It’s finally here – today sees the global launch of the anticipated Pandora Spring 2016 collections! Entitled Poetic Blooms, Pandora’s new spring collection features pastel pinks and purples, and lots & lots of flowers – there are also new charms for the Pandora Disney and Pandora Essence lines, too.

pandora spring 2016 cover

As usual, I’m celebrating with a little commentary on and lots of live shots of all the new pieces! <3

Pandora Spring 2016 Release

The Pandora Spring release has been previewed to mixed responses to collectors – while it is pretty, it is undoubtedly and unashamedly derivative of Pandora’s previous collections. The Poetic Blooms charms themselves, for which the collection is named, are a collection of Pandora’s most popular floral designs put together into one charm. Nevertheless, there are some interesting new pieces making their debut – including a new threadless bracelet – and some absolutely gorgeous Shimmer muranos.

For a full overview of the charms coming out today, please see my preview here.

pandora spring 2016 pastel muranos
Image by Pandora

As usual, retailers have been uploading a lot of gorgeous live images to their social media pages, and I’ve picked out some of the clearest. The rings look rather gorgeous (the Floral Daisy Lace tempts me the most, however), and the new letter charms are also nice. One surprise for me was how nice the pink Shimmering Droplets looks in person. It is not for me, but I love the colour.

Pandora Disney Spring 2016 Release

The Pandora Disney Spring release is a fun one this year, with new charms for Alice in Wonderland, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty and more! There’s also a brand new bracelet. For a full look at the Pandora Disney Spring 2016 collection, please see my preview here.

North America has released the full set of charms today, and there are some great live shots of the new pieces.

pandora disney spring 2016
Image by Pandora BayBrook

Maximus doesn’t look too over-sized, which is great, and I think Aurora’s Dress works particularly well! The White Rabbit can look cute or a bit terrifying, depending on the shot, but I hear from people who have seen it in real life that it is pretty cute when you actually see it in person…

There’s also a selection of Pandora Disney Parks exclusive charms that are scheduled to come out this season – I’m not sure which of these are coming out today, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the Disney Store website in case any crop up that you might like..

Pandora Essence Spring 2016 Release

There’s only a small number of charms coming out for the Essence collection this season, but there are some exciting pieces included nevertheless – including, finally, a safety chain and a brand new Essence bangle. For full stock images, please see my preview here.

The new blue and pink crystal Essence charms are shown off to nice effect here – the safety chain looks larger, and less dainty, than I thought it would be, however.

pandora essence spring 2016
Image by Pandora Southgate

You can also see a sneak peek at the new Essence bangle in these lovely photos:

My Comment

I am not going to be able to go and see the new charms until the weekend, but I can hardly wait! :) It’s disappointing not to be able to go and buy my lovely Flower Garden murano, but the pink and purple Shimmer muranos are next on my list. Other must-haves include the new Essence safety chain, the Poetic Blooms pendant for my pink oxi floral bracelet and the Maximus charm from the Disney collection.

I’m disappointed to hear reports that the new threadless bracelet is not designed to hold more than 5-7 charms, like a bangle or leather bracelet, but I will be picking one up to try nevertheless. I’ll let you know how it goes, of course. ^^ I’m also tempted by the White Rabbit from the Disney line, the Dazzling Daisy Fairy and the Spring Time pendant… we’ll see if anything catches my eye when I see it all in person!

If you’re in the UK, the Pandora Spring collection is available from authorised retailer John Greed. They also currently have an exclusive deal on their engraving service for Mora Pandora readers, entitling you to 25% off engraving costs on personalised products over £55. Use the discount code: MORAPANDORA at checkout! :) T&Cs apply, etc. and the deal is only on until 23.59 on Sunday 20th March, so get it while you can.

Are you excited for these collections? Will you be purchasing anything?

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  1. Hi Ellie! Thanks for all the live shots. It makes release day a little more fun, especially for those of us who won’t be seeing the new release beads until the weekend. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a pair of Aurora muranos, the initial charm (J), the dazzling dairy fairy, and the floral daisy dangle. Other spring release beads I’m interested in seeing are the Dahlia and Alice charms.

    • Oh yeah, I also want to see the Rapunzel and shimmer muranos! I’ll take a look at the beads this weekend, but won’t buy anything until the bracelet promotion at the end of the month.

      • I’m really curious to hear what you think of Rapunzel! It looks rather different depending on the picture…

    • Hi Judy! I’m also not going to see all the new pieces until tomorrow so going through all the live shots is exciting for me as well. :D I’m planning a little bit of a splurge tomorrow, maybe on the new bracelet, but I’m not going to go too crazy as I’m planning on doing the bracelet promo!
      I like your picks, the fairy may well be coming home with me too – if not straight away. The Shimmer muranos are gorgeous, but I won’t be getting the bracelet I want to wear them on until the promo, so I might not get them straight away.

  2. Thanks for the post! I’m really excited to see the collection after work today. I was by the Pandora store yesterday and asked the girl if I could see the Essence bracelet (with a big please and a sweet smile ;) – she cheekily agreed but when she went to the back room to get the safety chain one of her colleagues told her not to show me until tomorrow (today) – dammit! So I will have to go back tonight to pick one up as I have gotten very paranoid about my new Essence bracelet falling off after reading about the online complaints about the clasp un-latching.

    • Aha that’s a shame! It’s always fun when you find an employee who’s willing to bend the rules a little. It used to happen more when there were more shop-in-shops I find. I want the Essence safety chain, too, although I’m disappointed that it’s not daintier in person. It’s kind of chunky, or so it looks from photos…

  3. Hi,
    Love your blog so much! I was wondering if it is possible to get the Disney charms in England as I’ve never seen them…
    Geraldine xx

  4. I got the Alice in the Drink Me bottle and the thread less bracelet. They are both wonderful! I love the bracelet because I like wearing a few charms on the silver bracelets but I never liked how the threads would stop the charms and that you would have to put clips to take away that thread look. So I’m loving it! Alice is really dainty and cute and the rabbit is next on my list because he looks adorable in person! His colors are vivid and the face is cute! The one I didn’t like was the tea party. It’s weird and awkward and the colors aren’t great. The faces are weird and creepy on that one. It’s too busy. Charms need a simplicity to them so they can be appreciated at any angle. This one is not that.

    • hi Karla I liked the new threadless bracelet too. I also like wearing only a few charms at a time once in awhile will be getting one during the promo.

    • Lovely! I love the concept of the Drink Me charm, and I think it’s much prettier in the live shots I’ve seen than the stock image suggested, but I’m not sure what to do with the colour of the charm. I saw your pic on the FB page as well, it looked very cute there – Alice is very dainty and nicely detailed, as you say! <3

      The Tea Party faces do look super creepy to me. I definitely won't be getting that one, but I am quite tempted by the White Rabbit. The colours are hard to work with but I'm sure I'll come up with something ^^

  5. Hi, I find local Pandora store here doesn’t provide good service to customer. I saw a Pandora catalogue yesterday and requested one for my viewing and budgeting planning but one of the staff said not for customer but only for store used. She took the catalogue and and put inside a carton box which full of catalogue…I was like, what??? I walked away and told myself I will not spend money here even is my own country, feel so disappointed this is how they treat the customer. Anyone has the similar problem like me? I really hope Pandora can retrain their staff if they are aware. Ppl may just swich brand because of customer service. Anyway, I still love Pandora and plan my purchase in my oversea trip early next month. Hopefully I can get both spring and disney collection all together.

    • that’s a shame! I have three Pandora stores located between work and home, and 99% of the time the staff has been very nice except for one time, I thought the girl was quite rude but I ‘forgave’ the store because I know the manager of the franchise is very nice. Yesterday, the girl let me looks through the Pandora catalogue which the staff use so i don’t know why should wouldn’t let you look through it

    • That is too bad!! There are three stores in my city and all the girls are very friendly. There is a girl at one of the stores that teases me because I’m in there so much and that makes me feel a little dumb so I frequent that one the least, lol. I can’t believe they didn’t let you have a book. My stores also have stacks of them and I’m always excited to take one home. I don’t even have to ask, they give me one. I think I would definitely be finding another store if I were you!!

    • We have excellent service in all Toronto Pandora, super friendly and helpful. They even let me flip through a high company catalog before release, not the one your mentioned. I have small size catalog with charm only and big size catalog with charm, earring, jewelry, rose gold, Disney and Essence…. They will tell me when will be the next promotion. We can refund or exchange within 30 days with no question ask, this is why I love to shop in Canada. I go back Hong Kong once a year to visit my family, brand name shop has no refund policy for sure, exchange may be.

      • I’m so envy…
        In fact, I love to shop in Australia Pandora, their service also very nice yet the price so much friendly to my pocket, completely different from here… Anyway, I look forward US promo at this month end and my next trip to Australia next month.. :))

        Thanks ladies for sharing…

        • Australia service is great. My local jeweller gave me the catalogue without me asking for one even before the official release. They know me well and alway address me by my name. I suppose I give them lots of business. Haha..

    • I haven’t had any rude members of staff but I am getting a bit fed up with their customer service! I’ve been trying to get a few items cleaned, was told about their free service in December but that they weren’t doing it until after Christmas. Went into a store in January, first thing on a Saturday morning to be told they only do it Mon – Fri. Went back in on a Thurs after work to be told they they only do it between 12 – 3pm. Arggghhhhhh! They have been a few other issues too but that is my main gripe!

      I’ve been looking at Trollbeads a lot the past week, I love their selection of muranos. The only charm I wanted from Pandora’s Spring collection was the flower garden murano & now that’s been delayed I’m close to giving up with them. Nothing much takes my fancy from the Summer collection either.

      Sorry to be a bit of a downer on what should be an exciting day!

      • Eugh! You think they’d give you all the information at once haha. Otherwise it just sounds like they don’t want to do it and are fobbing you off. ;)

        The TB glass is lovely – but I have to have that Flower Garden murano. I was looking at some live shots on FB and it looks sooo pretty. I’m still super disappointed that it’s been delayed – but at least it’s something to look forward to!

    • Hi Shirleen, that is very disappointing :( I find customer service varies very much on the store, which is not surprising seeing as they are mostly run as franchises. In recent years, however, a lot seem to have improved to me – the employees seem more interested and clued-up on the whole.
      Sorry to hear that they were stingy about the catalogue, maybe they were just trying to stick exactly to the release date for the new collection? :S

    • I’ve been treated like that. It’s because they have a VIP system here in Asia, and apparently they can’t disclose catalogues until their supervisors tell them to. They’re super strict about release dates of catalogues and charms in Asia.

      I’m cutting back on buying locally now… the after-sales customer service is ridiculous. I’ve had several issues with bracelets and charms lately, and they have made it so so difficult for me to fix/repair/replace, that I’m not buying from my own country as well. Also, if you have purchased charms or bracelets from overseas, they can refuse to fix it within/outside of warranty even if it’s repairable. So much for their slogan : “Jewellery that lasts a lifetime.”

      So do beware of buying charms abroad or overseas. I’ve been diverted back to the country of purchase because my charms/bracelets have been retired or not available locally – so the repair team can only fix and repair what’s available for sale locally.

      Sorry about the rant piggy, I hope you don’t mind :X. I’ve just about had enough with HK Pandora. I’m sticking to UK, US and Canada now. That, and going to other brands. The service is somewhat snooty here depending where you go. But I do hope you find a nicer store for your Pandora purchases ^^.

  6. Just woke up here in the U.S., grabbed some coffee, and started reading your lovely post. What a great way to celebrate the new collection coming out, lol!! Those live shots were just gorgeous!! Every picture I’ve seen of the poetic blooms rings have been lovely. I can’t wait to get them!! I also thought the Disney shots were cute with the sketches of the characters in the background. I love the Disney collection although I don’t plan on purchasing any of them. The dress charms were a little weird I thought when they first came out but now they are some of my favorites. I have a dedicated shades of blue Cinderella bracelet that I’ve told you about several times, lol. It is just beautiful. I have the bow bangle bracelet from last Winter and I filled it up with the charms. I actually have two bangles that are filled with charms and I have had no problems with them. That is still surprising to me about not filling up that thread less bracelet. I plan on just adding the single blooming dahlia clip to it though. I have the day off today and I’m so tempted to go and check it out. I am really trying to not buy anything though until the promo, lol!! Thanks again for all the lovely pictures!!

    • Aw, that’s so lovely to hear! And definitely how this post was intended to be read, haha.
      I’ve heard from a lot of people who have filled up the bangle without any problems in terms of sturdiness and longevity. I don’t wear my bangle full purely because I don’t find it comfortable. Five charms is about my maximum before I get the urge to move them over to a regular bracelet! I’m planning on testing out the threadless bracelet with a greater number of charms to see whether it holds up :S I’m hearing conflicting information about how many it should actually hold!
      Haha, I should also be waiting until the promo but with the added wait time for my goodies to get from North America to the UK, it’s just too long to wait :P

  7. Well I’ve just got back from my local store where the staff are absolutely fab, and nothing is too much trouble. Mind you I did get off on the right foot as, being new to Pandora, I’d done my research and I went in the first time with a printout of about 4 pages of the charms I wanted to see ? so I could tick or cross them off the list.
    Anyway, after receiving my very first silver bracelet last week, for my BIG birthday, and gifts from family of – 2 Layers of lace clips and charms of – a White primrose meadow, a March Signature Heart birthstone, a Mother and friend, a floral safety gain, a Charming chick, a Castle and crown 2-tone and a 2-tone Family heritage pendant, I am now the very proud owner of – ? a Moments double woven pink leather bracelet, a Springtime charm, a Fluttering butterflies pendant, a Poetic blooms heart and a Vintage A charm ???.
    BTW, the Poetic blooms heart is only available on a bracelet set at £99, which I only found out when I went into the shop today! ? I was extremely disappointed, but the fabulous assistant quietly said I could buy the set, then she would refund the bracelet and two clip price, leaving me the heart. I could then put that money to my other purchases, which I did, saving myself £16 overall. She also said the Poetic blooms heart would eventually become a single purchase item, but not for a few months yet and if in the meantime I had any problems with it I would have to wait until it was a single purchase item before I could return it.
    I’m definitely a very happy bunny though!

      • Aw :/ I love getting new catalogues, it’s one of my favourite rituals of a new collection coming out. Unfortunately the UK has become worse and worse with catalogues in recent years – the quality of the paper has gone quite down hill, they don’t put all the pieces in and they are often tardy getting them out… and now I’m going to stop grumbling, haha.

        • Yes I love the catalogue too, but they’re still not in my store! and the staff are just as disappointed and very apologetic.
          It’s really bad on Pandora’s part! and the fact lots of the items are not even in the catalogue is really bad.
          Thanks once again for a fab blog Ellie.

        • I went yesterday to the store and no catalogue there either! They still had the Winter 2015 catalogues out…
          You’re welcome, so glad you’re enjoying it!

    • Hi Anne! Aha, I bet they loved that :D and it sounds like you have got your Pandora collection off to a rather fabulous start! Love what you picked out today, are you going to put those charms on the pink leather bracelet – because I think they would look stunning with it! A lot of those charms have really subtle pink enamel accents which would go so well nicely with the leather. :D
      You got a very obliging sales assistant there! Whenever I have wanted to get hold of a charm locked to a gift set I’ve always just been told no. Sounds like you really do have a good store. It annoys me a lot when they do the gift sets, it’s just a rather cynical marketing thing to try and make you pay for the whole bracelet. :( At least you got yours though!
      Thanks for commenting, it was fun to hear what you got :D My turn tomorrow, haha!

      • Hi Ellie. Yes, I did originally put them onto the pink leather bracelet, but I’ve then moved my Fluttering butterflies pendant to my silver bracelet and my White primrose meadow to my pink leather. I’m pleased with the result and it now sits better when I wear the two bracelets together, as pendants on two bracelets didn’t sit well. I’m loving all the pink / white floral this season so I might have to make more purchases ?, together with a safety chain for my leather.
        Yes all the assistants are very helpful in my store. She told me you can always buy a locked gift set and return it the next day for a refund of the bits you don’t want, so I’ll always bear that in mind for the future.
        I can’t wait to hear what you buy today, I’m so excited for you ?

        • Hi Anne,
          Seems like you really got off to a good start with your collection of
          charms and bracelets being new to Pandora! You sure had an excit-
          ing 60th B’Day!!!

          I noticed you got the Fluttering Butterflies dangle which is on my
          list too. I was looking at this charm at an online store and the de-
          scription says it is engraved with “Just Because”. I was wondering
          if this charm is indeed engraved?

          Welcome to the world of Pandora…It’s so addictive!

        • Hi Emily. Yes my BIG birthday was great and sooo many lovely gifts ?
          Yes, the Fluttering Butterflies pendant is engraved with that wording, it’s on the front of the second half (or the back butterfly) if that makes sense.
          Thank you for your welcome and I’m beginning to understand why people are sooo addicted ?. I just love it too.

  8. I don’t see the new threadless bracelet on the website… Is it only available in store? Does anyone know if it will be part of the bracelet promotion in a couple of weeks?

    • I called Pandora (number off US website) to ask about the threadless bracelet… The person I spoke to said that since it is not marked in the catalog with a different release date, it should be up on the site by Monday.

    • There seem to be some kind of problems with the threadless bracelet. It’s now gone from our UK eStore and Pandora France have posted a message saying that some bracelets are defective and they’re recalling them. It’ll be interesting to see if it appears on the US eStore or not…

      • Oh, no – I don’t like the sound of that! I’ve been planning to buy one as soon as they were available online (nearest store is about an hour away). Please update if you learn any new information tomorrow!

        • Will do – I’m going to the store today anyhow so I will ask about it then. You could always order from another online retailer in the US, if you’re worried?

  9. I stopped in a Pandora store yesterday while out of town and luckily, they had all the new pieces on display. I bought the Disney bracelet, the Tinkerbell star, and 2 of the Pink Primrose clips with silicone grips.

    The Disney bracelet and Tinkerbell charm are just as fantastic as I had hoped. The clips are AMAZING! I love them on the bangle! The shining elegance ones are also gorgeous, but I decided to go with the flowers. My only wish is they would release some not-so-shiny ones as I usually go with more low key charms on my leather bracelet.

    • Ooh lovely! The Primrose clips might be coming home with me tomorrow. We’ll see. Of all the silicone clip designs, those are my favourite as well I think. I would also love some more low-key silicone clips – some nice, substantial plain silver ones would be excellent. We probably shouldn’t hold our breath though ;)

      Glad to hear that you love the Disney bracelet! I was admiring that one in a live shot a minute ago. I don’t think I could do a whole Disney-themed bracelet, though, so I’ll admire everyone else’s! ^^

      • Just in case you were interested, I sent you a pic on Facebook of the Disney bracelet. To be honest, I filled it up and moved my Park-specific charms to the Disney Parks bracelet. I know I am an addict. ?

        My local store contacted me about a promotion they were having for the #festivalready swag bag. So, I bought my first set of earrings and scored the bag which came with a single black leather and the US heart charm. It also had some other goodies inside.

  10. Hi Ellie,

    Yesterday I popped into my local shop in shop & checked out the new collection. The new thread less bracelet looks great. I will most likely use my safety chain the opens in both sides, I forget the name of it but Pandora only sells one of them. That opens on both sides. The threadless bracelet felt as sturdy as their regular barrel clasp so I don’t understand why you can’t put as many charms on it unless the thread & clip system accounted for weight distribution that reduced stress on the clasps. The initial charms are lovely so I will use them on my bracelet with some smaller lighter charms to try it out. It is nice to finally have some feminine looking initial charms. The cz’s used to highlight the actual letter works well.
    The Dhalia is lovely too. I’ll wait a little longer to pick up that charm.
    My store had not received their catalogue shipment but when they do they will pass them out to customers. I am saddened to hear of Pandora customers being treated so poorly. We are their reasons for being in business.
    Again, Ellie you have done a great job of putting together this great post.
    I am excited to see your new designs after your weekend shopping excursion.
    Happy Shopping!!!!

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, you mean the clip safety chains? They have two designs like that, one is plain silver and one is two-tone & floral. Does that work on the threadless bracelet then?
      I am hearing slightly conflicted things about how many charms you can put on the threadless bracelet, it sounds like a few people at Pandora have their wires crossed. I’ll ask in store tomorrow and see what they say here in the UK :P I really like the new Vintage letters as well, I find them so much prettier than the previous alphabet charms. The Victorian-style script is just lovely and the CZ is not overwhelming at all.
      Thanks, Lisa! I am heading to the store tomorrow and I’m sooo excited to see it all! Finally! :P I’m thinking that I will get the bracelet and maybe two silicone clips, but you never know. I often walk in with one plan and come out with completely different things that have set me back far more than I tended. ;)
      Thanks for commenting! <3 <3

  11. Hello! I am a new reader of this blog and new to Pandora. I currently have a Charmed memories. I felt like they do not have enough variety for me so I am switching to Pandora. I was curious about the March 31 bracelet promotion, are there limited stock of free bracelets or do they typically have enough for the whole duration? Basically I was won if it is a first come first serve deal? I love the spring beads trying to hold out for the free bracelet promo. What can you tell me?

    • Pandora has enough bracelet but loyal customer usually preorder within one week before the promotion to have their size available. You better preorder then pick up everything anytime between 31st March to 3rd April to avoid the long waiting line.

    • Hi Ashley! They have been known to run out of bracelets in popular sizes during the run of the promo, or out of the most popular charms, especially those from a new collection. They usually run a pre-sale, as Michele says, so it’s probably best to go then and get what you want to put aside for you. :)

      • I need to do a pre order. I get paid that exact day March 31 so I may have to wait until then sadly. Unless they hold then I pay then. Anyway I’m super excited as well. I love your blog Ellie!

        • You don’t need to pay for pre order, sales will put your selection inside a bag. In between 31st March to 3rd April, you just go to cashier to pay bill &pick up your purchase. Pandora computer are not allowed to take promotion early than promotion period.

        • After promotion period, you can still allow for exchange within 30 days in Canada, I am very spoiled, I am going to pre order to make sure I get my size. Last November, free LE Bow bangle promotion, I got 2 bangle for sure. Whole Toronto was out of small size the first few hour. I don’t need to line up for hours and find out no small size. My friend end up find one in a small jewelry shop. Pandora’s fan s are very crazy here during promotion.

  12. I just started following your blog a while ago, and it’s fantastic! I will be getting the daisy fairy, spring garden, the bunny and 2 pink shimmer muranos during the promo. But want to get the purple shimmers, auroras dress , her muranos & tinks heart charm in the future for doing some themed bracelets with. This release was much better than last years! Also looking forward to getting the primrose clip and Z letter charm. The new style is beautiful :) sadly I won’t get to see them till end of month. My local jewelry store that carries Pandora has a very poor selection and never the charms I want, I go to the next city over 2hrs away to get my charms or online.

      • I’ve asked them before if they could order me in a few items but I always ended up with a call back saying they can’t get the items because their not a high enough level store. Also they rarely participate in the bracelet promos. The last few ones they haven’t participated in.

        • Im in canada too :) you can purchase pandora from charmjunction which is an authorized online retailer, they are located in Vancouver. I go to lethbridge once a month to visit my brother and they have a pandora store there that I normally shop from. But if I want to get something and I’ve already been that month I order online from Charmjunction, they are very quick for shipping and if you spend over 100$ ( which I’m sure most would do) its free shipping.

    • Hi Zandrea, thanks very much – I’m glad you’re enjoying it! :D It’s interesting that you prefer this year’s release to last year’s, as most opinions I’ve heard have felt the opposite. I saw the Dazzling Daisy Fairy in store yesterday and it is lovely! It’s definitely going on my wish list, even if it’s not one of my very first purchases.
      That’s a shame that you won’t get to see them for so long! I’m surprised that your local store doesn’t even get the new releases in :( I hope that it all lives up to expectations when you do finally get to go and see it! Thanks for commenting <3

  13. Hey girl, great post!
    I heard that if you put more than 5-7 charms you need the Silicon clips for proper weight distribution.

    • Hi, thanks for the info! I wouldn’t mind that, so long as I could put more than 5-7 charms on it. I expect to use clips of some sort, and I design most of my bracelets with that in mind ^^

  14. I can’t wait to go in store on Saturday and see the collection. I’m going to buy a few pieces, then will have to get the rest over the next few months, with my list being long.
    I’ve loved seeing all the Live Photos. I’ve never been keen on the Disney princess dresses, but I like the colour of rapunzels, it looks a lovely colour. Still probably won’t get it, as I’d like to see in person. Shame they don’t sell in the UK. Maybe in the future, we’ll get our wish.

    • On Pandora’s Facebook page, is a video showcasing all the new Spring collection, with close ups. It just makes me more excited to go see the collection.
      You’ll have to let us know what you think of the collection and what you buy Ellie.
      I look forward to your reviews. You’ll have to review the Disney pieces if you get any.

      • I saw it – they do have a knack for showcasing the new pieces beautifully in those videos. <3 I am planning on getting a couple of the Disney pieces, and I will definitely review them when they make it here!

    • I’m going tomorrow, too! I’m not sure what my very first purchases will be – I was planning on getting the threadless bracelet and two pink primrose silicone clips, but I hear that there are problems with the bracelet so I will have to see if they are still selling it tomorrow. You’ll have to let me know what you think and then we can compare notes ;)
      It is such a shame that we don’t get Disney over here! It’s tough trying to make decisions about what to get without being able to try it on in store or even just see it in person :(

  15. Hi Ellie I’m really excited to see this collection. I’m excited to see both new bracelets the moment one and the essence bangle.

  16. I was so excited to head over to my Pandora store to purchase the Spring Garden charm but was told it is part of a gift set and will be released with the Mother’s Day collection. Just my luck! I’m very disappointed because it was the only charm I wanted, but I guess I just have to be a little more patient.

    • I was also wondering about the Spring Garden Charm as its on my list of favs and was planning to get it during promo. I hope we will be able to purchase it separately…..if not I hope I will love everything in the set to get it.

    • I find it very weird that they’ve decided to do that with those particular Spring charms, and for Mother’s Day too… normally it’s the UK who do weird stuff with new charms getting locked into bracelet gift sets for the first few months, but I guess you guys have to put up with it too now. :(

      • In the UK it’s the Poetic Blooms Heart which is locked in right now, and I also saw the Floral Daisy Lace pieces on a bracelet, so I think that might also be locked in as it’s not showing on the website as an individual piece!
        Too bad they do that with a new collection but I’ve learnt the way around it is to buy the set then return the bit(s) you don’t want and get a refund on them (which I’ve already done this time, and I was fortunate that the assistant did it immediately so I didn’t have to return). You then only have the pieces you want. A bit of a going on I know, especially if you don’t live close to a store, but the alternative is to wait a few months until they unlock the pieces.

        • Anne,
          In the US the Poetic Blooms Heart is available for purchase now…
          It’s the Spring Garden and White Primrose clips that are part of a
          Mother’s Day gift set. These are on my list, but I will have to wait
          until May 9th to purchase individually. Glad to know we are able to
          return pieces from bracelet gift sets though. I received the Pave’
          Barrel Clasp bracelet gift set for Christmas and I’m hoping I’ll be
          able to exchange the clips that came on it for the Pave’ Barrel Clips
          due out with the Mother’s Day release. Hoping they will let me pay
          the difference.

          Have A Nice Day!

        • Hi Emily. I’m not sure you will be able to return those clips after so long! I thought the cut off was 30 days for exchange, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can and you’re able to get the clips you want.
          You have a nice day too

        • Anne,
          Thanks for the confirmation regarding engraving on Fluttering
          Butterflies. That sure makes it nice for gifting.

          You will probably have a hard time believing this, but I have ex
          changed charms I’ve had up to eight months before. Just hope I’ll
          be able to exchange from my Christmas bracelet for the Pave’
          Barrel clips, as they are quite pricey.

          Thanks for the info!

  17. So in the Spring 2016 preview pics the white Primrose clip really caught my eyes. However it is not for sale anywhere. Does anyone have an explanation or did I miss something?

    • We have promotion spend Can $125 get free bracelet at the end of month in North America. Shop will take pre order 24th March, we just need to pick it up 31st March to 3rd April anytime, no need to line up again.

      • Glad to know we can do a preorder (never knew that) I will be calling the store on the 24th to order everything and pick up April 1st. Thanks for the info!

        • I pay the bill when I pick up my bill within Pandora promotion period. It is a win win policy for both parties, customer no need to line up, store avoid crazy volume. I will look at catalog before then go to shop to pre order everything. They will put everthing inside a bag under my name. I still need to go back promotion period to pay the bill at cashier but no need line up outside the shop to the showcase anymore.

        • No need to pay for pre order, Pandora computer not allowed yet. Stores let us pre order is avoid overflow customer, they can’t handle long line up. It is good for both party, you can spend time to see the catalog and try on everthing before to make sure what you like.

      • Will the primrose clip be sold seperately or only in a set? I never buy gift sets since I don’t always like all the charms.

        • White Primose clip will be available for individual purchase May 9 after Mother’s Day in North America.

  18. Hi Ellie,

    I noticed that the threadless bracelet is mostly shown with a small number of charms in the pictures you posted. However, there is one bracelet with 4 silicon clips that has about 13 charms. The charms are displayed evenly spread out in the picture, but when you put it on the charms will fall into clumps and the bracelet will look like it has “bald spots.” The best use of the clips in the pictures, in my opinion, is the 4 silicon clips with the 3 beads between them. However, this is a very expensive way to create a bracelet structure. I still don’t really get The whole concept…

      • Yes Michele, you’re right. But I just can’t get interested in these clips. And they are very expensive.

        • I can use my original clip on the thread or put rubber inside to put on the chain or on bangle. I won’t spend $ for new silicon spacer clip.

    • Hi, so I guess you can’t use regular clips with the thread-less bracelet? Only the silicone clips? How secure are silicone clips, anyway–do they stay in place well? I’ve never seen them in person. Sorry for all the questions :)

      • You still can use regular clips ( put pandora free rubber inside ) on thread less bracelet which just like on bangle, no different.

        • Silicone clips can’t put on thread of regular bracelet but it can put on the chain as a non move spacer. Silicone clips is not a must piece for thread less bracelet unless you don’t mind to spend.

      • Hi Kris, I just got the new bracelet and two silicone clips yesterday. The clips are pretty good at staying in place – they work pretty much like the Essence bracelet and charms. Regular clips won’t work on the bracelet unless you put rubber stoppers inside them, as Michele says.

    • Hi Lisa! I got one of the new bracelets yesterday at the store. Our SAs here have been told that you can fill up the bracelet, but that you should use the silicone clips to space the charms, like you would with the threaded bracelet. So I’m not entirely sure what the difference between the two is lol. I guess you just have a bit more flexibility with the new bracelet? And a different clasp, of course…

      • I know the ends of the new bracelet are not threaded, but are they wide enough that a regular clip would not slide off the end? I have a Da Vinci clip I would like to use as a single charm when I get the new bracelet… I’m debating getting an insert to keep it stationary, versus letting it slide around like a charm.

  19. I saw the Rapunzel murano in store today! It’s even better in person. I am wanting to get that one along with the Daisy lace bead. I am trying to hold off for the free bracelet promotion. This will be my first Pandora, like a kid in the candy store!

      • I find that the new shimmering Murano are rather expensive AUD$59, compared to the Disney Murano which is also shimmering but not faceted $45. If I want a shimmering Murano, I think I will get the Disney version as it’s more wallet friendly.

    • Glad to hear that you like that one! I’m so pleased that they finally decided to make some lighter purple muranos, I’ve been saying that we need some pastel purples for years. ^^
      And yay, your first Pandora! So exciting for you :D Nothing beats the excitement when you first start out and there are all the charms to choose from, haha.

  20. Hi all, official pandora instagram posted that flower murano will be launched in Spring together with shimmering purple and pink murano, is it true? Anyone seen the flower murano in the store so far???

    • Flower Garden will be available in June for North America for sure on Pandora’s catalog. Pandora don’t have everything release exactly same time in all market. Canada and U.S. are under same management. We have the best promotion and price because of the biggest volume.

    • No, unfortunately that murano was delayed. It was originally slated for a Spring release but it’s been pushed back. I’ve not heard of any countries who are selling it now. :'( :'(

  21. My local shop-in-shop was getting their new arrivals ready to put out Monday afternoon when I stopped by to pick up a new bracelet. I got the Blooming Dahlia clips, but didn’t have enough time to see everything. I probably will not buy anything else until the free bracelet promo at the end of this month. I am more excited about the Summer collection, but I’m always willing to look when I have time.

    Thanks for all those lovely live shots, Ellie!

    • That’s very sensible of you! I am fully intending to do the North American bracelet promo, but couldn’t resist picking up the new primrose silicone clips, the new bracelet and a purple Shimmer murano yesterday. :D I am also quite excited for the Pandora Summer collection, all the more so for the fact that the Flower Garden murano is pushed back until then.

      You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting!

  22. The manager at my local Pandora store told me that the new threadless bracelet could hold more than 5-7 charms, that you just had to add two clips to prevent them from putting too much weight near the clasp.

    • Hi Jennifer, I went to a UK store yesterday and was told the exact same thing. You can fill the new bracelet up, but they advise that you do space the charms out as evenly as possible with the silicone clips. Yay!

  23. Hi Ellie! I am quite disappointed to hear that the new Smooth Moments bracelet is only intended to hold 5 to 7 charms. Actually, I did have a chance to see it this week at my local jeweler. The SA insisted that you can in fact, fill it with charms. I have heard many conflicting opinions about this. Frustrating, to say the least! The bracelet is lovely, however, and I do intend to get it during the free bracelet promo. I was also very impressed with the Shimmering Muranos. They are absolutely stunning! :D

    • Hi Carol – you’re right, there’s conflicting info out there about that… I went to the store yesterday and was told that you can fill up the new bracelet, they just advise that you use the silicone clips to stop your charms bunching up in the same place on the chain. And it seems that you, and a few others, have been told the same. So I’d go with that, for now – I’m certainly intending on filling mine up and we’ll see how it goes!
      You’re right, the Shimmer muranos are so beautiful. I just got the purple one and I will definitely be coming back for the pink one as well :D

  24. I guess Smooth bracelet without the two strong threads, the snake chain will stretch even more than the regular bracelet. Some Pandora’s fan fill up regular bracelet , it will stretch 1 to 2 cm after long time wear. What will happen to the new Smooth bracelet? Time will tell, somebody has to give it test wear.

  25. I actually tried going today to get the Rapunzel dress charm (which they didn’t have) & the purple shimmering droplets charm & that I’d actually like to see the new Ariel charm & I actually couldn’t believe of how disappointed I was with it it looks so much better in these live photos but not as good in person but I guess it’s just one of those charms that you MUST see in person before buying cause I actually had that charm on my wishlist & now it’s being replaced with the new Mickey Mouse Icon pink charm one of the new parks exlussive so I’m hoping to order that one soon & besides I’ve only ever had order the exlussive Disney park ones & I like the flower & garden Epcot one those are the only 2 I like from the Disney S/S 2016 exlussive collection

    & the pick Mickey one is just such a nice soft pick like it’s not too pick it’s just the perfect baby pink shade color I’m hoping to get that one before the summer actually or once I get a few of the Disney Charms that they have at the regular Pandora stores & since I have to order the pink

    & OMG I love the new Disney bracelet it’s so awesome but I’m also wanting to get the other bracelet that’s coming like the one without the threaded things on the bracelet cause I love how for that one you don’t need the clips & your screw on charms won’t jam together & if you do put clip on the nun threaded bracelet (is what I call it) then you can place the clips on it where ever you want without having to specifically put them of the thread things on all the other bracelets so charms wouldn’t jam together

    • Oh no, that’s a shame! I have to say that the Ariel charm never really appealed to me that much, but it’s sad that it didn’t live up to expectations for you. This is why it’s frustrating that I can’t buy Disney in store in the UK – as I have to just make the purchase and hope it’s as nice in person as it is in photos! I like that the new pink Mickey Mouse charm as well. I’d have liked it even better had it been Minnie, but it’s still rather nice. The Flower & Garden Epcot bead is also lovely although super super pricey at $70 USD! For a plain silver charm that is quite extraordinary.
      I got the new threadless bracelet yesterday and I’m loving it so far! My SA did actually say that you should use the silicone spacer clips with it to space the charms out so I’m not quite sure how different it is from the threaded bracelet, but having the new spherical clasp is also pretty cool.

      • Ya I have the Maximus charm it’s actually pretty nice but the only charm that’s not out yet in Canada for some reason is the still the Rapunzal dress charm it’s actually disappointing a little bit but oh well.

        & I know right & I wanted that Ariel charm so bad too but I deleted it right after I saw it in person lol

        As far as the new Mickey Mouse icon charm Disney park exclusive goes your right it would of made more sense of it being Minnie cause it’s pink & all & just looks way more Minnie than Mickey so I still like to pretend to myself that it’s a Minnie Icon charm but without the bow lol it just doesn’t feel like Mickey to me at all with or without the bow what’s so ever & I actually ordered it

        & I know what you mean of not being able to see the Disney charms in person cause I go through it with the Disney Park exclusives but I’m sure almost everyone does even in the US unless they live in Anaheim California & Orlando Florida where Disneyland & Disney World are but even still all of US states have better access to the exlussives than Canada or any other country does cause it’s a fortune for shipping out of the US & within the US it’s shipped for free which isn’t fare so for Canada & all the other countries we just have to risk & pay up unfortunately but I thought & felt confident in the pink icon charm I got it off eBay & I just asked for more close up clear photos & they were nice to send me more live photos of the pink charm & the inside of it & im happy that it’s a solid heavy screw on & not like an open one like the white “I ❤️ Mickey” exlussive charm is its solid on the outside but inside is open like the pave charms are actually that may be a better way to describe it I don’t really like a whole lot of open ones like that even though I do have a lot of them but I’m always scared they’ll fall off easier too & I like my bracelets to weigh just a bit & especially the silver Disney World Cinderella Castle dangle charm is actually my heaviest charm lol & weighs a lot so I always have to try & even my bracelet out with heavy charms cause if I don’t then my bracelet when I wear it the castle go to the bottom & the safety is the front & it’s a little annoying trying to put the castle at front where everyone can actually see it cause it’s much prettier than seeing a safety chain at the front of my wrist lol

  26. I went to the Pandora store today got the Essence safety chain …. the the bead part of the safety chain are much larger than i thought and definately not dainty at all. The O branding is also very prominent but i guess a safety chain is better than no safety chain. I saw the essence bangle which is pretty and I also saw the Essence necklace which really pretty – i might to get that later down the track.

    I thought most of the new collection, particularly the ones with enamel and pave looked ugly (sorry!). Probably the worst launch of Pandora I have seen in person. The forget-me-nots really look like Claire’s Accessories. Lucky i have a new Essence bracelet to keep me entertained until the next launch

    The shimmering pink and purple muranos are much prettier in person, particularly the purple one

    • the bead part of my moments safety chain is even smaller than the essence safety chain bead part. I am not sure why they made such a giant safety chain for the dainty essence bracelet. But i bought it anyways

      • I grew impatient and got a Thomas Sabo safety chain for my Essence bracelet a few months ago. It is dainty and works perfectly with it. I’m definitely going to stick with the one I already have, as it seems the Pandora one is too bulky for the dainty Essence bracelet.

        • That’s a good point, Joanne – people have been using the TS safety chain for a couple of years now, with no ill effects. :)

    • Hi Judie, I thought the same when I saw the Essence safety chain yesterday. Not at all dainty, and the logo on each part of the safety chain does stand out quite a lot. But I do want a safety chain for my two-tone Essence, seeing as the clasp is playing up on it, and I think I’ll be getting one for that. Better safe than sorry!

      I liked most of the enamel pieces I saw (Poetic Blooms, white Primrose clip etc), but wasn’t that keen on the Dahlias (as many people have observed, they were paler than the stock image suggested) or the pavé florals, particularly the Forget-Me-Nots. Just not my style, really! The Shimmer muranos are gorgeous, easily the stand-out pieces of the collection for me.

      • I thought the Essence safety chain looked surprisingly chunky too :-( I’m guessing they were thinking that they should make the ‘balls’ large enough so that they would match the clasp and charms in size for consistency, which if you are wearing the bracelet quite full (maybe like a full karma bracelet) I can see that might look better. But given that most of us don’t do that – and indeed that spreading out fewer charms has been the whole ‘unique selling point’ of essence! – I think that having the grouping of clasp plus safety chain being 3 big beads together just looks unbalanced. I only have two essence charms at the moment, so at least for now I will stick with my simple logo-free dainty Karma safety chain :-)

        (Hi, by the way. I do love reading your posts, and intend to try commenting more regularly, not just random facts about the differences between European and American robins!) :-)

        • Yeah, I get why they might want to make the size of the safety chain consistent with the other Essence charms so that it blends in – but with a great big logo on each half of the safety chain, it doesn’t look particularly elegant to me. I think that approach would have worked better if they’d gone with a more subtle design. As it is, it’s pretty heavy branding! The Karma safety chains do seem a more delicate alternative. I’ll be getting the Pandora one to review anyhow, and I’ll see how I like it once it’s actually on my own bracelet!

          Aha, I think we all learnt something new from that Robin review! :P The comments on that review did take a turn, lol. It’s so nice to hear that you enjoy the posts – please do feel free to chime in whenever! <3

  27. Hi Ellie !
    Finally here we are on the 17 march ! I haven’t change my mind and stay with my wish list.

    Just for information, if some ladies leaving in Germany or near, from the 17 at March 30 if you buy for 119€ you have a bracelet for 59€ for free you can change and take an other one, you pay the difference, and you can buy as far as your wallet allows it to you !

    For me, who lives in France, The German Ladies are very spoiled. I have the chance to leave near, so I have bought the new moments bracelet, I like work it without clip. they don’t told me to put only 7 charms…
    And I take a classic one, and I think to go back for the one clip and a essence. My husband is dead, if he knows oO

    Nice day !

    • Hi Isabelle! Thanks for the info on the Germany promo. :D Regarding the new threadless bracelet, it seems that more people have been told that you can in fact fill them up – but that they advise you use the silicone clips if you’re going to do that. So I’m not sure how that differs from having a bracelet with clip stations, but there you have it!

      Aha, my OH is fully resigned to my Pandora spending at this point. He is a very patient man lol.
      Have a nice day too! <3

      • Hi Ellie,
        I had a full bracelet but without clip. Each time that wounded me, because the charms was put on the stations and blocked all. So, for me it’s another to wear some bracelet.
        You have heard that in France they recall, for me all my charms even the old ones goes on, so I keep my bracelet.
        Nice day <3

        • Hi Isabelle, I did hear that they recalled the bracelet in France. In England, they just seem to have got each store to go through their stock and send back any faulty items. They didn’t have many of the new bracelets available to sell when I went in because of it I think.
          Have a lovely day too!

  28. I was really looking forward for the poetic blooms necklace but when I saw it in person I was kind of disappointed because the flowers on this necklace are really small but I was pleasantly surprised with the shimmering bouquet ring and that’s what I got from the spring collection :)

    • That’s disappointing to hear. I liked the look of the Poetic Blooms necklace from some of the close-up shots I have seen of it, but in other pictures, the flowers did look quite small.

    • I thought the same Olga! The chain is very long to have such small floral details, which is a shame as the individual flowers looked so nice. Glad to hear you found something you liked, though! <3

  29. I was really looking forward to getting the Essence safety chain for my new Essence bracelet, but when I saw it I decided against it. I love my Essence bracelet because it is so slim and delicate, and I intend to put maximum 4 or 5 beads on it. The ends of the safety chain are massive, the same size as the clasp and to have 3 large beads in one place will ruin the look I want. Also it will bang on the desk when I am at work which is why I don’t wear my Moments bracelets to work. So I was disappointed, I can’t understand why the safety chain is not more delicate! But as I didn’t get the safety chain I was able to buy my favourite from the Spring collection, the Dazzling Daisy Fairy – I love it!! The Poetic Blooms charms are so lovely too, they are on my list as soon as I save up some more, and I love the matching earrings! I was also pleasantly surprised by the Dahlia collection too, it is all so pretty. I probably won’t get those as they don’t fit my design plans, but I still want the bunny, the pink shimmer murano and the spring garden charms as well as the poetic blooms pendant and heart! The forget-me-knot charms are not for me, but I think overall it is a beautiful collection.

    • Hi Debbie, I totally get where you’re coming from. I was surprised to see how chunky the Essence SC was in person, as well, especially with all that Pandora ‘O’ branding. It’s not delicate at all and not very in-keeping with the Essence aesthetic. I will be getting one anyway, as I have a Pandora Essence two-tone bracelet that I want to protect, and this safety chain is better than nothing, but I’d have preferred a more delicate design as well!
      Yay! I liked the Dazzling Daisy fairy as well when I saw it in person yesterday. It’s definitely on my list to get, but I have a few pieces to cross off my list before I get there, haha. Glad to hear that you’re a fan of the collection overall – I liked the Poetic Blooms pieces as well, I think I will be getting the pendant for my pink oxi floral bracelet! It’s a shame that the new collection is so derivative of previous ones, but the overall effect when you see it in person is lovely, nevertheless, I think.

  30. Been to my local store this morning and saw most of the collection. It is one of my favourite collections. I love the colours and designs and this collection is just me. I spent quite a while looking at all the pieces they had from the collection.
    I bought the blooming dahlia pendant, clips and ring, which I love, the colour is beautiful. The blush pink radiant heart charm, matched as well, like I was hoping it would, so I bought 2 of them. Hoping for some more charms that will match, to come out in future collections.
    I tried on the forget me not ring and shimmering bouquet rings and liked them both, I will be purchasing at some point.
    The poetic bloom pendant was quite dainty, which I liked. Think I’m going to ask for the poetic bloom pendant and shimmering bouquet ring for my birthday.
    Left on my list is the pink primrose silicone lined clips/spacer, dazzling daisy fairy and spring garden charms, think these will be my next purchases. Then there’s the forget me not button charm, spacers and ring.
    From the pictures I’d seen I thought the poetic bloom and blooming dahlia earrings, we’re going to be quite big, but they weren’t. I liked both pairs and they might find there way home with me at some point. I hope we have an earring promo in the UK, as this would be an ideal opportunity. Do you think they’ll do one here?
    What did you think of the collection? What did you buy?
    They didn’t have the catalogue in, with the new pieces, which isn’t unusual. I’ll try and get one in the next couple of weeks.

    • Ah, glad to hear that it didn’t disappoint!! I thought the Dahlias were very pale in person, but I can imagine that putting them with the rich blush charms will help a lot to bring out their colour. That should be a really beautiful combination. The Fascinating Blush would also be nice with that, you just need to find one that’s a proper berry pink and not the weird nude shade that a lot of them are. I took mine into store the other day and it was way pinker than almost every example I saw on display…
      I loved the Poetic Bloom pendant as well, although it was smaller than I thought. I’m going to get that one as a centrepiece for my pink oxi floral bracelet – it’ll go very nicely next to Eeyore. ^^ The earrings for the Poetic Blooms were also tiny, as you say. I have not heard anything about an earring promo for the UK, but then Pandora UK are so much better at keeping things under wraps than their counterparts in North America, so who knows. It would be nice!
      Overall, I thought the collection was very pretty and glittery, even if there weren’t so many individual pieces that were interesting or particularly stand-out. I loved the Shimmer muranos (particularly the purple one), and the Poetic Blooms and spring garden charms with butterflies and pink enamel accents were also lovely – particularly the Fairy. I got the threadless bracelet with two pink Primrose clips (I didn’t like the Shining Elegance clips over much, but then the sparkly store lights can make them seem more blingy than they actually are), and I’m really pleased with those in person! The threadless bracelet is really nice with its spherical clasp, and it’s fun being able to position the clips wherever you like. I also got the purple Shimmer murano and I’ll definitely be back for the pink Shimmer murano.
      I missed having some hobby or character charms to see in store I have to admit. But the flowers were nice and it certainly all looked very pretty laid out together. I wasn’t keen on the Forget-Me-Nots, I thought they looked quite ordinary and like something almost any other jewellery high street brand might do. But again, that could have been the super sparkly store lights!
      I didn’t get a catalogue either, which was a bit disappointing. They still had the Winter ones out, plus a few left-over Mother’s Day brochures…

      • i love the colour of the blooming dahlia, it is a paler colour on the clips, but the radiant heart blush pink charm, brings the colour out a bit more.
        I didn’t see the muranos, they weren’t in the two trays I saw, but I’m not really a fan of the muranos.
        yeah the pink primrose silicone clips are the best, I’m not keen on the crystal ones. I want to use the primrose one as a spacer.
        I’m going to Pandora again next month, after pay day, so I’ll be able to have another look at the collection.
        Look forward to your reviews of the collection.

  31. Hi Ellie,

    Bought the vintage N today. It is lovely. It is the only charm I like from the spring collection. I am now waiting for the club charm.

    Have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Nellie! Yay, it’s good to hear that you found a little something that you liked, even if most of it wasn’t to your taste. The letter charms are lovely and delicate – definitely my favourite alphabet charms Pandora have done so far.
      I’m waiting for the Club charm as well! There are lots of things I am looking forward to for Summer, now – the Club charm, the Flower Garden murano, the leather bracelets, the silver animals. There’s a lot for me to like!

      Have a good week, Nellie, and thanks for commenting!

  32. I went and checked out the Spring collection today. I was going to wait until the free bracelet promo to buy anything, but my local store had a tower event today, so I decided to forgo the bracelet promo since tower events are so rare here. I decided to spend $500 to get one of the few “special gifts” from the tower. For the spring collection, I bought the gorgeous Purple Shimmer Murano, the adorable Remarkable Rabbit, the Poetic Blooms Heart, the Pink Primrose silicone-lined spacer clip, and the purple Poetic Droplet ring (I will add more to my stack later). In addition, I bought the Dainty Bow Safety Chain and some gifts for Mother’s Day and my friend’s birthday. I was so excited about the Dahlias when I first saw them, but–like others have said–they look paler IRL, so I decided to pass on these. My tower gift consisted of three standard bangles, a Pandora round logo clip, the Signature Pandora ring, and the Signature Pandora pave hoop earrings. I was a little disappointed I received three of the same bangle and that there was no necklace, but overall, it was very good value.

    • I forgot to add, I received the new catalogue with all the prices in USD, including for the Mother’s Day and Summer collections. If anyone wants to know the price of anything, let me know!

      • Hi just curious where in the us do you live? Never heard of the tower event over here. Thanks
        How much is the silver elephant from the summer release going for? Thx again

        • Hi Alex. I live in the U.S.–Pittsburgh, PA to be exact. I have not heard of many tower events in the U.S., but this particular store has had two in the past two years–one to celebrate its renovation and one for the store’s anniversary. It is a little farther than the store I usually go to, but it is nicer and larger. The concept store I usually frequent has never had a tower event that I know of.

    • Oh that’s exciting, you don’t get many tower events at all in the US! Lucky you. It sounds your tower prize system is a little different from ours, with the ‘special gifts’ – that’s pretty great to get all those freebies, although it seems like they decided to stick with the most obviously Pandora branded jewellery to give away for free? With the logo clip, the bangles, the signature Pandora items…? You could always take two of the bangles back and swap them, perhaps? Still, as you say, that is not bad at all as a free gift! :)
      I love what you chose from the Pandora Spring collection, I just indulged in the purple Shimmer murano and the pink Primrose clips as well :D I’ll be back for more when the free bracelet promo rolls around, too, haha.

      • Yes, interestingly, they don’t advertise the “special gifts” in the flyer they sent out. When I went to a tower event there last year, I didn’t find out about the special gifts until after they were gone, so I decided to indulge this time. It does seem like they go with the branded items; though, I am not sure if all of the special gifts were the same or not. I don’t think they would allow me to exchange the bangles–except for size–for something else because they are considered “promotional items.” I will probably give two away as gifts.

        • Oh right, in the UK they have a ‘yes’ policy that means that most Pandora stores will exchange something for you if it’s unworn even if you have mislaid the receipt. I have done that a couple of times with gifts or other things like that (my mum once got me the ‘Cherries’ clip instead of the ‘Cherry Blossom’ clip from the airport duty free. And then lost the receipt. Luckily the store swapped it for me!). Do they not offer anything similar for you? :)

        • Yes Ellie, they do offer a 30-day return policy as long as you have your receipt. However, I think with promotional offers, they only allow you to exchange for size. The gifts I got from the tower event are considered “promotional items” and are marked as such on the receipt. Because the items were “free,” they were marked as “negatives” on the receipt, so I am not sure that the store would return them or exchange them for completely different items. I hope that makes sense!

        • Ellie, I just realized I misread your post. Usually, the Pandora stores here are pretty strict about having a receipt when you return an item. Once, I tried to exchange a ring just for a different size without a receipt, and the SA was leery at first but eventually allowed me to. Although, another time, I took in two charms that my friend had gotten me that I really didn’t like to exchange for different charms without a receipt, and the SA didn’t even hesitate to let me do so! So, I guess it depends on who you get. I suppose I could try to exchange some of the gifts for different items.

  33. Ellie, I went to Pandora’s outlet this afternoon. They have buy 2 retired charms get 1 free charm, today is the last day. I always want your two toned clips for my two toned bracelet. I bought two clips for Can $160 and choose my 1st 14K Gold Brown Mystic murano #750402 FREE. This murano reduce from $120 to $80 just today, other 14K murano still $120. What a good surprise! M friend want to spend $550 by herself so I have no chance to split the bill to get two toned bracelet. It is fine to me, there is not a lot I like for Spring, I will still spend $125 to get a free bracelet for fun. I have to save for Club charm, Mother of pearl, Spring Garden and Nostagic murano for Summer release during free leather bracelet promotion.

    • Ah, that’s exciting :D Glad to hear that you finally got some two-tone clips, and that is a great price on the murano.
      Like your Summer picks a lot – the Club charm & Flower Garden muranos are top of my list for summer, too! There’s a surprising amount I want from the Summer collection this year.

      • I love two toned Lazy Daizy clips on my two toned bracelet. I am thinking how to style my 1st FREE 14k gold murano, sale lady told me red will match Brown Mystic murano.

        • Red and brown is an interesting combination! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone try that before :)

  34. I went to Bloomingdale’s today and bought two Shining Elegance clips in the clear for my leather bracelet. I also got two of the Dahlia clips; they are quite neutral with the little stone for sparkle. I would like the White Primrose clips, too, but they are not available as a stand-alone purchase until May 9. I got a $50 Bloomies card because I spent over $200. I will use it for another charm later.

    • Awesome! I love that the silicone clips are good for the leathers and bangles as well. :D The Dahlias are quite neutral, as you say, which has disappointed a lot of people – but I’m glad they were to your taste. The colour is very delicate!

    • Oh, dear… I’ve been so good about not buying jewelry until the bracelet promo…then I read your post. I wound up at my nearest Bloomingdale’s today just for that special you mentioned. I felt guilty for spending but also guilty for potentially missing a sale. Haha. I’ll still participate in the bracelet promo, but I guess no more splurges for me after that.

      *hangs head in utter shame* :P

      • It’s not a bad way to get something back for a Pandora purchase; it’s not like the prices at Bloomies are higher. They were also having 20% off (including Pandora!) if one opened the credit card. I don’t need another credit card, so I passed on that one, but 20% off and a GC depending on purchase amount is a great deal. :)

        • Yes, that’s true. The prices are the same anyway and Pandora itself never has sales here. I don’t have a Bloomie’s credit card either, just a Loyallist account. Very handy for free shipping if needed. :)

    • BTW, my Bloomie’s didn’t have any of the new items (which is what the sales clerk said). Too bad because I was curious to see the vintage alphabet charms. But it’s all right, I can wait until my next trip to a Pandora store.

      In the meantime, today I picked up my very first two-tones: the Cupcake (with the gold berry(?) on top) and the Locked Hearts. I’m in love! :D <3 They're both sweet but the heart is so beautiful in particular.

      I know some were disappointed in the Dahlias being so pale, but I think that sort of helps with versatility in styling. Some clips strike me as being too plain or too glitzy, but the Dahlia strikes a good balance in between. I'm thinking to mix it with some hints of gold and/or light pinks on a new bracelet…if that works.

      And Ellie, I'm looking forward to your new reviews when you have time! :)

      • Thanks, Kris! I’m working on a review of the bracelet currently, so don’t worry – I will make the time to review everything! ^^

    • Hi Adelyn. The Shimmer muranos, as the name suggests, have a shimmer effect in the glass that makes them sparkle in the light. :) Otherwise, they are much the same as any other faceted Pandora glass murano bead.

  35. Ellie :)

    Top of my wish list are the muranos – am holding out till the US/Canada promotions :D I wonder what problems the thread-less bracelet has? I may hold off getting that one until I know more about it’s durability. We didn’t get the new Disney releases here yet – I think they’ll be coming out with everything else in the Summer…. what a bummer, I really wanted to see the Rapunzel and Aurora muranos in person – I really can’t gauge the actual colour from the live photos or stock pictures :S

    Oh! You were right about the butterfly earring/rings/necklace – they are Asia exclusives…though I have no idea why… I’ve uploaded it here for you:

    I can’t wait to see the goodies that you’ve come home with!! Thanks for another lovely post! I have still yet to see the new collection in person.. I’m trying to avoid going in case I spend before the promo…. haha :P

    Suzy xxx

    • Hi Suzy!! :) Although I am also waiting for the US bracelet promo, I was bad and I indulged a little yesterday. I figured that with the new job and stuff it was a worthy occasion to treat myself to some new Spring charms, especially as I have not been buying much Pandora at all in the last month or so! :P I posted a pic of my new pieces on my instagram, have a look… ^^
      Aw, that’s a shame about the Disney charms. I don’t think Asia is down to get Aurora, not yet at least, but Rapunzel is slated for release there this season. Perhaps it’ll be an April launch. Australia is due to get some new Disney at the end of this month, too, so it might be worth checking in HK then too.
      Haha, there never seems to be any logic to the Asian exclusives. They’re always pretty generic. Thanks for the info, anyhow! :) I do like that necklace, very much!

      Good luck waiting until the promo! :P I know that you’re fed up with HK stores so at least there’s that to put you off going into store and getting tempted into any pre-promo spending… ;)


      • I totally agree with you Ellie! :D We all deserve to indulge once in a while, and more so as a milestone for your new job :D. It may seem a bit backwards but I still don’t quite get how to use Instagram lol! I see pictures on my right which leads me to think I should touch my screen and make it scroll across…

        Anyhow, my backwards-ness aside, that’s a gorgeous shade of purple! Such a lovely light lilac colour! I agree with what’s been said about the si-spacers though – they should have made more variations of the cherry blossom one as opposed to sticking different coloured CZ in the same spacers :P

        I can’t wait for your review on the bracelet! I have a million questions including safety chains lol! Maybe they’ll make new rubber insert-fied chain like the Essence line? o.O

        Overseas customer service is miles miles better than HK! It’s a blessing in disguise I guess, to stop me spending ridiculous amounts whenever I enter a Pandora store :P

        Oh! Have you decided your next purchases yet for the promo? I’d love some inspiration! :D

        Suzy xxx

        • Thanks! :D I’m glad to hear that you approve, lol. I’m not quite sure what you mean about Instagram… normally you scroll down to see more pictures. They don’t appear to the left or right for me!

          Oh definitely. I didn’t like the pavé spacers too much in store, but then those store lights do make them seem extra sparkly. I would have liked some plain silver designs, but I doubt we’ll get them in this current age of Pandora.
          Lol I am working on a review of the bracelet! :D All your questions shall be answered (although if you have any more, speak up now and I’ll answer them in the review!).

          I think I might have decided on my promo purchases. To start with, I want the Belle Disney murano as a centrepiece for my two-tone bracelet WIP (work-in-progress) and then my lovely Maximus pendant for who-knows-what bracelet. I’ll figure it out, I just have to have him :P then I’ll get a regular silver bracelet for that.
          Then I’m also considering doing a second promo, and getting the Cinderella Dream heart for my pink-and-blue bracelet I’m working on and the White Rabbit charm. I don’t know what I’ll do with him either, but I feel like Pandora should be encouraged to keep on making the detailed animals. ;) Have you decided on anything yet? xxx

      • Australia will have the frozen, snow white, Ariel and Alice in wonderland release on 31st March. Cinderella was released last year. No Aurora or Rapunzel this round. Maybe later leave n the year.

        • Aha, you shouldn’t tempt me! I might take you up on that, I’ll let you know – thank you :D

  36. Hello Ellie,
    Thank you for such a lovely post. Can’t wait to see what you ended up with this weekend on
    your shopping trip to Pandora! I’m still holding out for the bracelet promo pre-sale. I’m ex
    cited to finally get to see everything in person this week.

    Have A Great Day!

      • Hi Ellie,
        Took a quick look at the new pieces you got on this last trip to Pandora store.
        We definitely have the same taste as everything you got is also on my list.
        The new thread less bracelet looks so pretty. I really like the spherical clasp
        and being able to place clips wherever you need them. I’ve always had a hard time making the center segment of my bracelets look like I want them
        to since I wear the smallest size. I’m looking forward to getting the new
        bracelet just for that reason. Just hope it holds up!

        It’s been hard for me waiting for the bracelet promo this go around, but I’ve
        made it so far…especially since my favorite store is only five minutes from my home. I have a shop-in-shop closer than that, but the owner is SO RUDE
        and doesn’t fully participate in promos. Ellie, you would definitely be living
        dangerously if you had these stores so close !lol

        Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

        • Hi Emily! Yay, glad you approve my choices, haha. I think the threadless bracelet does offer a little more flexibility, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in that respect. :D In answer to your question about safety chains – the threaded safety chains do not work with it. They just slide right off it when you open the clasp. You’ll need a clip in between it and the end of the bracelet if you want it to be any use. The clip safety chains would work, though.

          Ahaha, you are absolutely right – living so close to a Pandora would be lethal with me! I did use to live a ten minute train ride away from Pandora when I was at uni, but luckily I was (comparitively) broke most of the time anyway and was restricted as to what I could buy :P

      • Pandora has spend Can $125 get free silver, $550 get two toned and $3300 get 14k gold bracelet. I received an email first time they have pre order 24th to 30th.

    • Ah! I wish I could go and see it in person. It’s hard to tell from photos taken in store as the light is so often off…

  37. Just went to look at the new collection again with my pink flora and heart bracelet to see if I can squeeze in a dangle charm. I end up with the dahlia pendant on the bracelet which was totally unexpected. But it looks pretty in the bracelet. The colour on the dahlia looks more like pearlescent pink to me. Matches my bracelet very well. I’m happy.

    • Excellent! :D I am also squeezing a pendant charm into my pink oxi floral bracelet, but I’ve opted the Poetic Blooms pendant. The Dahlia is lovely but more of a vintage blush pink than the charms I have on that bracelet.

        • Just saw it and replied to you – lovely, lovely bracelet. You’ve taken a real variety of pinks and made them work so well together!

        • Hi starlight, Mind to share with me? I wish to see too :) or do you have instagram?

    • Hi Debbie! I like it so far – I don’t see that it’s so much different to the regular bracelet, as my SA advises that you use the silicone clips in much the same way that you would regular ones on the normal bracelet, but it’s pretty and I like the new clasp. I’ll be doing a proper review of it some time this week, so keep an eye out for that! :)

  38. Hi Ellie, I just purchased the Shimmering Pink murano. It was so hard to choose between the pink and the purple. I wanted to buy the bunny soon but then I saw the Disney pink murano . It is online at the Disney store so I’m so torn at which I should buy next lol. I was also thinking of the thread less bracelet too. Decisions, decisions lol . Looking forward to your next post. Have a great week .

    • Hi Linda! Yay I so almost bought the pink Shimmer as well, and I will definitely be coming back for it. You’re right, it is tough to choose between them ^^
      Haha, there’s too much to want isn’t there? I’m going to indulge in some Disney for the bracelet promo, and then gradually work my way through the rest of the Spring charms I want (primarily the pink shimmer and the Dazzling Daisy Fairy). Have a great week too! <3

  39. Hi Ellie!
    Thank you for this lovely post! ♡ It was really nice to see some live shots before seeing the new pieces in person!
    That actually happened yesterday, and I was really excited! I visited the Pandora store in old town (the only one opened on Sundays) with my mum, who visited me for the weekend! Yesterday was officially the first day of spring and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than that “mother- daughter morning”! We enjoyed a long walk in sunshine, a coffee under the Acropolis and we ended in the Pandora store, where my mum gifted me my first spring piece! :-) As most of Pandora fans I guess, I fell in love with the new muranos and especially with the purple one, which was the one I chose first! The truth is I haven’t decided what I am going to do with it, but I couldn’t resist to its beauty! We had some lovely experimentation with the SAs on how I could style it! I voted against the obvious pink-purple combination, which was my initial plan, as I want to use the Rapunzel murano on my baby pink bracelet and the purple doesn’t match! My plan B is to make a more unusual combination, so I am now between the tropical sea murano (one with more purple on it, since they are sooo different) and the teal shimmering from the summer collection. I’ll wait to decide later, since it’s not my top priority now. I think I’ll have to buy two purple muranos, which I never do, but that purple beauty deserves it to break some rules! :-)
    I also liked the vintage letters, and most of the rings! The fairy was cute but not exactly what I wanted, as I needed her to be more prominent, if you know what I mean! The rest was too blinky or too flowery for me! Better for my wallet! :-)
    I liked your choices and now can’t wait for your styling ideas on the purple murano! Have a great week! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Ah, what a lovely image you do paint! Sounds like a very relaxing and beautiful way to enjoy the new collection. I had a similarly nice experience, as my OH and I timed a weekend away to coincide with the new launch. We went back to our uni town and spent the weekend reminiscing. ^^
      We chose the same first piece – the purple murano was my first definite buy as well. :D I am planning on doing the obvious pairing of it with the pink Shimmer murano, I must confess, but my initial plan for them was to put them with the retired lavender candy-stripe on a very classic Pandora bracelet design. I don’t know that that will look right at all, in retrospect, so I am going to have to do some experimenting myself! I definitely think that the purple murano is gorgeous enough to have two of :P
      The Fairy was lovely, I agree, and I actually liked that she wasn’t too prominent and that she blended into the design. It reminds me of this book I once read when I was younger about the Cottingley fairies and that controversial photograph – of the idea of fairies tucked away amongst the flowers, hidden but there. So there’s a nostalgia aspect for me there! ^^
      Have a great week too Chrysa! Enjoy your new charm too ♥♥♥

  40. Just saw the new spring charms. I didn’t plan to like the morning glory space, but wound up with it on presale for the bracelet promotion because it was soooo pretty. The round primrose “ball” clip was kind of pale vs how it looked online so I skipped it. I went in unsure about the dahlia clip and thought I was leaving without it but I kept going back to it so it too joined my presale free bracelet crew lol.

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