There’s just over a week to go until the launch of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collection worldwide and, as is traditional, today I have some beautifully high res stock images and some live shots as well of all the new charms and bracelets coming out! This release has been generally well received by collectors, offering some pretty bows and charms celebrating life’s milestones.

The collection is due out on 12 April. In the UK, we already received a portion of this collection back in February as our Mother’s Day falls earlier in the year. The rest of the charms will be marked as being the second part of the Spring collection instead.

All live images in the post are courtesy of tiedyedeb at eBay, who takes great close-ups of all the new beads as soon as she gets them in. :D Please do credit her if you reproduce them!

This post covers all the charms and bracelets coming out – check my previous post to see all the other jewellery. Otherwise, read on! :)

Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collection

The Flourishing Hearts bangle is a lovely limited edition design, which a padlock clasp that can be removed. The only downside for me is the family-related inscription, but the overall design is so beautiful that I’m very tempted anyway! In the UK, it is actually pretty much sold out everywhere, so it did prove to be reasonably limited in quantity.

The Sparkling Floating Heart Locket is another of this year’s new padlock bracelet designs, offering a further twist in that the clasp is also a floating locket! I really like this idea, as it offers that further layer of customisation. There’s such a variety of different petites, you can really make the bracelet fit with whatever design you like: Christmas, summer, Valentine’s, it’s all to play for! The bracelet will be $100 USD or £90.


The next bangle is an absolutely stunning limited edition piece that I will be snapping up! This is called the Patterns of Love bangle more generally, or the Celebration bangle in the UK. You may be pleased to know that it has no engraving on it. I understand that it will be offered as a GWP in multiple regions, but I only have the details for France so far, where it’ll be offered from 14th May with spends of 129 euros.


The Plentiful Hearts, retailing for $55 USD, is our only new murano glass design, but it’s a nice one. I’d love to see some live images of it. I’m not sure why it’s so much more pricey in the UK than other muranos, though – it’ll be £45.


The Bright Hearts safety chain is one of the pieces I’ll definitely be getting, as I have a purple design that’s all finished and just needs a safety chain! I like the pretty contrast between the different stones. It’s $55 USD or £45.


The enamel balloon animals have attracted quite a lot of attention from this collection – they are something a little different from Pandora, and it seems they’re a bit love/hate with collectors. Personally, I find them rather cute! This Mouse & Balloon bead is $55 USD.


The contrast of the bright silver and the pearlescent enamel is gorgeous in the live images:

However, my favourites are the Elephant & Balloon charms. In pink and blue, these are beautiful options to represent a new arrival, but they also have a more generic appeal. The silver elephants are beautifully detailed, and just so cute!797239EN169

The pink version has a little blue CZ in it (the blue one just has a clear one). The beads are priced at $50 USD each.


The Balloon & Teddy is the last of these animal balloon charms, and makes a lovely complement to the Perfect Pals bead that came out for Spring. It’s $50 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Balloon & TeddyThe Shiny Bow is another of my favourites from this collection. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a Disney bracelet proper, and I think these clips would be a lovely way of drawing on Minnie’s bows without being OTT. It’s retailing for $55 USD, but will be pricier in the UK at £55, unfortunately.


The Brilliant Bow is a new kind of charm from Pandora – it’s much larger than a regular bead, and has a more 3D shape. It’s a beautiful statement piece, but pricey at $90 USD!797241CZ

However, the reasoning behind its high price tag is made clear when you realise how big it is, as you can see in his campaign image posted by Pandora. It’s huge, especially when you look at how small the clasp of the bangle is in comparison! I can’t imagine wearing this with other charms on a traditional design, but it looks great as a standalone, either on a bangle or leather, perhaps.

I’m not as keen on this one, mainly as I feel like this is one where, for once, some kind of colour would have been good to differentiate the bow from the heart. Even just some extra oxidation! It’s affordable at $35 USD.

797303 Pandora

The Harmonious Hearts will be priced at $35 USD/£25. The price is refreshingly low, and the design is really beautiful!

The Bouquet is an obvious choice for a wedding-themed bead, but has appeal beyond that, too. It will be priced at $55 USD/£45.


The Best Bridesmaid charm will be $45 USD/£35. It’s the same on both sides.797273EN159

The Love Couple is a more comic take on a wedding charm, striking a more light-hearted tone than some of their previous marriage beads. It is retailing for $50 USD.797273ENMX

The writing on the top of the charm says ‘Love of my life’, as you can see from these images:

The Graduation Scroll will be $40 USD or £35.


It looks like it will be quite big in real life, but I do like the design of the Achievement Trophy! The little flowers and rosettes are very sweet and stop the design from seeming overly clunky. You’ll be able to purchase it for $45 USD or £35.797257NPR

The other side of the trophy has ‘1’ written on the side:

This cake slice another of my favourite designs, but I still think that the Congrats legend on it is unnecessary, limiting the charm’s appeal and purpose without adding much to its design. Nevertheless, I doubt that the writing would be that noticeable or obtrusive if you did want to use it for some other design (people have mentioned some very sweet sounding tea party ideas!). It’ll cost $45 USD or £35.797258ENMX

The live images reveal some lovely addition details on this charm – the different enamel colours representing the layers within the cake, and the silver ridged frosting at the back!

Next, we have five new milestone birthday/anniversary charms! These are all $50 USD.



This Perfect Home dangle already released in the UK – I absolutely love the concept, but it’s a very big dangle in person. It hangs quite low and it’s also quite wide, so you just have to think about how you might style it on your bracelet with that in mind. It’s $55 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Perfect Home The Love M❤m bead marries together soft enamels in the collection’s signature pastel purple. It’s $45 USD.Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Love Mum The Flourishing Hearts pendant is a lovely plain silver pendant, priced at $45 USD. I bought this when it was released in the UK and reviewed it already. I’m wearing it with my other enchanted Spring beads!

Pandora Mother's day 2018 collectionThe design stands out less to me in charm form, but it’s still a nice silver option. It’s inscribed with Love makes a family, much like the matching limited edition bangle. It’s $35 USD.Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Flourishing HeartThe Degrees of Love features the words Love you More, Love you most. I do quite like the way the writing is melded more into the design itself, rather than just being engraved. It makes it a bit more versatile, as the writing is less immediately decipherable. It’s $35 USD.797244ENMX

The Shining Path clip (RRP $45 USD) is already available in other colours and metals, but will now be available in pink, as well.


The Perfect M❤m dangle is $50 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Love Mum The Mother & Baby Bird dangle is a very sweet way to represent Mother’s Day, and perhaps a little more subtle than some of the more usual charms. I would have loved it if the pavé had been replaced with some kind of oxidised silver patterning, though. It’s $50 USD.Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Birds The existing plain silver heart-shaped Floating Locket is just about to retire, but this new sparkling version is here to replace it! It’s retailing for $90 USD.pandora mother's day 2018 There will be a new set of plain silver alphabet petites to go with this locket, retailing for $10 USD/ £10. Pandora Mother's Day 2018 preview alphabet petites

The Love For Mother dangle is a Jared exclusive bead, retailing for $55 USD. This means that it won’t be available anywhere outside of the US!

The Lotus has attracted a lot of attention, and it really is a pretty design! In their description of this bead, Pandora emphasise its ‘serenity’ and the double lotus design – one in enamel, and one filigree silver. This will be exclusive to Canada and “emerging markets” (not sure what’s meant by that!), retailing for $50 CAD. I may well have to try and get my hands on it!pandora mother's day 2018 lotus I’ve not been able to find out any more information on this little bird dangle, however. It’s possibly a country exclusive for which I’ve not yet seen the catalogue, or it’s a design that hasn’t actually made it to production. If you have seen it in your country’s catalogue, please do comment and let us know! :)Pandora Mother's Day 2018 birds

My Comment

Again, I very much like this collection and think it’s such a vast improvement over last year’s more generic assortment of hearts and buttons. The soft lilac colour scheme is rather pretty, and I like the way Pandora have gently introduced some new concepts into the collection – the balloon animals, the sparkling locket bracelet, the statement Brilliant Bow charm.

My favourites of these are the Bright Hearts safety chain, the Shiny Bow clips, the Plentiful Hearts murano, the Elephant & Balloon charms, and the Serene Lotus pendant. Of those, I think I’ll definitely get the safety chain and then I’ll see which of the others I like best after seeing everything in person before deciding what goes on my wish list! To be honest, I’m still quite high on the Spring collection, so I will take some time before diving into this one. ^^

On a side note, thank you for all your wonderful comments and suggestions on the April news round-up! I’ll be replying to them as soon as I can. <3

Are you planning on getting anything from this collection? What’s on your wish list?

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  1. What an exciting article/update! Not even an hour ago I was going through the April round up and mother day release posts again and once again getting excited to see all these charms in person and see how everyone will be styling them. I too wish we could see some live shots of the new hearts murano as I have a feeling it will be one of those that looks “even better in person”. So excited to see you have so much on your wishlist. I want to see the murano in person and absolutely adorable that little ball of hearts dangle ( nice to see it priced so low as well) also hoping to see the mama bear us exclusive as I may want that. I guess I wil have to see everything in person before deciding & I also want the rainbows murano. I think the only stuff I truly don’t care for is all the wedding /bridesmaid stuff. You are right the little enamel balloon charms are quite cute overall. Thanks again for such a great post . ?

    • Yay, it’s fun that you’re excited! :D There’s a lot I like from this release as well, but what actually makes it on to my wish list is another matter. The safety chain I must have for my purple bracelet, but it depends on what my next bracelet project is as to what else I get. ^^ Someone else posted about a shot by twentyninebeads that gives a nice close-up of it. I really like its paleness actually and I like it more from that live image!

      Really pleased you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Hi Ellie! Thank you for all the info, prices, and images of this very nice collection! You answered most of my questions about the availability of some of these pieces from my comments in your last post within this post haha! Unfortunately, two of my most sought-after pieces from this collection—the Patterns of Love Bangle and the Lotus charm—are not available in the US, so I hope I can get my hands on them somewhow. I notice that the FB selling pages are not nearly as active as they used to be, so I’m worried they won’t be an avenue for me to get these pieces this time around. Lastly, like you, I am a bit apprehensive of the inscription on the Celebration Cake, but I am considering it more now after seeing the beautiful details on it in the live images. I’d love to do a design on the Patterns of Love Bangle (provided I can obtain one) with the Cake, Teapot, Teacup (once I can pick one out with lighter enamel in the store), and Cup of Love (from the summer collection).

    • Hi Joanne,

      I am in the UK so I may be able to help you out with the bangle :) I have a Pandora fairy in Singapore that helps me with the Asian exclusives but struggle with the US ones, so maybe we can help each other ☺ my email is feel free to contact me.

    • There are several trustworthy uk Facebook group owners I know have contacts for bringing charms in from the USA so I’ve no doubt they would send them out there too for uk exclusives. I’d be happy to do it myself it’s a simple act of kindness :)

    • Hi Joanne! Ah, I didn’t mean to imply that the Patterns of Love bangle definitely wouldn’t be in the US. I have not had confirmation on whether it is or not yet – the definite countries that are getting it are the UK and Europe, but I don’t know about elsewhere yet. The Lotus charm is a beauty, though. I’ve seen some more live shots of it and I think I might need one as well! ^^

      That bangle design sounds beautiful! A really sweet and pretty little teatime & coffee design. I would put the cup with the teacup and teapot, but I have them with the Enchanted Garden Glass and the theme is really kind of garden based so I can’t really add in the cup.

  3. I love the balloon & teddy! Because I collect teddy bears ❤️?
    I was wondering when will this launch come out in Canada ?
    I love your reviews keep up he Awsome job!!!

  4. Hi Ellie!

    I do soooo love the flourishing hearts bracelet. I’ll have to figure out a way to get that one if it isn’t released here. Fingers crossed it will be.

    The patterns of love bangle is stunning. The floating locket bracelet may finally push me over the edge with an open locket…

    And the lotus is another thing I really like. The detail on the cake slice is extraordinary. The bow I will have to see, but I rather like it as a stand alone charm. Maybe on an open bangle? And I think I will like degrees of love. The lilac is pretty.

    So much for restraint! Lol! Thanks for the preview.

    • I really like the Sparkling bow. It is a good stand alone charm as don’t know how any charms could fir mup against it. It would look great on bangle over bracelet. I do like the size as not so dainty for a sweet design and I am generally not a bow person. Also, the heart bow really could hsve benefited with some oxidation but I still like how bow is detailed with folds and drapping to ribbon.

      • Hi Kelly!

        When I first started collecting Pandora I said absolutely no crowns or bows. Guess how that turned out!

        • I said no second bracelet, no Christmassy charms ( what a waste, you can only wear them for about one month out of twelve), no Essence (I didn’t like it at the moment), no … what else? There were sooo many “noes” at the time … ?

        • Haha, Deborah, I have such a long list of Pandora ‘rules’ that I broke. The first being on day one when I said ‘Oh I think I’ll just fill up the middle section.’ Six years and a whole blog later…!

    • Hi Deborah! I think it should be a US gift set, i Just didn’t get an image for it yet. I’d be very surprised if it weren’t. The Patterns of Love bangle is more of a mystery, but I’ll try and do some digging.

      The Lotus is one I love as well! I do like the little Cake slice as well – perhaps I could persuade my boyfriend to get it for me the next time I achieve something and then I wouldn’t mind the writing so much, haha. Once it was on a bracelet I don’t think you’d notice it so much either! Thanks for commenting :)

      • Congratulations, let’s eat cake could be an ”atta girl” for so many things! It could even be a Pandora related milestone! You can justify anything if you try hard enough! ?

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for all the photos and their respective details.
    I very much like the Flourishing Hearts and Patterns of Love bangles. Definitely a wish list add. Hopefully will be able to purchase both in US.
    I also like the Flourishing Hearts bead and pendant. The pendant I most likely will purchase. The heart bead, maybe.
    The Lotus pendant looks very nice as well.
    The Murano I will need to see in person.
    I do think the new items are quite charming but oh so many dangles…
    So, I think I’m pretty safe wallet wise for this release lol.
    Thank you again for keeoing us up to date on all things Pandora. :)
    Have a wonderful week!

    • Hey! Both bangles are beautiful. But I feel like I shouldn’t get both. ^^ The Patterns of Love is an absolute must for me, and I’m hoping it’s offered in a good deal here in the UK.

      There are a lot of dangles! Pandora just seem to do quite a lot of them these days. It felt like last year all the beads I liked were dangles or muranos, haha. Thankfully I like a wider variety of things this year!

      Have a lovely weekend and thanks for commenting! :)

      • Good Morning…
        Nothing wrong with a double dose of bangles lol, though the Patterns of Love is definitely my first choice.
        I may have a challenge there. I stopped by my local shop to check on availability. Sadly, the Patterns of Love bangle was not listed in their upcoming release catalogue. :(
        I hope you get a great promotion for the bangle! :)
        They do indeed seem to be in the dangle phase lol. Though the Lotus has definitely caught my attention.
        But luckily there are quite a few I like from the Spring release, and I’m still picking up from past collections. So no shortage of items for me to purchase lol. The wish list is long…

        On another note, with the changes that were made to Rue La La and international shipping, will you still receive news of Pandora sales for your US readers?

        Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love the flourishing hearts dangle. NO MORE HEARTS and I just keep falling for them. I also love the idea of petite charms on my bracelet. Cute idea. Teddy dangle and the elephant (a hoot!) will be a someday. Probably just the florurishing heart for me this year. I have put a real dent in my purchasing power of “P” this year and last! I need P-Anonymous if this continues. I will see if a little discipline will work! Most of this collection is just a little overdone for me but can see it on many bracelets. Just not for me!

    Ellie, still drooling over the 2012 White Gold collection that did not make it to US. TG!

      • Thanks to Tiedyedeb for the lovely photos! And as usual to Ellie for the time she takes to publish this active blog. So informative!

    • I really like the animal balloons, and I’m wondering whether, if I did a Disney bracelet, the elephants could be added as little dumbo tribute beads. I do have Dumbo, but he’s on another bracelet and I really like him there! Haha, this is not the place for Pandora Anonymous haha. The worst place to spend time when you’re trying to be good! ^^

      Haha, the white gold pieces are beautiful, aren’t they? I just saw the original RRPs in a catalogue and they were sky high, though.

  7. Great post – as always :). I am SO happy that we are getting something exclusive here in Canada .. nice when that happens :). I definitely would like to pick up the Lotus charm along with one of the heart bangles!

      • I prefer the patterns of love over the dangle lock clasp treevdesign. Not sure how finicky will be to clasp tthe interchangeable locks so I will wait for our community to post feedback.

        • I find that I am getting better at doing the lock on my Lock your Promise Valentine’s bracelet. It’s definitely something I had to learn and get used to, but it’s getting easier!

    • The Lotus bead is beautiful! Although I hear now that it’s also available in Australia. We’re definitely not getting it in the UK, though.

  8. Hi Ellie,

    It’s a lovely collection. Do you have any idea what the motherday promotion will be in the Netherlands? Deppending on the promotion i will whait with buying my stuff.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Manon, sorry I haven’t heard about anything for the Netherlands! I hope you get something! :)

  9. Great thanks Ellie for such a great preview. I’m quite happy with the recent launch from Pandora and my wish list is Flourishing Hearts bangle and pattern of love bangle. I hope AU will continue to have GWP as usual, anyone hear any news yet?

    • My pleasure! I hear that the Flourishing Hearts bangle will be a regular gift set and not the usual GWP, unfortunately. The rumour online is that it’ll be a bracelet promo of some kind (the pavé heart clasp bangles), but I don’t have confirmation of that.

  10. Hey Ellie, is the new pandora rose locket also being released in the UK next week along with this collection?

  11. I would love to have the Patterns of Love bangle. I don’t have any bangles yet because the sizing seems to be just a little off on my arm no matter which one I go with but I do like this bangle a lot and want to give it a try. I hope it is available in the US. It is not in the spring and summer catalogue so I question whether it will be available here or not. Maybe as a GWP in the future.

    I also want to get the Plentiful Hearts muranos. I want to start a pink bracelet and this is the perfect foundation for one.

    Not much else I’ll get right now. I just ordered the Wildflower Meadow bracelet and safety chain from tiedyedeb so even though I like the Bright Hearts safety chain a lot it will have to wait awhile to join my collection.

    Thanks Ellie for such a great posting. I always learn something from you on everything you write. Always brightens my day to wake up to a post from you.

    • I’ve got more into bangles recently! I was always a full charm bracelet kinda gal, but I’ve been as interested in mini bangle designs lately. I suspect that the Patterns of Love will be available in the US, but not as a regular release. We’ll see!

      The Plentiful Hearts looks beautiful in the live images, and I am now seriously considering it! I just don’t know why it’s so much more than other muranos in the UK. Most of them are £35 but the PH is £45!

      That’s such a lovely thing to hear Beth, thank you! I always enjoy reading your comments, too. :D

  12. Thanks for this wonderful preview, the flourishing hearts bangle is indeed very pretty! Some of the other charms are also nice :)

    • It came with a lovely box in the UK as well! I was so very tempted. Still kind of am! ? but I want the Celebration/Patterns of Love bangle more. Thanks for commenting!

      • I understand especially if there’s a lovely box as well :) the celebration/patterns of love bangle is gorgeous too. Thanks again for this preview, will certainly check the collection when arrives in stores:))

  13. I wish the lotus wasn’t exclusive! I too would like to see the plentiful hearts murano and the brilliant bow in person. But nothing is a must have for me except maybe the HH dangle or the flourishing hearts DANGLE. I did get to see some of this collection. The harmonious hearts dangle is petite and beautiful which is why I want it someday. The rose gold necklace is beautiful but HUGE! Like ridiculously large looking. But a great concept for pandora to develop, from a German company originally, I was told. When you hear the chime it is meant to remind you that you are not walking through life alone. How nice is that?!

    I also saw the ‘mother and baby bird’ and it is smaller in real life than I was expecting but not lacking on detail. The colors really work well together and are more subtle/inconspicuous.

    I saw the disney safety chains and the hanging mickey is cute but it’s hard to tell it’s disney and you can’t tell AT ALL that the Mickey gesture safely chain is Disney (as it is all silver). The white enamel glove Mickey gesture charm is cute though and pretty sizable! I think the white enamel is needed to show it is Mickey’s iconic glove and not just a hand giving a thumbs up. Anyway, just my too cents. Great in-depth post, thanks! And I still stand by the bangle inscription: any kind of love can make a family and family can mean lots of things (I don’t care for bangles though in general as I too have the sizing issues). Take Care!

    • I thought that Rose necklace might be massive! The RRP was so high that I knew it had to be something out of the ordinary. And it does chime then? I’m not sure whether I would get on with that but that’s a lovely concept behind it.

      Great to hear your thoughts on the Disney beads! The Climbing Mickey one is the one I quite like, and it’s exciting that it’ll be available in the UK properly and that I don’t have to order it sight unseen from the US like previous years. I’m considering it for if I start a dedicated Disney bracelet. :D Thanks for commenting! :)

  14. Hi Ellie,
    Some gorgeous pieces here, but I won´t be getting much from this collection. Maybe the Flourishing Hearts pendant and thew slice of cake to go with the teapot and teacup. I don´t mind the inscription, as it is so tiny.
    On a different note it seems we are going to miss out on the pretty Patterns of Love bangle as well as the Lotus and the other dangling heart shaped charm with the two birdies inside it. At least they are not in the Spring/Mother´s Day catalogue, so I don´t think we are going to see them anytime.
    I love the bows too, but the charm seems to be huge. I think it will look gorgeous as a stand alone on an oval bangle.
    All in all, I´m more foused on the Spring Launch.
    Have a nice week ahead, Ellie and thank you for this post.

    • Hi Marie! I’m also more focused on the Spring launch but this collection is very sweet, too. I imagine I’ll revisit it properly once I’ve got more from the Spring release. and once I know what bracelet design I want to do next!

      I do wonder where that other bird bead is coming out. Perhaps it’s an Asian exclusive! Normally information has come out at this point, but not so far this year. The Lotus, as far as I’ve had confirmed so far, will be available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

      Have a lovely weekend and thanks for commenting!

  15. Oh regarding the harmonious hearts: I also wanted to mention that beside the guardian angel being always with you idea, I also read that many pregnant women wear them to hang near the bump to have a comforting sound for the baby in womb (not sure they’d actually be loud enough for the baby to hear). Once the baby is born you shorten the chain and it can comfort the baby when being held or fed. This may be why they were released with the Mother’s day collection.

    And if anyone is interested my store had a brand called Engelsrufer that I may check out next time I’m there!

    • I had one of those baby chime necklaces when I was expecting my first son, I really love it and still wear it now. Its a silver heart on a slim black leather strap, and it hung right over the bump and had the most beautiful chime. None of my babies seemed to recognise the sound after they were born though, but I still love it anyway. I love that it has that story behind it, and that my babies might have heard the chime in the womb! I would recommend it as a gift for any pregnant friend or relative!

      • How lovely! It sounds like a very special piece of jewelry. I was going to look into getting one for my Sister-in-law who is newly pregnant. I’ll consider the Pandora Rose necklace but the price is pretty steep haha.

    • Hi Tracey thanks for this! :) The bead I’m referring to is really similar, but it’s just two love birds rather than a mother/baby. It’s just after the Lotus bead in this article.

  16. Thanks Ellie for this wonderful preview. Lots of things to consider… my wish list is getting longer each month. LOL

    If anyone would like the lotus outisde Canada, I am willing to help. In Ontario Canada, there is a 13% tax above the 50$, so the lotus would be 56.50$ plus shipping.

    When time comes, you can send me an email at . Just to let you know I will be away April 15 to 20th and will not have access to my emails. Going to Florida! YEH!

    Have a wonderful Spring everyone! Feeling so blessed to be part of this community.:)

    • Thank you so much for offering to help Rachelle! I want this charm very badly! I plan to take you up on your offer. ;)

      • I like to idea of becoming a Pandora fairy :)

        I will be able to pick up some lotus on April 12 and should be able to ship before I leave. Send me your full address and I will check how much the shipping beforehand.

        I have a paypal account for Friend/Family transactions.

    • That’s so kind of you to offer to help people Rachelle! :) Hope you have a wonderful time in Florida. :D

  17. There is Lotus dangle on New Zealand and Australia catalogue for $59/$49 available in stores from 12 April :)

  18. For Ellie and everyone else who would like to see a live image of the Plentiful Hearts Murano, the Instagram account Twentyninebeads has one. The colors are a bit pale for my taste, but everyone can have a look for themselves!

    • Thanks so much Joanne! I actually really like the paler colours in that bead. My interest is piqued!

    • Hi Alex, the existing charm lockets only take one petite, so I imagine the same is true for this one.

  19. Love the brilliant bow & shiny bow clips. I don’t know why but I am not warming to the teardrop shape bales they have on the love couple, perfect home, and mother & baby bird dangles. Just don’t like the shape I think.

    • Oh I hadn’t even noticed the different bails. That’s interesting. I’ll have to take a closer look at them when I’m next in store!

  20. I must get my hands on the bouquet charm! It is almost identical to the bouquet I had at my wedding, with pink roses, lavenders and a purple ribbon! So happy I can have a charm so strongly connected with my precious moments…

    • Oh what a lovely coincidence! :) Sounds perfect. I love the oxidised swirls of the flowers, too – a very pretty bead.

  21. Question for you, I have heard you say you use the Stackers for your Pandora jewelry. Do you need an anti-tarnish strip or desiccant packets in it or will it keep away tarnish on it’s own?

    Thank you!

    • They’re not anti-tarnish boxes, so I put anti-tarnish strips in mine and that seems to work a treat. :)

  22. My favorites are the flourishing hearts pendant and the silver/rose gold heart highlights dangle. I’m also interested in seeing the mouse and balloon, elephant and balloon, cake slice dangle, and maybe even the trophy. (Oh so many dangles as TeriK noted!).

    Since I got several spring release beads I’m not going to rush out and buy a bunch of Mother’s Day release beads. I may buy my two favorites and decide which others I’d like to get later.

  23. Hi Ellie,

    This will be short and sweet! I looked at the balloon with the mice and went into my collection pulled out my Pudsey Bears and thought wouldn’t they look great together. I think the elephant and balloon would also work.
    You could have a magical teddy bears picnic! I will be getting the mouse & balloon for that special touch of whimsy, pull out the Pudsey’s and the be mine tea cup with the mouse inside. The Mother’s Day collection is nice and I think the inscription love makes a family can apply to all types and sizes of families, which is nice.

    Just a thought.

    Lisa K

  24. The Love Birds charm is a China exclusive (according to the Pandora Launch guide). The item number is 797316CFP.

      • You would need to know someone in China that could pick it up and mail it, or know someone going to China to pick it up for you. There might be someone on the Facebook buy and sell pages that could help too.

    • I even like the adjustable sliding bracelet with the large bow that’s half bangle. At least I like it in the pictures!

    • I have been waiting patiently for weeks for that one too but I also cant see it on any website. Have taken today off work to go and buy it so I’m hoping it’s in stores otherwise I’ll be very disappointed!!

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