Today’s post brings my next review from the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection with a closer look at Pandora’s latest special clasp bracelet – the Sparkling Heart charm bracelet for the Moments line! :)

This is one of two pieces I got from the collection; I’ve been good and have stuck to my Pandora ban very well so far. Let’s hope I can keep it going until the launch of the Spring collection next month! ^^

I’m aware that I’ve got lots of lovely responses to read and reply to on my Pandora Spring 2017 preview, but life has been pretty crazy this week and so I just haven’t had the time – lots of changes and busy things are going on at the moment, but I will get on to it asap! :)

Pandora Sparkling Heart Bracelet Review

The Sparkling Heart bracelet is the latest special-clasp offering from Pandora, combining the traditional Moments bracelet with the hugely popular Love of my Life clip from 2013. This has always been one of my favourite Pandora clips; the effect is rather chic, and the sparkle isn’t overpowering when you put it with the right pieces.

Pandora Sparkling Heart Bracelet Review

The bracelet is for the Moments range, and comes in the full range of sizes you’d normally expect.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

For me, one of the immediate benefits is that it features the regular spherical clasp – previous heart clasp bracelets have been shaped like hearts, and they’re often extremely difficult to clasp and unclasp on your own when the bracelet is stiff and new.

pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet

pandora valentine's day 2015 bracelet

This one is much easier to do up, even when brand new, and you still get the pretty effect on the clasp. The only thing to note is that the sparkling design is only one side; on the back of the clasp, there’s the plain Pandora silver logo. I like this very much, however; it would be nice to see a version of the Moments charm bracelet with the bangle clasp.

Pandora Sparkling Heart Bracelet Review


Pandora first experimented with using this clasp as a clasp back in 2014, when they released the limited edition Circle of Love bangle for Mother’s Day. This is quite a hard to find piece these days but, if you do it have it, then it makes for a gorgeous stack with this new version of the bracelet!

Pandora Sparkling Heart Bracelet Review

As you know if you read my review of the CNY 2017 Lion Dance bead, I am using my Sparkling Heart bracelet with my lovely red enamel CNY beads:

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance

However, I wanted to put together some more styilngs for th ereview as usual. I mentioned in previous posts that I am working on two new bracelet projects for this year – a pink/purple floral design and a green forest design – and so I thought I’d use this review to provide some styling inspiration for the new bracelet and to show you what I’ve been working on.

First up, we have the pink/purple design. These are recent finds from Rue La La, and I’ll be adding the new Field of Flowers muranos into the mix when they come out :D I’ve used the retired Lavender Pavé Lights, some Birthday Blooms and the retired black spinel Garden Odyssey. I think this will go on an oxidised bracelet eventually.

Pandora Sparkling Heart Bracelet Review

Next, we have my green forest bracelet to be! The green/teal Ribbon murano is just a stand in – I bought and actually didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. Instead, I’m going to use two of Folklore muranos and maybe throw in a deeper forest green glass bead as well. The green-eyed owl will also be going on this bracelet, along with the two new Tinker Bell pieces! :D

Pandora Sparkling Heart Bracelet Review

Recommended Retailers

If you’re in the UK, then you can purchase this lovely bracelet along with the rest of the Valentine’s 2017 collection from the Jewel Hut. :D

Pandora Valentine's 2017


This is not a groundbreaking new bracelet design, but it’s nevertheless a lovely new entry for the special-clasp charm bracelet line – it’s perfect for adding a little pizzazz to a bracelet design without bringing an overwhelming amount of sparkle to the table. The spherical-style clasps look great on the traditional charm bracelets and they’re easy to do up, too, and the Love of my Life clip is a bit more versatile than either the Disney or the  Starry Night clasps that came out previously.

What do you think of this new piece? Did it make it on to your wish list?

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  1. As you’ve seen on my Instagram page I bought this bracelet the other week. I love all the different bracelet clasp designs. I have put on one of my spring floral designs on this bracelet. I can’t wait to get the new floral one.
    All of your bracelet designs look lovely as usual.
    I’ve have done a Pandora valentines post on my blog and I’ve featured last years pave heart clasp. I hope you don’t mind Ellie, if I put my website link here.

    Look forward to more of your reviews.

    • Of course I don’t mind Sarah! I just read your post on your Valentine’s 2017 purchases – your bracelet is beautiful! A lovely example of how to get ‘new’ Pandora right :) You’ve captured the pink of the stones so nicely.

  2. I’m planning to get this bracelet at the next bracelet promo. Although I like the traditional barrel clasp bracelet, I think it would be nice if Pandora would add a “plain” spherical clasp bracelet to its regular bracelet line up (with Pandora branding on one side and preferably plain silver on the other side). At any rate, I’m happy to see another spherical clasp bracelet.

    • Good plan! ^^ I feel like a plain spherical clasp bracelet would be a logical step for Pandora to take, so I would not be at all surprised if they released one in the near future.

  3. HI Ellie,
    Thank you for your review. I have the pave heart bracelet and it really frustrates me that the pave is on one side. I always feel like I have put my charms on back to front. After threading the charms on, there is always one or two charms that are not on the same side as the pave. So, whilst its a pretty design, this new bracelet does not appeal to me personally.

    I know you dont like the green murano but I think it looks rather nice.

    p.s. I always look forward to your posts, so delayed comments from yourself is worth it if it gives you more time for your detailed posts.

    • Hi Lozzie! That’s interesting, I hadn’t really thought of that as a drawback but I can see how that might be frustrating. I quite like having different sides to the clasp, and don’t mind either one facing forward. I especially like it with the bangle clasps, which are usually quite stiff, as you can decide which side you want to be more visible!

      Mm, I don’t dislike the ribbon murano as such, it just wasn’t as much of a pure teal as I was hoping. I know that that particular bead varies quite a lot, but mine has a fair bit of green in it, which is not quite what I was wanting! My Folklore muranos arrived today and they are just beautiful, so I’m very happy with those!

      Thanks, Lozzie :) that is often the trade-off, so I do try and prioritise posts – especially in preview season! ^^

  4. Hi Ellie,

    This is a lovely bracelet, since I have the pave heart clap on a bangle I will take a pass otherwise I would have indulged. I too am on a self imposed wait to spend in spring. I am hoping for the free bracelet promo,that usually cones around in March. I am hoping to travel this summer, only so much money to go around therefore I want to make the most out of my Pandora spends.
    I usually leave Valentines open for hubby. I love your idea to use the folklore charms in place of the teal, green ribbon murano. I have several folklore charms, and they are fabulous on both the silver & leather bracelets. I wear the folklore charms through spring & summer season they look great with green, blue or red charms.
    Thanks again for another wonderful review. I look forward to reading your posts it makes the cold winters bearable.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one trying to be sensible! ^^ It’s not too been too difficult so far, and has been helped today by the arrival from the US of my last purcahse before I went on my ban – the two Folklore muranos from Rue La La! They are lovely. :D I’m not surprised that they are favourites of yours after looking at them properly in person, they are so beautifully detailed. I would love a proper peacock murano glass bead, with a deep teal setting and some gold and turquoise painted details.

      Thank you, Lisa, that is lovely to hear! Writing them helps me get through these drearier months, too. I’m tired of it being either raining or freezing, haha! Thanks for commenting :)

  5. Hello Ellie,

    Thank you for reviewing the Sparkling Heart bracelet. It was a nice choice for your awesome CNY charms. My first clips were the Love of My Life, so I’ll probably add this bracelet to my collection at some point in time…maybe during a promo. Your two new bracelet designs are coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing. After seeing the COL bangle in this post, I’m thinking the new Field of Flowers muranos might be pretty with it, especially since the clasp has that pinkish/lilac color tone.

    Enjoyed the review. Looking forward to more!

    Hope the week ahead is better for you.

    • Hi Emily! Thanks, I’m glad you approve! I think the romantic clasp gives a little bit of a contemporary edge to the CNY beads :) and your idea of putting the COL bangle with the new pastel muranos sounds lovely! I love the Field of Flowers’ delicate pastel pinks and lilacs, and the COL clasp’s shade kind of matches both.

      Thanks for commenting Emily – hope you have a good week too! <3

  6. This new clasp bracelet is pretty but between this and the flora one, i will wait for the flora one to be release for my already completed pink flora and heart design that is sitting on the classic barrel one. All these beautiful clasp makes the normal barrel clasp looks plain.Im also trying to work on a mini purple design. Ive got the pave purple butterfly and shimmering purple murano. The purple field of flowers is a must have to go on it. Not sure what else to put on. Maybe the openwork primrose and another openwork design. Your two project sounds lovely. Can’t wait to see them come together. Have a lovely day.

    • Good plan! As ever, I am opting for both new bracelets ;) I can always use more, especially when Pandora put out such cute clasps. They’ve definitely hit on something lucrative with these special clasp designs!
      I do wonder about the longevity of the classic barrel clasp, especially seeing as they’re phasing it out (or so it seems) on the new leather bracelets. I hope they keep it around, seeing as it’s been such a key part of Pandora’s line-up for so long!
      Your mini purple design sounds beautiful. Soft purples are just the kind of thing that I like! Perhaps the Picking Daisies might go nicely with the primrose? Look forward to hearing what you decide! :)

      • Hi Ellie, I’ve decided to remove the two white daisy spacer to put next to the pave butterflies instead. The white daisies will match well with the white flowers in the purple field of flowers murano. To fill up the gap on my initial bracelet that i removed the daisies from, im getting the luminious flora. Ive always wanted it but no spot for one. Now the opportunity has arise for it. Yeah… Still looking for your review on it. Wink wink.

  7. Hi Ellie! I purchased this bracelet too and am using it with the encased in love charms and some pink mixed in. I like that the pave is only on one side, so you have options for how to use it. If you wear the clasp on top, it can be a center charm for a more restrained symmetrical bracelet of 5 or so charms. Looks great that way with the pave heart bracelet with just the pave heart clips on the stations and nothing else. Excellent cocktail dress jewelry for a night out. I am planning to wear it on VAlentines Day, with a simple necklace and earrings. Can’t wait for the March release! I am planning to complete my poetic blooms suite of charms, and can’t wait for the new bracelet with the floral clasp. Love your bracelet styling so. I like the ribbon bead, but LOVE the folklores! Looking forward to the finished products.

    • Hi Deborah! Sounds beautiful, and I quite agree with you about the different sides of the clasp giving you options. Either side of the clasp is lovely, and gives quite a different effect, depending on what you want to go for!

      Thanks, Deborah, I’m glad you like the bracelet stylings! The Folklores arrived today and they are beautiful! So glad I decided to go for them in the end, even though it’s been three and a half years since they came out haha. Your bracelet styling sounds lovely, the cerise shades are beautiful!

  8. “this claps is ugly”, my husband said. And I agree.
    I like Pandora, but I have my own taste and opinion about its products, and not all I like. I noticed that many people raves all despite the fact that these are completely different styles.

    • Aha, you have a point there. About raving about all products, I mean. However is getting more and more difficult to find something really worthy of its value these days.

    • I don’t hear many people raving about Pandora indiscriminately these days! There’s a lot of dissatisfaction it seems about recent collections and the lack of silver beads.

  9. Hi Ellie love this bracelet again in my long wishlist, I’ve got quite a few bracelets to finish so I’m not buying anymore bracelets till there finished lol.

    • Hi Nicola! I wish I had your strength of mind, haha. I just finish the bracelets I’m working on more quickly and start new ones! ;)

  10. i have too many different style clasp bracelet & bangle, get tired already. I still like two toned retired charm so have to go outlet for buy 2 get 1 free charm this week.

  11. I like Pandora making that kind of claps that match previous clips ( or charms) as symetry is the most important thing for me when I make up my bracelet. Besides, the claps becomes a focal point itself and, as someone commented above you can achive a really elegant design just by adding the clips. I’ve done that quite often with my barrel bracelet when discreetion is required (you know, less is more). Or when I don’t feel like being “the focal point” myself ?
    As far as this particular bracelet is concerned, although it hasn’t caught my eye so much as other similar designs in the past have (I’m thinking of that LE whith stars and the moon from last autumn), could be a “might have” for me. Providing that the claps don’t flip over. Having two different sides, that wouldn’work for symetry.
    Another thing I find great is that it’s available in almost ALL sizes. About time Pandora were sensitive to those of us who are under average!

    • I completely agree – these special clasp bracelets hardly need filling up – they look great with just the matching clips! You can stack them up for a beautiful effect, too. :D
      And yes, it’s nice that Pandora are doing more sizes for these charm bracelets – although it’s very easy for them to do with these Moments charm bracelets, as all they have to do is add the special clasp on to a regular chain to make them! I am lucky in that I wear a 19cm bracelet, which is pretty much bang on average!

      • Exactly what I mean. More versatile, from my point of view. And believe me, you are lucky to have an average size. My wrist are only 14 cm, so I can wear only a 16 cm one. SAS always looked at me with eyes wide open when they see me for the first time. And even those who know me remind me from time to time that my size is not normal ? as if I wasn’aware of it myself!!!

  12. Nice looking bracelets, I only wished that the bracelets would come in a bangle form, but otherwise nice. God bless you Ms.Mora / Ms. Ellie.

  13. Dear Ellie, beautiful bracelet. Can you tell me if the Pandora Mother’s Day collection will have some flower rose items, as in previous collections in 2014 and 2015? Thanks.

    • Thanks Aline! :) Not from what I’ve seen so far, but I have yet to have seen a full, definitive listing for the Mother’s Day collection. It seems to mostly be white enamel hearts and other maternal motifs.

  14. Oh so tempted to buy this bracelet — But not yet, saving my pennies for the spring releases.

  15. I will buy this bracelet, however I only wished that pavé would be on both sides of the clasp. Thank you for review. I like your designs.

    • Thanks very much Marka! I was a bit surprised that they didn’t put pavé on both sides, but I guess they want to keep the Pandora branding on the bracelets where they can.

  16. Not sure about beads/clasps set with stones at all. They are all sparkly when new but, after awhile the sparkle is gone. I have a bead from Essence collection which I got as a present, a green one pave set with stones all around. I put it on a fine gold 18ct chain, looked really nice. But, stones are nowadays cloudy and they don’t sparkle at all. I didn’t clean it, was thinking to take it to Pandora shop, they have ultrasonic machine overt here and my bead could sparkle again. From that reason, from the beginning, I was always stayed away from sparkly beads. One stone is fine (I have a couple with stones, a perfume bottle bead and a bag bead) but more stones mean bye bye sparkle. I don’t know how other people maintain their beads with stones, I only now found this blog, will check through. Btw, I take care about my Pandora very well but, maybe it is me, I really have reservation towards all their styles with stones.

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