Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all that’s coming up for September 2016! This round up is a little late, as I was pretty busy last week putting together the Autumn 2016 launch posts and replying to comments – so apologies for that! But, nevertheless, today we have live shots of the upcoming Pudsey Bear 2016 charm, details on Pandora promotions for September and October, some gorgeous AW16 live shots and more. :D


Coming up on the blog this month are, of course, more reviews and hopefully some more previews/news posts as well. In addition to Autumn 2016 charm reviews, I’m also planning a belated review of the Pre-Autumn 2016 Koala Bear, which is not only a very cute charm but also a good demonstration of some of the ways in which Pandora’s style has been changing even over the past year. So look out for those this month! :)

In the meantime, read on to see a round-up of all the Pandora news for September!

Pandora Children in Need 2016 Launch

The only new product launching this month (as far as I’m aware) is the second UK-exclusive, limited-edition Pudsey Bear charm, which is due out on the 8th of September. It will be sold in aid of BBC Children in Need, the children’s charity, and retail for £40.


For more details about the charm and the charity, please see my original preview here. <3

In the meantime, a couple of stores accidentally sold the charm early and a few lucky collectors managed to get their hands on one already! Thanks to Sharon and Jamie, we have some truly adorable live shots of the new Pudsey bear:

As you can see, the charm comes with a special Children in Need certificate:

Image by Jamie Leigh Smith
Image by Jamie Leigh Smith

Pandora September Spend & Save Promotion for North America

The other big event of the month is undoubtedly the North American spend and save promotion, which will be running in the US and Canada from the 15th-18th September. This is replacing the usual September bracelet promo – Pandora NA keep experimenting with new promotion events, and it’ll be interesting to see if this one sticks. The free charm promo they tried last year seems to have been abandoned, so perhaps this one will be too.

pandora north america spend and save

I already posted the rules on my Promotions page a little while ago, but just to recap: the promo rules are as follows:-

For the US:

Spend $150 USD and save $50 on your bill; spend $350 USD and save $125 on your bill; spend $550 USD and save $225.

For Canada:

Spend $150 CAD and save $50 on your bill; spend $400 CAD and save $150 CAD on your bill; spend $650 CAD and save $250 CAD on your bill.

Pandora North America October Earring Event

I know that a ton of you were disappointed when the North American earring promo was cancelled earlier this year and replaced with the standard ring promo. However, I come bearing good news today – the earring promo is back on (as of right now) for next month!


The promo has changed a little bit from its original 3-for-2 format – it’s now going to be a free pair of earrings with any $100 USD Pandora purchase, which opens it up a little bit. You don’t just have to get earrings to get your free earrings, which for me personally makes it a bit more interesting!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Live Shots (yes, more of them!)

Next up, we have some extra Autumn 2016 live shots, with some beautifully crisp images of some of the new pieces. I know that the Autumn 2016 collection itself is out already, but personally I love looking through live shots and seeing images of the charms that other people have chosen from the new collection! :) With the spend & save promo coming up, some of these pictures might inspire you..!

One reader in particular asked me to find some live shots of the new Protection murano, which is only available in Europe (as far as I’m aware?). I love how vibrant the blue is in person, something you can really appreciate in these crisp live shots from Sharon and Eloïse:

Thanks to Sharon, we also have some great images of the new bracelets. My favourite of these is the new Pandora Rose heart-clasp bracelet (so, so pretty!):

You can see the new Floating Locket charm in action, with the heart petite that it comes with already swapped out for a different one:

Image by Sharon Parsley
Image by Sharon Parsley

Finally, one of the other pieces that I most adore is the Charming Owls. Look at how pretty the detailing is on those feathers!

If you’re hungry for more, or for live images of the Winter 2016 collection, please check out my AW16 live shots post here!

Pandora Fairytale Fish Update

The Russian-exclusive Fairytale Fish from the Pandora Autumn 2016 caused quite a splash when the first preview images of it came out, with a lot of collectors impressed by its whimsy and cute detailing. :D Unfortunately, this is proving to be a very difficult charm to get, even for people with a lot of connections in the Pandora world!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Russia Exclusive

Things have been further complicated by the fact that many (if not all) Pandora stores in Russia have now decided to sell the Fairytale Fish as part of a bracelet gift set and not on its own. The fish and the regular, plain silver Pandora bracelet are available for 8,000 rubles. For more details and chit chat about the charm itself, please see my original preview here.

Good luck finding one, if you’re looking. :)

Pandora Textured Bracelet Update

In my most recent Autumn 2016 preview, I posted a picture of a mysterious new bracelet, which I’ve coined the ‘textured bracelet’ for now. Despite images of it being included in press packs and a set of campaign images for the Autumn 2016 collection, it didn’t actually get launched in any region for the Autumn release.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

I’ve asked around and information suggests that this gorgeous piece has been pushed back to the Pandora Spring 2017 collection (it feels uber weird to be writing that already!). I’ll let you know if/when I find out more.

My Comment

Of course, I’m excited for both the CIN charm and the North American promo – some careful spending planning is going to be required! I find this year’s Pudsey Bear even cuter than last year’s, and the use of enamel rather than coloured CZ for his bandanna is a choice I very much approve of. I haven’t quite worked out what I want for the spend and save promo; I may well just use the opportunity to get a bunch of the new Autumn charms, including the Charming Owls and maybe one or two of the new Essence beads…! Decisions, decisions!

I am trying my best to get hold of a Fairytale Fish from Russia, but it’s proving more difficult than I thought it would be. Perhaps it’s for the best anyway – what with the spend & save promo running this month, too, I certainly don’t need to add to my wish list! ;)

I haven’t heard anything more yet about a free bracelet promo for the UK, but rumour has it that we can expect one in October sometime. I will update the promos page if I hear anything concrete!

What are you looking forward to this month? Have you got your promo plans sorted?

88 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for September 2016

  1. Mmmm thought I found a way to get the Russian Fairytale Fish, but I’m not going to spend more money on a bracelet I don’t use. I have Trollbeads bracelets since they are competible with more brands.
    Such a shame that the promo’s are as wide spread as the exclusive charms ? Seems I will be missing out on some promo’s as well in Holland. Belgium is luckily shipping to Holland, and Germany is near by, so maybe a trip to a German store, as they don’t ship to Holland…..
    I wish they had the original earring promo though, I love earrings!

    • I know, the bracelet set thing is a bit annoying! But I do always have a use for another bracelet – or I guess you could try taking it back to a Pandora store and explaining how you got it, and see if they will give you an exchange.

      I don’t own any Pandora earrings! I have long hair and I don’t often wear it up, so my ears are often hidden – so it’s not really worth indulging in really expensive earrings for me. ^^

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Well, sadly I don’t have a Russia connection, so I will admire from a far. It would be nice to see it styled on a bracelet with other charms. The Protection Murano is cool that would go lovely with the coffee pot charm. I would love one for my necklace. I think the protection murano will be easier to source.

    For now I am trying to figure out my budget for the spend more save more promo. I have a actually not bought one new fall release charm yet, because I want to wait for this promo. You are right about the decisions, so many choices.

    The Pudsey Bear is a darling promo – I’m a huge fan of the cause. I am sure it will be a huge success.

    I look forward to your next posts!

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! I think I have finally got a line on the fairytale fish (pun fully intended! :P), but it took some doing! ^^ The Protection murano is certainly more easily available.

      Oh that’s exciting! I’ve bought two autumn beads (the origami crane and the fairytale bloom), neither of which have arrived yet. I’m saving most of my picks for the spend & save, and then I’ll be on a Pandora ban (again!) for a little while. I’m excited to hear what you choose! :)

      I’m sure it will be too! I put my order for one in today – hopefully he will arrive here quickly! :D

      Thanks Lisa! Always a pleasure to read your comments. :)

    • Hi Lizzet and Sherry, I’d advise joining one of the Pandora FB selling groups – Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe are good, but not the easiest to get into. :)
      Or, if you’re really desperate, the official eStore for Belgium has them in stock and is willing to ship internationally – for a very high price. It’s 35 euros to ship to North America :( but that is an option, I guess…!

    • Hi lizzet! I am living in france where the protection murano is sold and wish to help! Where do you live? I am looking for the rose heart clasp bracelet. Maybe we could help each other if you want to ;)

  3. Now that the earring promo is going to be structured this way, I will probably do it and get the new Sparkling Elegace earrings because I really like these in photos. I wasn’t planning to do it if it was a “buy 2, get the 3rd free” deal because the prices of the various pairs of earrings I like are too spread out and because I plan to already spend a lot during Spetember’s promo. However, I like the flexibility that this type of promo gives you. Ellie, do you know if Pandora credit card holders get to access the “spend and save” promo two days earlier? I have seen this in a few places, but haven’t been able to get it confirmed.

  4. Hi, the promotion of ‘spend more save more’ in US and Canada, do you know can purchase in online shop? Many thankyou.

    • I would love to know if it is planned for online as well since the last two promos have been but the June leather bracelet promo was not. Thanks in advance for the information?

      • I’m not sure on this unfortunately Stephanie! Usually the big promos (bracelets, free charm) are not available online, so I’d guess this one won’t be either – but idk for sure!

    • Hi! I’m not sure on this one – usually the big promos are just in store only, but maybe keep an eye on the eStore just in case. :)

  5. I loved the free charm promo last year, and I’m looking forward to the Spend More, Save More this year. I prefer these to the free bracelet promotions. They just require planning. Thanks for the round-up, Ellie!

    • Mm, it’s nice to have total flexibility with this promo! I can just hoover up a few of my top autumn charm picks without having to get a bracelet, which is kind of nice.
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  6. I like the spend more, save more promotion concept because it gives shoppers so much flexibility (compared to the bracelet promo). It will be interesting to see how it performs. Although I like the bracelet promo, I can understand Pandora making a change. Like many others, I’m still working through my list!

    • I agree. I wouldn’t want the bracelet promo to go away for good, but this is fun to have alongside it! I’m planning on getting a few of the new autumn beads – the question is, which ones :D

  7. I love the rose bangle bracelet it will really look good with any charm and it’s sturdy, keep up the great work Ms. Mora and God bless you.

  8. Yay, I’m so excited they are bringing back the earring promo!! I really hope they don’t cancel it this time. I’m like you because I need to strategically plan my purchases for the spend more and save promo. I had my eye on that purple pave clasp bracelet but I have only seen it online and not in any of my stores. I hope they get it in the store in time!! Has anyone seen it in the stores yet? It’s weird to me they have the pink and blue but not the purple ?

    • I thought people would be pleased! And I like how they’ve tweaked it, it’s a lot less earring-intensive now haha. It suits people who want all earrings and people who might just want to try one pair out.
      That is weird about the purple bracelet :( but it does sound like they’re having a few supply issues in North America with various items this time around. Hope your store gets it soon :)

    • Hi Jackie,

      Jared Galleria of Jewelry had all three colors today. I’m not sure where you live, but there are lots of Jared stores sprinkled throughout the US.

  9. After seeing the live shot of the protection murano it seems to grow on me. My aunt is travelling to eastern Europe for holiday next month. I already told her to get me the coffee pot from Czech Republic. Perhaps I should ask her for this too.

    • It’s grown on me, too! I think it would be nice just on a plain bangle, or with some other simple silver beads. :D
      Ooh that’s exciting! You will love the coffee pot, it’s one of my favourites <3

      • I’m thinking of moving my 7 travel charms on the existing green leather to a bracelet and will add the coffee pot and protection muranos in it when I got them. Now I don’t know what to do with my green leather!

        • Sounds wonderful – especially as the leathers last a lot longer if you don’t put too many charms on them. You could always just stack your leather along with the main bracelet? :D

        • Thanks. I tired to wear the leather plain, stack with a bangle and bracelet of charms that i remove from the leather. It looks great. :)

  10. I need to save again, to add some more charms to my essence bracelet. It would be nice if we had the bracelet promo again.
    Looking forward to your reviews.

    • Yeah, I hear that the UK will be getting a bracelet promo – either later this month or early October. So hopefully! :)
      Thanks, Sarah! I’ve not received either of my Autumn beads yet, so I think it’ll be the koala next. And then we’ll get stuck into the new collection! ^^

  11. Hi! I l am obsessed with the pandora rose heart clasp bracelet, do you know when it will be released? Is it part of the winter release? As for now on my e-store (french) there is only the simple round clasp Available..
    Thanks for always giving so many news :)

    • Hi Kelly! The new bracelets don’t seem to have made it to all regions yet, including Europe, Australia and Asia. They’ve not been included in the initial launch there, for whatever reason. I don’t think they’ll be coming out this season – it would more likely be next year, I think. Perhaps try and get a friend in North America or the UK to help you out? :)
      You are welcome, thanks for commenting <3

      • Thank you so much for your answer! I am so disappointed that there are so many inequalities between products launch in every country… US and australian people are really lucky! So many events compared to france…
        I really want that bracelet do you know a website where i could bond with someone to help me out getting it?
        Thanks again for your advices :)

        • You’re welcome! You should try joining some of the Facebook groups, such as Pandora’s Angels, Pandora’s Tribe, Pandora Crowned, Pandora Freedom or Pandora Dreams. There are more, too! People are so friendly and wonderful at helping each other out. If you’re really stuck, send me an email (mora0pandora[at]gmail[dot]com) and I can try and advise you further. :)

  12. I wish we could have a spend more save more promo like that here in the UK :-/, we don’t seem to get as much as elsewhere :-(. I certainly don’t want another barrel clasp bracelet, I want a rose heart, starry night and signature two tone, so unless these are included in our long awaited promo in October then I think I’ll only get one plain silver heart clasp :-/. I hope they give us a good promo this time, spend more get a more expensive bracelet free, since we don’t seem to get many :-(.

    • Well, we certainly don’t get as much as the US and Canada… but they’re particularly blessed with promos! We used to get more in the UK. :( I guess it’s popular enough that they don’t need to do so much these days!
      Hopefully the UK bracelet promo will offer a few options other than the basics..!

  13. Hi Ellie i’ll be in south africa Cape Town for holidays 20 nov to 1 dec can you manage to know if there’ll be an promos there that time? Just luv the pandora signature bangle and the pandora rose bangle. Im a fan of bangles and muranos?Cant wait to read your reply. Cheers


    • Hi Christelle! I’m afraid I don’t have any South African contacts, so I don’t have any idea as to future promos there – sorry! But I do hope you have a nice time when you’re there!
      The Pandora Rose bangle is a beauty! And so is the new heart clasp bracelet. I love the Rose collection! <3

  14. :-) Hi Ellie,

    I’m all for the rose gold and have just ordered a silver bangle with rose gold clasp.
    After my Pandora Disney Parks shopping adventure was such a sad experience, I can spend my money on other things now.

    Have a very HAPPY day :-)

    • Hi Claudia!

      Oh, lovely choice. The Rose bangle is a beauty :D I just read your Disney Parks blog, how disappointing. Surely they must know that people come from all over the world and get so excited to be able to purchase something in the parks – I know it’s their day job, but it’s a shame nevertheless.

      Hope your bangle makes up for it! <3 Have a lovely evening!

  15. Having seen photos online of the Russian fish on bracelets, its looks like quite a large charm. Sadly, dont think many of us will see it in person.
    On the other hand, the children in need bear charm (which is super cute) looks quite small in these photos. Thanks for your monthly updates,I always enjoy reading them.

    • I’m hoping that I will be able to get one – and if I do, I will certainly review it! :) It’s very cute. I also have a Pudsey Bear on its way to me, so I’ll be able to give feedback on that very soon!
      That’s so nice to hear, Lozzie – thank you! I do always appreciate your comments, too :)

  16. Hi Ellie great post all the new bracelets are so pretty. The blue murano with the eyes on is so beautiful I wasn’t expecting to like it but I do. I’m really hoping for a uk promo soon there issomuch I like lol. The us earing promo sounds interesting I have no pa Dora earing. The spend and save sounds interesting too.

    • I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to – it’s pretty much the same structurally as the threadless bracelet.

  17. Hello
    I just saw a Disney Blogg that showed the new Food and Wine Chef Mickey Dangle charm that will be available at Epcot! Any news on other charms available this fall at Disney World?

    • Hi! Yes, I saw that too – I do have some info on other charms, which I’ll post soon. There’s not as much info out there about them as I would like though.

      • It’s on the shopping app. They have the Alani charm, Disneyland Mickey, Disneyland mouse hat in blue crystals, someone’s crown, Disney believe, Disney Dream, Chef Mickey from last years food and wine festival, and a Mimnie charm. If you buy 3, you get 25percent off, if 2, you get 15 percent!!!!???

  18. Hi Ellie, thanks as always for your posts! I’ll most likely get the Heart of Freedom during the US promo sale.

    I just wanted to ask… I’m not sure if my eyes are playing games with me but I can’t seem to find the new Starry Sky clasp bracelet on the US Pandora site…? I’m toying with the idea of getting it during the upcoming promo, but I’m wondering where it is online. Sooo sorry if I’m missing something here :(

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend! :)

    • Hi Kris,

      You might try Jared Galleria of Jewelry. My store had them today. Don’t know where you’re located, but they have a lot of stores in US. Lots of nice perks shopping there for Pandora!

      • Hi Emily,

        Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t have a Jared’s store near me (just Pandora and Bloomingdale’s), but that’s good to know. I just wish Pandora wouldn’t split its stock among different stores…it just gets confusing. :/

    • Hi Kris, sorry for the delay in reply! Missed this one. Heart of Freedom is a beautiful choice, and I almost got one myself.

      I’m not sure what’s going on with the Starry Sky bracelet. Normally when items retire or get discontinued, they don’t just ‘vanish’ – I imagine that it’s been discontinued but that it’s been wiped off the website entirely by mistake.

      Have a great weekend, too, and sorry for missing your comment!

      • Hi Ellie,

        No worries on the belated reply. Per Emily, I looked up the Starry Sky bracelet on the Jared website and found them there. I guess it’s an exclusive item, which is pretty annoying. :( I suppose online ordering is an option, but I’d like to see it in person first. Sigh.

        Thanks again for your response!

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