It’s an exciting day for Pandora collectors all over the world, as today marks the launch of Pandora’s first new collection for 2017 with the release of the Pandora Valentine’s and Chinese New Year charms and jewellery! There are all the usual traditional hearts and pinks, but also some beautiful new birthstone jewellery to enjoy, too. I’ve rounded up some lovely live shots of all the beads and the accompanying gift boxes and bags, too!

This post is a little later than usual due to various unforeseen circumstances that prevented me from putting it together last night – but, it’s here now! ^^ I also want to apologise for the delay in replying to comments on my previous post; it’s just been one of those nightmare weeks where you don’t get anywhere near as much done as you’re supposed to! I will hopefully get to them today.

One final PSA – the blog technical issues continue, although I’m working towards solving them. So, if you do see error pages on the blog, please be patient and bear with me – just remember that there’s probably a very stressed Ellie on the other end of any funny behaviour you see on the blog! ;)

Anyway – on to the pretty pictures – and there are lots of them! <3

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 Live Shots

The Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection offers some pretty deep cerise shades, a whole range of new birthstone jewellery additions and a couple of cute new Pandora Disney Mickey & Mouse beads. For live shots and an HQ preview, please have a mosey through the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 tag!

As usual, Pandora retailers and shoppers have been uploading pictures of all the new Valentine’s goodies to social media and I’ve rounded up some of my favourite shots here! I won’t be seeing the new collection for myself until Saturday, but looking at these will tide me over for the next couple of days. ^^ My favourite remains the new Cerise Hearts murano!

I love this shot, which shows off all the new jewellery beautifully. The Lace Bow Heart looks nice!

Image by joyscloset_by_eilene

The limited edition gift packaging is available from today in the UK as well, although you’ll have to double check with your store as to whether they have any left or not, as apparently stocks were quite limited!

We have this gorgeous shot of the bag itself and the accompanying pink ribbon thanks to Sharon Williams – please do not reproduce this image with crediting her! :)

pandora gift packaging sharon williams
Image by Sharon Williams

Pandora Valentine’s 2017 Gift Box Promotion Begins Today for the UK

A nice surprise was the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 jewellery box GWP for the UK, as well. It’s available with spends of £125 or over!

Pandora Derby posted this absolutely gorgeous image of it, too:

I will have to think about how I can best my plan spending to hit that £125 mark…! According to Sharon Williams (who posted the gorgeous gift bag pic above), this box is a little smaller than previous versions but very pretty nevertheless!

In North America, this is available with the Valentine’s 2017 bracelet gift set, while in Australia and New Zealand it will be available as a GWP starting from the 2nd of February.

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Charms Debut

The Pandora CNY 2017 Lion Dance has been extremely popular amongst Pandora collectors, but unfortunately it hasn’t made it out today in North America. It also appears that this will not be launching in the UK – for now, at least.

The other CNY 2017 Pandora charm I previewed was a US exclusive dangle; we have this gorgeous live shot of it thanks to social media!

Image by Pandora Marketmall – please do not reproduce without credit

My Comment

I made some grand sweeping statements in my last post about being more particular about what I add to my Pandora collection this year, but these live shots are already testing my willpower aha! I like the look of the Latin Love Heart bead and the Lace Bow Heart from these live shots, but I’ll try and stick to my prescribed purchases of the Sparkling Heart bracelet and Cerise Hearts murano. I’ll have to try and brainstorm what else might make up that £125 spend…!

What are you buying from this collection?

52 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day and CNY 2017 Collections Debut

  1. Hi Ellie!
    Pandora is back on rue la la TODAY – 70% off!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY :)
    Have a wonderful year!
    Your big fan – Kinga

    • I’m in the US and couldn’t find Pandora on Rue La La. Maybe it’s just not up yet.

      Ellie, I’m with you and want the Lace Heart charm. I have a heart bracelet and it will be perfect. Od course I’d get them all if I could!!

      Thanks for all of your info and preview shots! I hope that your day is getting better.

      • I saw the Lace Heart in person yesterday Elizabeth, and it is gorgeous! Unfortunately I don’t have any existing bracelets that it would suit, and I’m trying to stick to my new year’s resolution to be more selective about my purchases. ^^ I hope it makes it home with you though!

    • Are Pandora charms on Rue La La authentic? As I read a couple posts online that some people didn’t get authentic Pandora charms with their order?

      • Just jumping in to say that yes, they are 100% authentic and they’re actually listed as an authorised retailer on the US – not sure where all this stuff about them being fake comes from!

    • Hi, thanks very much for the heads up ? I will be checking that out! There are a couple of things I hope they have :)
      Have a wonderful year too! ?

  2. Hi Ellie, thanks for all the new posts! Some lovely things already but it’s just the birthstone jewellery for me so far. Unfortunately it seems that only the first few months have been released for the pendants so far, although all the earrings seem to be there. I hope they are just delayed and Pandora won’t slowly release them a couple at a time throughout the year, I’ll have a long wait! Looking forward to seeing all of these in person soon and hopefully adding to my wish list from future previews for spring and perhaps Disney, Tigger might prompt my first Disney addition this year! :)

    • Hi Jennifer! Oh, that’s weird about the birthstone jewellery. I hadn’t noticed that! Perhaps they’re going to stagger them through the year as you say, although I can’t really see the point of doing that! I saw it all in person this weekend and thought how pretty it all looked as a cohesive collection, even if I’m not indulging in much of it. The cerise is a very vibrant shade!

  3. Hi. I started collecting last year and as a “reminder” I put a charm with a year on it (like the club charm) to remind me what year I built the bracelet. As of writing the CNY 2017 dangle charm is already out of stock online here in NA. Need to check the store this weekend…Thanks for all your lovely posts ?

    • Hi! Aw, that’s a lovely idea. The dated charms are perfect for that kind of thing :) unfortunately they didn’t do any that are dated 2012, which is when I started with Pandora haha. The Black Friday bead for that year unfortunately didn’t have one and there were no Club charms back then! Hope you enjoyed checking out all the new beads this weekend :)

  4. Hi Ellie! Sorry you are having infrastructure issues… I know how frustrating that can be. It was also frustrating for us here in Scottsdale for a couple of days because we couldn’t get to you! Went to Pandora store today, and was SOO disappointed. They hadn’t received any of the Valentines charms yet. My credit card was happy. I am thinking encased in love, the new one with the pink enamel heart in the center, and the pink pave clips. And the new bracelet. And the ribbon of love. And so on… My credit card will then be disappointed. HaHa.

    • Hi Deborah! Thanks, it is so frustrating, especially when I don’t have the techy knowledge to pinpoint what’s up. One day it works, the next it doesn’t! :( This is also a very busy time for me due to one reason or another so I don’t have time to diagnose until next weekend unfortunately. Will have to hope that it can just keep going until then haha.
      Aw, that’s such a shame! It’s a horrible feeling when you’re all excited to see a new collection and then your store doesn’t have it. I did that last year in Amsterdam – I arrived on the day the Pre-Autun collection came out, only to find that the Netherlands had delayed its release there haha.
      Hopefully you’ll get to put a dent in that credit card soon! ;)

  5. No need for apologies Ellie. I think it’s amazing that you produce this wonderful blog and work full-time. Hope the tech issues resolve quickly for you.

    Thank for you for the advice re the GWP in Feb for the red jewelry box. I will make my purchases then as I think the colour of this year’s one is very appealing.

    • Thanks so much Lozzie, your comment has put a smile on my face! I’m hoping to be able to diagnose what’s up properly next weekend. Unfortunately there’s a lot going on in real life at the moment and I don’t have the time to give the blog that I would like :(
      I love the colour of this year’s box too! I missed out on the original red Valentine’s box gWP, too. This box is smaller, but looks very cute. I was admiring it in store yesterday! ^^

  6. Hi Ellie the lace heart looks stunning the pictures I see the more I like it, I might hold off on this collection for now. I have brought quite a lot out of the sale. But I’m excited to see everything in person. Have you decided what to get for the promo. I hope you are feeling better, just think it’s the weekend soon. Great post as always.

    • Hi Nicola! My boyfriend actually scuppered me in terms of the promo, as he surprised me with the new heart clasp bracelet for our anniversary this weekend. A beautiful surprise, but it now rather puts me out of the running for the promo as there’s nothing else I really want. I’ll have to have a think aha. Hope you’ve managed to see everything in person, I thought it all looked lovely! :)
      Thanks, I do feel better for the weekend – we went away for our anniversary and have had a nice relaxed time. Hope you had a good weekend too! <3

  7. I went to Pandora this afternoon to see new release, CNY dangle charm look too boring. I only like Cerise Heart murano, the colour is like grape, very nice. I have Pink Heart & Wild Heart murano, this 3 might look nice together. I will get Cerise Heart murano next promotion, no rush.

  8. Hi dear ellie! I was so thrilled by the launch of the valentine collection today but unfortunately when i went to my retailer the new collection has not made it here in france.
    The collection will be available only by 26th of this month. And no clue on the valentine promo. But there is a current promo that is if you by for 90€ on a birth stone earrings, pendent or ring you get a jewelry box. Bad thing is you have to buy it from the current month birthstone. Good news is it will last every month of this year. So hopefully i could get one of these lovely boxes someday. Even if they receive really few boxes…
    But one thing is sure i will be getting the sparkling bow bangle!

    • Hi Kelly! Oh no, that’s very disappointing! :( the box promo sounds like quite a nice idea, though, I will have to check that out. I have a September birthstone and I don’t actually wear that kind of navy colour in my jewellery that much, but my OH’s birthstone is amethyst and I’m quite tempted by those purples :)
      hope you get your hands on that bangle soon!

  9. Just got home from one of my local Pandora stores. Went to see all the new Valentine releases. I love, love, love the red jewelry box with the heat clasp bracelet, charm, and two clips. But at $195 I am going to have to think about it for a day or two. Many of the beads are beautiful. I was really bummed that we can’t even see the CNY Dancing Dragon charm. Really hope it gets released here in NA. I have started collecting beads for a pink bracelet so I am going to go back with the beads to the store and get help putting my pink bracelet together. BTW, Rue La La has a 70% off sale that starts 1/12 at 8:00 EST.

    • Mm, $195 is steep! I am having the same quandary – we have to spend £125 to get the box here in the UK, and I was planning on getting the cerise murano and the new bracelet and one other thing. My OH just surprised me with the bracelet, so I think I am going to leave it for now!
      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a wider release for that CNY Lion! There are a lot of people chasing it currently :)

  10. I am hoping to get to the shops tomorrow to see the new collection ?! I really like the look of the bow bangle at the moment, and I want to look at the cerise murano and the Amo Te and the Lace Bow heart. I had decided to resist buying anything at the moment as there are several of the older charms still on my wish list and I thought I might catch up on those first, unless I really love anything in person tomorrow! I still want the poetic blooms heart and the feathered heart, and I have been trying to find the retired Viking for ages! I like the look of the GWP jewellery box – I would love if it was in cerise pink to match the charms, but red is very appropriate for Valentines Day.

    • Hope you got to go and see it Debbie! I went yesterday and thought how nice everything looked. The Cerise Hearts murano came home with me, and I got the new Valentine’s gift bag too – which was nice and easy, for once. Often I have to make several purchases before I find a store that will actually give me one, haha.
      I liked the look of the jewellery box, too, and it’s very pretty in person – if a little on the small side! I was surprised they went with red as well. The gift bag has some nice deep pink tones in it though!

      • That’s great you were able to get the Valentine’s Day bag. I collect the “special” bags, but for some reason, the Valentine’s Day bags are never available in the US. I usually am able to snag one on the Pandora promo selling pages on FB, but I have read that the bags are very limited this year and haven’t seen any for sale yet. I really hope to get one because this may be my favorite bag yet!

        • Yeah I don’t get why Pandora NA don’t do bags for Valentine’s! They’re usually so good with their little extras. If I get given another one you are welcome to have it! :)

  11. Hi Ellie,

    You don’t need to apologize, stuff happens that need attending to. As you know my store received their stoke Daly & I purchased the cerise murano, love it, love it! The pave heart is charming, zit is a very subtle pink, I like it a lot, but a little pricy, perhaps that will be on the valentines list for hubby. It is hard to stick to a self exposed budget. No one would blame you if you strayed a little.

    Thanks for the update, all the best.

    Lisa K.

    • Wow! I need a new prescription. I meant to say ‘stock early’ & well, I didn’t mean pave zit ! I don”t think those would sell very well. Ugh! Don’t know what is worse spell check my vision!

      Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa, thank you so much for understanding! I’ve not been able to log on to the blog and do comments or posts for a little while due to lots of stressful RL life stuff going on this week. Not bad stuff, just busy and stressful stuff! :) I got the cerise murano as well, it’s a beauty! <3 I'm going to try not to stray, but it is tricky ;)

  12. I will take a look at it tomorrorrow or the day after. Pieces tend to look better in flesh. Anyway I’m quite sure that I’ll stick to my purpouse of skipping it. I love cerises, though (that murano is to die for) However, nothing of this collection seems to go with me. My monthly budget for Pandora advises me to keep focused on what I really “need”. After all, making up a bracelet requires your full attention and dedication and I have too uncompleted designs.
    By the way, good luck with your technical problems and bear in mind that stress is bad for your health, so if the blog behaves in a funny way, remain calm and try to breath slowly ;)

    • Hope you enjoyed seeing the collection Marie, even if you didn’t buy anything! I thought it all looked really pretty in person :)

      Thank you very much Marie! That is much-needed advice… I was there taking very very deep breaths last time it went down and trying not to panic lol!

  13. Hi Ellie. No need to apologize about any technical issues with the blog. You do so much for us already and–don’t worry–from what I seen, the issues have been very minor. As with most of the collections, I ended up liking more in person and bought more than I should have. I got the Lace Bow Heart, the Gifts of Love charm, the Pink Pave Open My Heart Clip, and the Cerise Hearts Glass murano. Plus, I already purchased the Sparkling Bow Bangle last week and know that I am getting the Love Feelings Petites as a Valentine’s Day gift. I also thought the new Minnie/Mickey charm was adorable and really liked the Cerise Encased in Love Charm, which I was surprised to see was being sold by itself (separate from the gift set). The Pave Drops Earrings are very nice but so pricey. I am jealous of Canada for having their ring promo this weekend and the U.K. for their heart box promo haha.

    • Hi Joanne! Thank you, I appreciate that <3 it's more that the issues are not resolved and I do not know what more I can do to diagnose them! Unfortunately I've had an extremely busy week of it anyway and won't have time to diagnose it until the weekend, which is not ideal as preview season is upon us and the blog will be getting a lot of hits which only causes it (and me! :P) further stress. Hopefully I can figure it out soon though.

      Oh my, what a haul! I got the Cerise Hearts murano this past weekend and then my OH got the bracelet for me, so I am all set for Valentine's purchases :D super pleased with what I got! I also thought the Cerise Encased in Love was gorgeous in person. Really stylish!

      • I am glad you are enjoying your purchases, and I hope you have luck in figuring out the technical issues. I can’t wait to see some fuller previews of the upcoming collections; although, I must say I hope I don’t like too much, as I really have to try to limit my Pandora spending a little bit. I don’t even want to know what I have spent the last few months haha!

        • Thanks Joanne! It’s beyond frustrating, but I hope to be able to play around with it a bit further this weekend and diagnose some issues. :)
          Oh gosh, quite right too – I would never add up my spending haha. That’s a very dangerous game! ?

  14. Hi Ellie I will be getting the new heart clasp bracelet. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see the collection yet. It’s great that they’ve done the jewellery box promo again, though not keen on the colour, but that’s okay, as I don’t need it.

    • Hi Sarah! Yeah, the jewellery box promo is a nice little extra isn’t it? I don’t think I’ll be doing it either as it turns out, but it’s nice that it’s on offer!

  15. hi ellie.finally got to see the valentines collection in person today and so pleased to have got my two favourite charms the cerise murano heart charm and the lace bow charm both amazing i was so pleased with the colour of the lace bow charm not peachy at all gorgeous shimmering light pink colour.which will go great on my pink leather bracelet.the bow bracelet was stunning so thats next on my list.i hope you enjoy ur shopping trip tommorrow and hopefully it will ease the stress of all your techinal problems of late.;)always love reading your blogs and all the other bloggers thoughts and ideas for inspiration.

    • Hi Kerry! Oh good!! I loved the Lace Bow Heart in person as well. Such a pretty subtle pink. It looked kind of peachy to me, but in a very beautiful way. ^^ I did very much enjoy my Pandora shopping trip last weekend, thank you, a little retail therapy goes a long way! ;) thanks for your kind words, it makes my day to hear that!

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