won’t stay in place unless you clasp them over the threads.

    • I see Kris and Lisa have already answered your question, but just to back them up – yep, you can use them as regular charms if you want. If you clip them on to the bracelet chain, and not the thread stations, then they will slide around just like any other charm. :) No need to worry about the bracelet stretching or kinking.

  9. HI Ellie
    I am a massive Pandora Fan & like the concept of a Kangaroo charm. But this is not a Kangaroo. It’s nose is too pointy. Kangaroos are more rounded. It looks like another Australian animal called a Bilby.

    • I think it looks like my first thought – a wallaby (mixed with a mouse). Wallabies should be internationally well known (for a charm) because the Australian national rugby team are nicknamed the Wallabies. The charm does also look abit like a bilby but bilbies don’t have pouches, I think. Could be wrong.

    • Hi Narelle! It’s interesting as I had never heard of a bilby before, but I can see what you mean. This charm is definitely intended to be a kangaroo at least, haha (the original scan had the charm name and item number). Perhaps it’ll look more kangaroo like in person and not in photos? :S

    • I’d never heard of one before last night when I read the comments, but it kind of does! It’s definitely meant to be a kangaroo though haha.

  10. Hi Ellie!
    Animal charms are not my favourite thing, but this kangaroo is cute, and would be great for someone that would like to represent Australia on a bracelet!
    I find super exciting the fact that a) they made two plain silver charms and b) both are full bodied! Let’s hope that this tendency will continue!
    Are you going to see the spring collection in person tomorrow? I hope I’ll make it on Friday. Can’t wait! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I completely agree with you, I love that we get not one, but two plain silver animals in this collection. This should be encouraged ahaha.

      I did not get to see the Spring collection – I won’t be able to go until Saturday. But my OH and I are actually going away over this weekend, back to the city where we went to uni and first met, so my trip to Pandora will be extra special and nostalgic. ^^ You’ll have to let me know what you think tomorrow! <3 <3

  11. I think it would look awesome on a Disney bracelet too preferably a Winnie the Pooh bracelet that can be Kanga I think it will be able to pull it off pretty good but I’m not sure if I’m gonna get this one just yet just cause I don’t have any plans yet or a theme of other charms to go with it even though I also have a my story themed bracelet which is all random charms put together that tell my story, a few of my favourite muranos/ favourite colours & things I love but I think it’s a good idea for you to get it especially if it means something to you I would if it meant to me but unfortunately it doesn’t yet

    Like for example one charm I have is the passport charm cause I’m seriously a traveling freak & plus it has an airplane on it lol & like flying (or at least when the airplane is good or in other words a safe flight)

    • Definitely! You could definitely make this your own Kanga and Roo charm. :D We just need a Piglet and a Tigger to go with them and Eeyore and Pooh. It’s getting there!

      My first couple of bracelets were like yours, mish-mashes of charms that just caught my eye or that meant something special to me. These days I do tend to do some kind of colour scheme or theme but those early designs are very special to me!

  12. I would have rathered a fawn (to symbolize Bambi – my favourite Disney movie) I’m also hanging out for a squirrel chamr

  13. I love this! Australia is one of my favourite country to visit and it will be a very nice charm to remember all my Aussie vacations by. The lighthouse dangle listed on Rue La La is now on my mind as it was the first lighthouse I ever visited and also our first pitstop in our recent trip to Melbourne.

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