*UPDATED 08/02 with pricing for NA and UK* Today’s post brings another little update on the Pandora SS17 collections, with a preview of the limited edition Pandora Club Charm for 2017!

Pandora first introduced the concept of releasing an exclusive charm to honour its Pandora Club members back in 2014; you can scroll back through the Club charm tag to see charms from previous years. However, this year’s Club charm is a little unusual in that Pandora actually ran a competition last year allowing Pandora Club members to vote on what they wanted the Club charm to look like! Collectors could pick between two different designs, which I showcased on the blog at the time.

Pandora Club Charm 2017

We’ve already had it confirmed that the locket design won, and seen a sneak peek of it on a campaign image, but I do have a high-res stock image and a couple of campaign images that showcase the charm rather nicely. Read on for an updated preview! :D

Pandora Club Charm 2017 Preview

This year’s design is a pretty locket design – the first pendant-style Club charm to date – with ‘PANDORA CLUB’ engraved on the back. The date, ‘2017’, is written inside the charm, and is only visible when you open the charm. The stone tucked away inside the locket is, as usual, a 0.01 carat diamond!

Pandora Club Charm 2017

For the past two years, the Club charm has been released with Pandora’s summer launch, but the 2017 club charm will come out with the Pandora Spring 2017 collection on the 16th of March. I don’t have details on pricing yet, but I imagine it will be comparable with previous years.

Pandora Club Charm 2017

*UPDATE* I now have pricing for the US, Canada and the UK, along with a sneak peek at the limited edition gift box that will accompany the charm in North America, at least. :D

Pandora Club Charm 2017

It will be priced at $65 USD / $75 CAD / £50.

My Comment

I love lockets and so I’m very glad that this design won! I imagine it’ll be a slightly controversial choice, as many collectors don’t like dangle charms, but, on the other hand, it’s good that it’s a little bit different to the previous charms. I have a fair amount that I’m wanting from the Pandora Spring 2017 collections, so this charm won’t necessarily be top of my list to get, but it’s definitely on the wish list to get at some point this year. ^^

Nevertheless, this is still the fourth Club charm in a row that has run on the same basic design: a classic heart with a diamond for an accent. They’re all very pretty, but for a series of charms aimed at dedicated collectors who want to buy each year’s edition, it makes them all seem quite samey. Pandora, however, seem to have twigged to this; and, about a month or so ago, they ran another Pandora Club campaign, allowing readers to submit ideas for the 2018 Club charm, including colour, materials and style. This is very encouraging, and implies that they’re up for changing it up a bit next year!

What do you think of this year’s design? Will you be purchasing it?

58 Comments on Pandora Club Charm 2017 Preview (Updated with Pricing!)

    • That’s interesting to hear; my personal favourite is the very first one, despite its slight unwieldiness when it comes to actually styling it, but the 2016 one was a close second in the end!

  1. I LOVED last year’s club charm… This one? Well, yes, I think in the end I’ll get it. At least there’s no pavé on it

  2. Sadly, I’m not a fan of this at all. I have decided that I don’t really like dangle charms, and I’m hesitant to buy any locket type charms because they end up falling open all the time, which really drives me crazy. I’ll skip this one. I’m sure I can find something else instead!

    • That’s a very good point about the charm falling open; I kind of assumed that, as an actual locket design, it would be stronger than the book charms, but that’s probably something to look out for.

      • I have purchased this charm and even though I love it, the only down side is that it opens sooo much! So I have to position it on my bracelet to where it’s on a side and not in the middle! Thank goodness for clips!

    • Yes, I know – the urge to complete the set is a powerful one! The 2015 one was a pretty basic design, and it still ended up coming home with me. ^^

      • I got the 2015 one despite already owning the princess crown heart two tone charm which is alike. Just so i can collect the set as i like the 2014 and 2016 ones.

  3. No, but only because I don’t fancy dangles. I have the other club charms. I only own one dangle, the Italy flag, and I only wear it when the Azzurri play. It’ll hopefully get a lot of wear during the World Cup. :-)

    • Haha! When I first started collecting, I didn’t like the look of the dangles either, but I have since come to love them and include at least a couple on most bracelet designs. My first bracelet is dangle-free, though, with the exception of a safety chain.

  4. I must be the odd man out because I love dangles! I will definitely be getting this year’s club charm even though I don’t have any of the others. I just started my Pandora obsession this past summer 2016. But I love the style of this one and will have no trouble finding a place for it on one of my bracelets. Thanks for the info Ellie!

    • You definitely aren’t, Susan – I love dangle charms as well! The only time I dislike them these days is when they pull threads in favourite jumpers. ^^ But most of them aren’t too bad for doing that, haha.

  5. Greetings Ms. Mora, I really liked the latest charm for 2017 and I will check out the club charm and the details at the nearest Pandora store. God bless you.

  6. As much as I really like it it does not really represent much to me. As we all have to watch our pennies I would sooner purchase a charm that means something to me. I would have no trouble finding a place for this …. but my pockets & purse will only stretch so far.
    But thanks for the info

    • Yes, I know what you mean – it’s an elegant piece, but it’s not different enough from the previous Club charm offerings to be a must have, I think. This will probably come home with me, just not straight away!
      You’re welcome!

  7. Hello Ellie,

    The 2017 Club Charm turned out quite nice. I was glad the locket design won. At least we won’t need a magnifying glass to see the diamond this year. lol! Although I’m in no rush to have this charm, it will go on my list. The pink Radiant Droplets look nice in the above shot. Can’t wait to see the lilac.

    Thanks for the preview. Looking forward to more! Hope you’ve had a good day.

    • Hi Emily! I’m glad the locket won as well. The other design was nice, but even more similar in style to previous charms. I’d have struggled to justify purchasing it to myself.
      There will hopefully be more previews very soon! We don’t have too many left to go. :) Hope you’re having a good day also, and enjoy the weekend!

  8. :-) Dear Ellie,
    I’m still not quite sure if I like it or not, as I would have preferred a big fat heart over a dangling charm.
    Last year’s Club charm was a real stunner, which I’m still totally in love with.
    Thanks for sharing all the information.
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

    • Hi Claudia! Oh, I absolutely agree – I loved last year’s Club charm. I like that this one is different, and I much prefer it to the regular heart charm that was the other option, but it’s not as nice as last year’s for me either.
      Have a lovely weekend too and thanks for commenting!

  9. I like dangles but this charm doesn’t really excite me so I don’t plan to get it. The only Club Charm I have is last year’s, I loved the design of the small hearts lattice on a big heart shape.

  10. I think it’s the first club charm that I like. On the one hand I love dangles. On the other, previous designs didn’t grab me at all. Anyway I don’t think I’ll get this one. Diamond trade is very controversial. Have a good week! ???

    • Anyway, is it a real diamant for sure?. Now that I’ve seen the price I am having doubts about its authenticity. All silver and an authentic diamond inside for 50£, 65 $? I don’t know ….

      • It is a very tiny tiny real diamond, no doubt. Tiny diamond is not worth a lot, he! he! I have 3 Club charm, this will be 4th. Just collect it for fun, no CZ is plus.

        • I remember seeing a very, very tiny and awfully expensive diamond in Amsterdam many many years ago. And that wss without a setting, just by itself. That’s what made me think it could be fake! ?

        • @Michele Haha, yes, the diamond is only tiny, and it’s a low carat. But it’s a nice touch, I think, although the novelty is slightly starting to wear off on charm number 4!

          @Marie Honestly, it is genuine! Pandora would not be allowed to advertise it as a diamond if it were not real…

    • I am very uneducated when it comes to the diamond trade, but your comment has made me curious and so I’ll look into it!

    • Aha! Now that would be a bit tragic. ^^ I actually forgot to submit my ideas before the deadline, so the 2018 charm is proceeding without any input from me, haha.

  11. Thank you for another great review. Sadly, It’s another heart. So, no, I won’t be getting it. It is very pretty and no surprise that it is a heart, but Pandora is dominated by hearts. It’s not just the Valentine’s collection but all the collections. Frankly, I have more than enough hearts and really wish Pandora would consider other options. All the hearts has gotten very repetitive. Surely, someone on the design team has more imagination and creativity to come up with designs that aren’t hearts. As I said it is pretty but not for me.

    • I think that the poll for 2018 is quite encouraging, and I’m optimistic that, whatever they go for, it won’t be another heart. They’ve got to think of something different at some point! Although it would be kind of hilarious if they just released the rejected 2017 charm design for 2018 in the end. ;) Pandora seem to very much be plumping for what sells in terms of their overall designs, and it seems like hearts are popular with the many OHs who buy Pandora for any significant occasion, so you can kind of see why they’re going for so many. :(

  12. Even though I’m not fan of dangle charms, I might go for this one, as it is club charm. I love last year’s charm.

    • I’m sure many people will buy this one purely on the basis that they want to keep collecting the club charms! I really quite like it, but not enough to go out and buy it on its release day.

  13. I’m not a fan of dangles, and it’s a shame it’s a heart, but i do love lockets so i might check it out. It’s great that someone got to design this though as it’s competitive and hard to be a jewellery design – they must be very happy!

    • Ah, this one wasn’t designed by fans – fans just voted between two different designs and chose this one. Hopefully the next bead will feature more input from fans, based on that questionnaire they put out via the Pandora Club!

  14. Hi Ellie! I am so excited to see the new Club Charm! I have last year’s Club Charm as well. I found the design to be very appealing! I have always been a fan of dangles! They look lovely as a centerpiece on a full bracelet and are perfect on bangles! I also love the fact that it’s a locket. Also, I am so pleased with the tiny diamond. No pave in sight! Hallelujah!?❤

    • Hi Carol! Aw, it’s nice to hear so much enthusiasm, haha. <3 The locket is the aspect that really grabs me as well, otherwise I’d be feeling quite lukewarm about it. I quite like that the date is hidden away inside, too!

  15. Hi Ellie I don’t think I will be getting this one my favourite of the club charms have been last year and the one before. Not that I have them.

    • Hi Nicola, that’s fair enough! I can’t see why you’d get this one when you liked the others more and didn’t get those either ^^ You have more self restraint than I do, haha.

  16. Hi Ellie,

    As always a great review. This charm is very similar to the one my husband bought me for Valentines a few years ago with the two hears that separate and have You on one side and Me on the other. That charm is very precious to me. While I will take a pass on this charm I will give Pandora full marks for using silver hearts in lieu of pave.
    This charm should have been released for valentines, I’m sure there are some people who would love this as a valentines gift.

    Perhaps next years charm will have a completely different look and feel. I am glad that Pandora have given customers a say in next years charm.

    Again thanks for this heads up.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa, yes, that is the nice thing about the Club charms – even if they are similar to each other, that similar guarantees an elegant design, no pave and a genuine diamond! So, you never know, if they do go for something completely different next year, we might be trading it that template for one we like less (pave!). But hopefully that won’t be the case, haha.
      I think the questionnaire is great. I really hope they pull something truly creative out of the bag for next year! I get that it’s difficult for them, as they need to create something quirky but also something that will appeal to everyone. I think Pandora-themed charms might be nice; more bags, or gift boxes, or perhaps a Murano with the ribbon lines running through it, in the same colour as the gift bag ribbons?
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  17. Hi Ellie,

    Any idea on pricing for Australia yet and whether or not the gift box would be for a limited time only? Cheers!

  18. I love this one. I wish there are more engravable options to mark special anniversaries or events, I may get this one to signify an important event in 2017.

  19. I love this year’s club charm & as it comes out on my birthday & an important one at that I would love to have it. My charms are of special occasions. A heart for my heart…….

  20. Hi Mora, Love your blog. Keep up the good work on informing us ‘Pandora’ fans. I agree with most of your opinion regarding this Season Spring/Summer 2017 line. I am serious fan of their Leather-bracelet line, but so far the only excitement has been for Pandora to ‘tweak’ their clasp on the Leather. Other than time…hohummm.

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