Happy new year everyone! :D Today’s post kicks off the new year with my monthly news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for January 2017; included this time around are some updates and beautiful campaign imagery for the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 collection, some updates on the Pandora CNY 2017 charm and a round-up of promotions & sales!

I can’t believe that we’re at the start of another year – 2016 has been an exciting one for the blog, moving from wordpress.com to its very own hosting and seeing a complete layout overhaul at the start of the year. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading and chatting Pandora as much as I have, and that you continue to over the next year, too. :D

Going forward this month, there will be more previews and reviews, of course – you all seemed enthusiastic about the idea of mini catch-up reviews while we’re waiting for the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection, so I’ll be trying to run through as many as I can of those too! ^^ I’ve got some comments to reply to on my previous post, which I’ll get to tomorrow – it’s been a busy couple of days, although all for nice reasons!

Pandora Valentine’s 2017 Launch & Campaign Images

The most exciting event of the month is undoubtedly the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 collection, which is scheduled to go live in most countries on the 12th of January. 

Pandora Valentine's 2017

I’ll be posting an updated preview very shortly, with various pricings and lots of lovely HQ images, but in the meantime, I have a number of sweet campaign images to share with you to whet your appetite for the collection!

The deep cerise shades look gorgeous, and should match a number of charms from last year’s collection, such as the Wild Hearts murano. I also rather like the look of the Valentine’s 2017 petites, although I’ve not invested yet in a floating locket necklace.

And, finally, my personal favourite of the campaign images, if purely for the Lace Bow Heart’s delicate pastels:

Pandora North American Valentine’s 2017 Gift Sets 

As usual, there are a couple of gift sets coming out with the Valentine’s 2017 collection for North America! The first is the Open Hearts bracelet gift set, which will retail for $195 USD or $225 CAD:

There’s also the Loving Hearts of Pandora gift set, which will retail for $125 USD or $150 CAD:

Thanks to Pandora Valley, we have a great snapshot of the accompanying boxes for this set! The boxes are in a red leatherette finish, with a heart shaped box for the bracelet gift set and a regular square box for both the necklace gift set and the limited edition charm!

Image by Pandora Valley – please do not reproduce without credit

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Charm

For me, the new release I’m most looking forward to is the Lion Dance charm, Pandora’s latest Asian-themed offering in celebration of Chinese New Year 2017! This charm should be launching in multiple territories, including Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK. :D

pandora chinese new year 2017

This charm appears to have launched today in China, and there appears to be some kind of competition, although I can’t actually translate the text accompanying the banner on the eStore!

However, in most countries, it’s scheduled for release with the Valentine’s collection on the 12th of January.

It doesn’t appear to be getting a release in North America, but certain stores in the US will be getting their own exclusive Unforgettable Moments CNY 2017 pendant instead.

Pandora Promotions & Sales

  • Pandora’s official sales continue in a number of regions into January, including for the UK, Australia & New Zealand, and various Asian countries
  • This is also the last day in which to indulge in Pandora NA’s free jewellery event: spend $100 USD and receive a free jewellery item of up to $75 USD in value (the free item cannot be a Pandora Disney piece)
  • ring promo is scheduled for Pandora North America this month, according to my sources, but I’ve not had confirmation on dates or spends yet

In Singapore, there are some in-store special bracelet bundles featuring retiring or limited edition charms at special prices – these are available for a limited time only, and a full list of the sets on offer is available at the Pandora Singapore Facebook page.

My personal pick of these is this one, which allows you to get the limited edition Mother’s Day 2016 bangle along with the beautiful Petals of Love openwork from the 2016 Valentine’s Day collection!

My Comment

The launch of the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection is something I’m very much looking forward to, although I don’t have too many must-haves from it. I’ll definitely be getting the new pavé heart clasp bracelet for my new CNY silver bracelet design, and also the Cerise Hearts murano, which will finish off an existing travel design. :D The other bead I’m considering is the Lace Bow Heart, which is beautiful! It’ll be great to see all the pieces in person, and to see whether anything else jumps out at me!

The other must-have for me is the CNY 2017 Lion Dance bead, which is just to die for, IMO, and I’m sure it’ll be the highlight of my month!

In terms of the past month or so, I’ve bought way too much and so I’ll try and keep my Valentine’s spending to a minimum! ;) The only consolation to my bank balance (if not to me) is that I had bought three things from the Argento UK sale, but unfortunately they had a stock glitch and have since refunded me :'( Consequently, my sole purchase from the UK sales is this very pretty Teal Lattice murano, which I’ve put near my turquoise December bloom charm:

My collection has grown extraordinarily in the past year or so, but that also hasn’t stopped me taking part in the US jewellery event promo and getting a new bracelet as my free item! It’s useless fighting it, haha.

my latest promo haul!

Have you been sale or promo shopping? What are you looking forward to the most this month?

71 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for January 2017

  1. Hi Ellie, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

    Great round up piece! I took advantage of the NA promo – I purchased the Starry Night clasp bracelet and wool mittens dangle that enabled me to get the glittering daisy clasp for free! Yesterday I styled a Winter Song design and a Spring Fling Flowers design – while I am trying to embrace winter, I am pulling for an early Spring.
    Last night my husband and I stood outside in subzero temps for a free NYE concert – thus my inspiration for my Winter Song theme. I am looking forward to the cerise murano but I haven’t had time to consider the rest of the collection, I think I will need to check the pieces out in person.

    I have to ask is the oxidized bracelet part of your latest promo haul? It looks so dark.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Happy new year to you too! :D ???? You picked such nice pieces! I love the Wool Mittens dangle so much – I remember being so excited to get it before the Winter 2013 collection came out. It’s a favourite of mine! Love the names of your bracelets, too, and I’m sure they’re as nice in person. ^^

      Yes, the oxidised bracelet is my free jewellery item. :) They often get lighter the more you wear them, they’re nice and dark when new.

      Hope you enjoyed your concert! and thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Happy New Year Ellie! I have a healthy wishlist from the Valentine’s Day collection, so I only indulged in the “free jewelry item” promo one time haha. I got three Droplet rings–in Ruby, London Blue, and Pave–and the Snowflake Heart as my free item. I guess I should have waited until the upcoming ring promo to get these, but I wanted to save my money for the Valentine’s Day collection haha. On my list are the Cerise Heart Glass Murano, the Lace Heart, the Dainty Bow Bangle (I can’t wait to see a live shot of this one), the Love Feelings Petites, and the Open Your Heart Clip in pink (I have wanted the clear pave version for a while. but I love the pink one). I have no idea what I am going to do with all of these because my Valentine’s Day bracelet is full, but I’ll think of something haha. I also like the look of the Encased in Love charm and of course the heart box, but I don’t need the bracelet and clips. The Forever Hearts Ring looks nice in the live image as well. I’m glad you were able to check off some of your wishlist items through the sale and promo. I also got the Sparkling Leaves charm recently (from Rue La La).

    • Happy new year Joanne! ? Oh good, I’m glad to hear there’s a lot you want. :) I am somewhat relieved to only have one or two things on my wish list as I am still being terribly indulgent when it comes to retired pieces, haha. I also like the Heart Glass murano and the Lace Heart very much, and the Dainty Bow bangle would also be very tempting if I didn’t have so many bracelets already on my wish list!
      Aha, we always think of ways to incorporate the new charms we want – I want two more new bracelets along with the oxidised bracelet pictured above to accommodate new designs I want to do for this year! I have way too much already, but new designs just pop into my head ?

  3. Hi Ellie love your sale goodies, I’m excited about the new launch I love seeing everything in person. Of course I have been sale shopping I have ordered a few pieces from beadazzle and I may order from swag uk they have a few pieces what I like.

    • Hi Nicola, thanks! :D I was pretty disappointed by my Argento letdown, but thankfully with all my purchases considered I haven’t done too badly, haha. Glad to hear you got some new things too!

  4. Hi Ellie! My collection has grown quite a bit in the past year as well. My suede Pandora box is almost out of room. What do you do for storage, and is it scaling with your collection’s growth?

    Just in the past month (starting with Black Friday) I have gotten 9 charms and a new bracelet. Loving all of the sales.
    Black Friday: Red Adornment, Vintage Night Sky button-style charm, Poinsettia as GWP in lieu of bangle
    Christmas: Splish splash fish, Remarkable rabbit, two off brand charms (soufeel/chamilia)
    $100 promo: New two tone cz bracelet, March birthstone heart
    Anniversary: You & Me Forever dangle

    I’m not planning on getting any of the Valentine’s Day collection. (Famous last words)

    • Hi Lizzy! Glad to hear it! ^^ I use a Stackers jewellery box for mine, which allows you to add layers as and when you need them. It’s getting a bit tall now though lol, and I don’t think I’d want to add another layer (I have four), but I’ve still got a few spaces left for the new bracelets I want to get.

      Wow, you got some lovely things! I don’t think I should add up my totals for the past month or so as it would probably shock me, what with all my Rue La La indulgences haha. The Poinsettia was a great GWP, I’d have probably been tempted by that! <3 And the new bracelet was also a great buy!

      Aha, I have many times decided that I'm not getting anything from various collections... only to fall abruptly off the wagon as soon as I see it all in store. ;) I think I'm only getting two pieces from the Valentine's launch myself, but we'll see!

      • Hi Ellie, my husband found me a new box that is similar to the stackers compartments but is drawers. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004RB95O0/ I will take some pictures when it comes in! I wish the stackers charm box were bigger and had a place for straight bracelets. I wish the stackers regular box was just charm storage and not all of the other compartments like a ring roll that I won’t use.

  5. Happy New Year Ms. Mora and I hope that you are having a ball with the PANDORA jewelry for 2017, just to start things off, I really love the Snowflake bangle since I bought it for Christmas and now I’m looking forward to getting the lace heart charm to add towards the PANDORA Collection. So, keep up the good work and have a blessed 2017!

    • And to you Karen! :) I have lots of sale items on their way to me from the US, so I certainly have got my Pandora collection off to a good start for 2017, haha. Thanks for commenting and reading, and I hope you have a great year too!

  6. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for a great preview! I really liked the look of the Lace Bow Heart in the stock image but the colour seems different in the style image, a bit more pink than beige. It wok be interesting to see live shots.
    Also, it would have been great if the gift with purchase jewellery box with the bracelet set was the same cerise pink as the charm.
    I resisted the rue la la sales but bought a few bits from the uk sales and sale in Germany. I should have on there way: a two tone bouquet safety chain, cherry blossom stacking ring, lavender flowers charm, vintage lace charm, blue butterfly kisses muranos, old turtle, two tone night sky, pink enamel butterflies charm, floating butterflies charm, floral padlock, mystic floral and pearl ring, honeysuckle pink leather and light blue leather plus my first Pandora rose, openwork hearts charm! Oh dear it looks like a lot when it’s written down doesn’t it?! I will be busy writing reviews and taking photos when they arrive!
    I love your Tinkerbell charm! It would be nice to see some more tinkerbell designs.
    Thanks again x

    • Hi Hazel! I would prefer it to be pink, or kind of peachy at least – as I don’t think I’d do a beige bracelet aha. But it’ll be interesting to see what it looks like in reality! I’d have preferred a pink jewellery box as well, but at least I won’t get tempted into any inappropriate pink spending by this jewellery box aha ? I wonder if the gift bag will be red as well, then…!
      Oh my gosh that is a haul and a half! Although I just started totting up what I have bought and it’s not exactly small either. I could never get through reviews of it all aha – I’m just going to stick to newer releases for now, but I might do a retired haul round-up post or something like that. The older beads certainly need some love, too!

      We are getting more Tinkerbell charms according to my sources! ;) I really like the sound of them too :) x

      • Do you have any more info on what kind of Beauty and the Beast charms are upcoming? I just saw some beautiful B&B Camilia charms that are being released soon, but I have never crossed brands before!

        • I hear that the enchanted rose and Mrs Potts will be making an appearance, but not heard of anything else yet! The Chamilia charms are so much fun!

  7. The banner in China says that it’s limited edition and only 3188 dancing lions are release. Not sure if it applies world wide or China only.

  8. Happy New Year, Ellie! There isn’t much left (that I really want) for me to buy from the previous releases. Now I’m looking forward to the Spring collection, since I’m not wild about hearts and I can’t get the Dancing Lion here. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Spring release that I like. In the meantime, I am chasing Trollbeads ambers and watching for your Spring preview. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts during 2016!

    • Happy new year Angie! Oh I’m envious, haha. I’ve still got a little list left to get of items that are retiring or retired, and I’m hoping some more of the most recent US retirement list will end up on Rue – the Up & Away is one I’d love to get, but I missed it in the UK sales unfortunately!

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Spring, too. Disney should be good from what I hear! Thank you for reading and commenting, I’m so pleased that you’ve been enjoying the blog :D

  9. World pre launch Lion Dance has 3188 limited edition. 3188 is lucky number in Chinese, 3 = life, 8 = prospersity

  10. Just check Pandora.net, Lion Dance 3188 limited edition is only limited one to each customer, your name will added to lucky draw 14k barrel Moment silver bracelet. Not available in Hong Kong.

    • I really appreciate the translation Michele! As the text was on a picture, I couldn’t use Google translate! ?

  11. :-) The Valentine’s collection looks quite nice and I’m sure I might get myself something.
    The red box is quite an eye catcher.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Ellie xo :-)

    • Oh you should! ;) There are a couple of pieces that I know I’ll get, but hopefully I’ll just stick to those. The red box is pretty but not quite my cup of tea, so hopefully I won’t be sucked in by any GWPs and tempted into spending more than I should aha.
      Happy new year to you too Claudia! <3 xx

  12. Happy new year! So I kinda have a styling problem. I’m fairly new to Pandora so my first few purchases, I bought whatever charms I liked without having thought of a theme yet. Big mistake! Now I’ve settled on a starry night theme, and I have a bunch of random charms with different colors that don’t really fit well together. :( for the north America boxing day promotion, a lot of the celestial charms were sold out so I wasnt able to get too many charms. I had a few others in mind too but found that they were discontinued. How long is it before Pandora retire their charms on average? The happily every after charm which was one of the ones I wanted, appears in the catalog I picked up in June but apparently it’s already discontinued!

    • Don’t worry about your starry night theme. I’m still very young to Pandora ( I’m not still 1 year old, so a baby ;)), but starry night/celestial charms seem to be a classic at Christmas. I think you’ll always find new pieces to complete it.

      • Thanks Marie! I’m less than one year old as a Pandora customer too! I’ve only been buying things during promos so hopefully their next promo will see some of the celestial charms back in Stock.

    • Hi SD,

      I think that buying charms you like is a good thing, the original Pandora moments bracelet was about creating your own story. Sometimes I use similar coloured or two of the same coloured Murano beads along with some spacers to tie together my bracelet.

      Lisa K

    • Hi, don’t worry about it, I started in Pandora in the same way you did: with my favorite things. That kind of bracelet is very personal and that makes it perfect, with time you’re going to buy new charms for different styles. I started with a pink leather bracelet with one butterfly, an owl , the pet heart and a pink pave light, as you can see they are very different, but they worked for me. :) so I’m sure your bracelet looks beautiful!!

      • I did the same Priscilla! My first bracelet is a lovely mash-up of different green and purple, and beads that simply caught my eye at the time. I don’t wear it so often now, but it always come out when I’m feeling sad or anxious, as it reminds me of all the special moments associated with that first bracelet and helps to cheer me up! ^^ My OH got me a lot of the beads for it and it’s really rather special!

        • Oh that’s nice Ellie, The first bracelet it’s always special and very meaningful… and in your case more because of the sweetness of your husband <3

    • Happy new year! :D I see that you’ve already had some excellent advice regarding your bracelet, but I’ll also give you my two cents regarding retirements. Retirements used to be mainly focused on much older designs and beads, and it was reasonably unusual for a newer bead to end up being axed. This has changed over the past year or so, and even the newest designs that don’t sell well are liable to get retired within months. The Happily Ever After charm was released in 2013 and was much loved by many collectors, but I guess it just doesn’t sell as well as the more generic decorative beads – or Pandora want to change the kind of bead they sell. :( It’s a shame!
      The starrier beads seem to be popular, and less likely to be retired abruptly – and, as Marie says, they usually release new ones every winter in that same deep blue or icy colour scheme, so you shouldn’t have too many problems with that design. Keep an eye on Rue La La as well to see if any discontinued designs come up there! :)

      • Thanks for the reply Ellie! Rue La la is American right? Unfortunately I’m in Canada so I can’t take advantage of their sales. :(
        P.S. can’t wait to see your CNY and travel themed bracelets!

  13. Hi Ellie
    I wish you a very happy new year full of joy and love :-)
    Thanks for all the review and the hard work for give us all these infos and pictures. I am always impatient to read them.
    My pandora collection has grow up a lot this year. I never take resolutions, but if I did, I think it will be to be more reasonable regarding my spendings on Pandora ;-) But I am afraid to not be able to resist :-)
    Anyway I think my wishlist for Valentine Collection will be very light but who could said. Nothing is really appeal to me…too much heart ;-)….. But maybe i’ll change my mind when I will see the new charms in person ;-)
    For now I am just curious to see the birthstone earings and pendants you talked about in a previous post.
    Have a great day

    • Hi Valerie! Wishing you a very happy new year also <3 so pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the blog. It is hard work but very rewarding :)
      Aha, that is a very obvious resolution to make, but it didn't even occur to me to try and limit my Pandora spending when I was making my new year's resolutions. It's just not on my radar, haha. I think you are probably sensible not to try ;) The birthstone pendants and earrings do look lovely, but I don't have anywhere to put them in my collection - the nice thing about the two I have picked out is that they're relatively versatile and can fit with two designs that aren't at all Valentine's-y. The first is the sparkling heart clasp bracelet for my CNY Asian red design, and the second is the cerise hearts murano for my travel theme, which has just one heart charm on it I think!
      Have a lovely day and thank you for commenting! <3

  14. Happy belated New Year. It seems imposible to comment from the train so I’ll try to be brief.
    I’m still waiting for my Pandora beauties, as we’ve been holidaying in southern Spain and decided to skip Christmas presents and make them only on The Wise Men’s Day. So our things are still waiting patiently to be worn!. I went for blues and I got the jewellery box I wanted but everything is carefully wrapped at home and will remain there for the next 4 days ?
    From the Valentine’s collection nothing really appeals to me althou I think that the cerises may match other pieces and the heart with a bow and the pink cz clips are just gorgeous!!!
    However I think I’ll ask for more blues for my birthday, or sth to go with my new design!
    Well, the train is rattling badly and I’m writin on my mobile phone. Additionally I’m a bit sleepy and my English is quite “rusty” at the moment, so I hope you can understand at least a little bit of this comment.
    Thanks for your dedication!

    • Happy new year to you too Marie! Aw, at least all the excitement of Christmas isn’t over for you yet! Sounds like a beautiful haul that you have waiting for you. The blues are so striking in person. I love the Valentine’s cerise as well, but I have so many pink designs that I really shouldn’t start a whole new bracelet to accommodate them! Which is why I’m trying to slot the cerise hearts murano in an exciting design, in which I think it should work well. :) Hope you enjoy opening all your goodies! <3

      Haha, I used to try and reply to comments on the train as well and had to give it up for the same reasons as you! So many typos, or the signal would drop just as I hit 'send'! So thanks for taking the time to write one yourself, despite being on a train ?

  15. Looking forward to your upcoming reviews.
    Hope we get to see more previews of the Spring, Disney and Essence collections soon.
    i don’t think I’ll be buying any charms from the valentines collection, there aren’t really any standing out for me. I might get the bracelet at a later date and there is a ring I would like to see in store. I’m saving my money for the Spring collections, as these are always my favourite.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I think I’ve plotted out which I’m doing next now, haha. I’m hoping for more previews soon!
      That’s very good of you, haha! I’m sticking to the two I mentioned above (bracelet and cerise murano), as I have a definite use for them, but I do like the look of the Lace Bow Heart. So we’ll see..!

  16. Happy New Year Ellie.
    I’m happy to report that I’m not tempted by the Valentine’s collection (phew) but I will need to check out the murano. Hopefully I will not be attempted by other pieces (e.g. the bracelet) when I see the collection in real life.
    The CNY 2017 charm is, however, to die for and I will need to get my hands on one of those. Hopefully it will come to Belgium (my retailer doubts it though) and if not, even the UK would be an option for me. Should this charm come to Europe or the UK, would it be most likely to be launched with the Spring/Summer collection or thereabouts?
    Keep up the good work in 2017, I don’t know what we would do without you;-)

    • Happy new year Brenda! <3 I'm in the same boat as you. I hope I won't be tempted by other pieces when I go to the store - it's always dangerous, haha.
      Aw, I'm surprised that Belgium won't be getting it - normally European countries are pretty good about opting into these sorts of releases. If it were coming to Europe, I would expect it to be launched with the Valentine's collection, although the CNY beads do sometimes to crop up with the spring launch.

      Aha, thank you, too, for reading and taking the time to comment! <3 P.S. I have an email from you that I am very much looking forward to replying to (along with a few others from other readers!) - it's just been a hugely busy time and I've not had the time to sit down and go through my inbox. It will be soon - this weekend. :)

      • I’m tempten to tell you which charms I was referring to but I will let you guess! I ordered the one available in Belgium, on Friday. I’ve just returned from my retailer after having picked it up and my bank account is several hundred euros lighter!

  17. Grrh! I should have re-read my text before hitting the send button. When I meant was …”Hopefully I will not be TEMPTED by other pieces”, as opposed to attempted. Sorry about this.

  18. Happy New Year! I just wanted to let you know that the Disney store has a few charms on sale at a big discount, Jasmine’s tiara is one along with all the ones left over from Disneyland’s Diamond anniversary and the Chef Mickey charm. There are also a couple of other Mickey charms.

    • Happy new year, Stephanie! Thanks so much for the heads-up on the Disney charms. I had a little look but thankfully nothing I have to have ? I would love that floral epcot bead to go on sale at some point. I love it but it’s so pricey!

  19. I was tempted by the Christmas sales and gave in! I got the honeysuckle pink leather bracelet and the white primrose ring from Swag, they arrived quickly and I am very happy with them, such good prices as well! I have the white primrose dangle charm and I think it looks nice on the bracelet with the matching ring on the same hand. I didn’t buy them thinking I would wear them together but they looked nice together when I saw them in person, as a summery look. I was surprised that there seemed far more in the sales on official online stockists websites than on the Pandora e-store itself – the summer leather bracelets weren’t in the sale on the e-store. I should start saving again now for the Valentine’s Day release! I love both the darkee and paler pink charms!

    • Ah, I’m very glad to hear it! ;) Swag had a pretty good selection compared to other retailers this time. The LE leathers were a great buy! The eStore did have a few interesting pieces (including the Up & Away charm for £15, which I hesitated on and then missed out on!) but they sold out very quickly. Swag seemed to have more of the charms they did have and their offering is still pretty good!
      I need to save for Valentine’s as well! ^^ I’ve spent way too much on retired beads, but I can’t bring myself to regret any of them aha.

  20. Hello Ellie, as I said in another comment, I want some charms of this collection, I agree with you about the pastel pink design, it’s amazing! I think that the soft pink Glittering heart would match perfect in it. I have to confess that I wasn’t attracted to the pink pave heart clips, but after look that image they are a must have ;) (too bad for my budget). I’m in love with the CNY charm, but It is a very limited edition, so I’m afraid about the little possibility of get it. I’m a little disappointed of the Valentine Gift Set, I would prefer that it comes with the new bracelet, because I had the pave heart clasp and I don’t want another, but I really want the heart box… decisions, decisions… :/ Thanks for the news!! Bye!

    • Hi Priscilla! Ooh that’s a great idea – putting the Lace Bow Heart with the Glittering Heart. I wanted that one from last year’s collection but couldn’t find a place for it in the end. Maybe I could get those two for a mini styling on a bangle!
      The CNY charm isn’t too limited edition in other countries, I don’t think – I think that that just applies to China. It’s being launched in multiple countries, so I think they’d have to make more than that! I hope you find one, it’s so cute and one of my favourite beads they’ve done over the past couple of years. Hopefully he’ll be as cute in person! :)
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  21. Like you, from the Valentine’s collection I’m most interested in seeing the cerise heart murano. I’m hoping it matches last year’s In Your Heart enamel heart bead, but I think it probably won’t. I’m also interested in seeing the Lace Bow Heart and Encased in Love beads.

    Your blog in 2016 was great! So many previews, promo news, and reviews. Thanks for the time and effort you put into the blog. Other readers and I certainly appreciate it and we’re looking forward to your blog updates in 2017. (And hoping for less pave and a return to more classic Pandora styles!)

    • Mm, that would be a really nice combo! The In Your Heart matches the Wild Hearts murano pretty perfectly, so if all three of those beads matched, it would make for a rather stunning design I think!

      Thank you so much Judy – that’s so lovely to hear! ? Thank you too for taking the time to read along and comment. I’m always keeping my fingers crossed for more classic style Pandora, too, so hopefully they’ll throw in at least a few options for us dedicated collectors!

  22. Hi Ellie, I went all out for the US sale spending about $600 but getting $450 towards free jewlery could not be passed up! I scored some wonderful pieces from the daisy signet mother of pearl ring, to the panodra signature ring, necklace, and new signature bangle, the new signature bracelet with 14kt gold that I only had to pay the difference of $25 up charge. I got two other rings and 4 charms. I’ve spent most of my time and money hunting retired pieces and building a two tone bracelet. I was so much fun buying new items. One store even gave us a leather travel jewlery box that they had left over from a limited edition sale! I’m addicted but I think I’ll skip The Valentines Day sale! I love your blog and look forward to reading your post!

    • Hi! :D Oh wow, you certainly put that to good use! What an amazing haul – that was an excellent way of ringing in the new year haha, and a great set up for your collection going forward. I’ve also been on the retired charm hunt. Pandora has retired so much and not put out as many unique designs, so I think it’s inevitable that there are a lot of us crawling the sales and the preloved pages. :) But I’ll be back to buying new once the Valentine’s launch hits too! <3
      Thank you so much, I hope you continue to enjoy! Have fun playing with and arranging all your new goodies, you got some lovely things!

  23. Awesome round-up Ellie! If not for you, I would have missed out on the “Family Forever” bangle set. Managed to get hold of it yesterday after reading your post and I just love the heart-shaped clasp of the bangle. I missed out on this when it was launched and so happy to add this to my collection of LE bangles. Thank you! The Essence Friendship bead, olive green spacers and lavender daisy also came home with me. These items were part of Winter Sale and at 50% or 40% off. The new cerise tones from the Valentine’s day collection caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing them in person and hoping for more deals soon. : )

    • I’m so glad to hear that Ariane! I’ve seen them do that bundle promotion before on various retiring beads, and I think it’s a really fun way of selling off some of the older LE pieces. :D You got some other very cute pieces, too. I was quite tempted by the lavender daisy as well, but I really don’t have anywhere to put it!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • I have the lavender fluttering butterflies charm and it was looking rather lonely by itself. Well, not anymore with the lavender daisy. I now pair them with the openwork leaves charm and wear the trio on my purple leather bracelet or a necklace. The sparkling ladybird charm was included in the sale and I was so tempted to get it but I honestly don’t know where to style it so I did not buy it in the end.

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