Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for March 2016! Included in this month’s feature are more details on the release of the Pandora Spring 2016 collection, some live images and campaign imagery, and details on a Pandora Disney price increase.

pandora spring 2016

Coming up on the blog this month, we have more reviews and a couple more previews yet to come, so we’re not quite done with preview season yet. :D The new blog look seems to have bedded in well, and I’m glad that the response to the change has been so positive!

The other thing to add before we get started is that yes, finally, I have the North American and European prices for the upcoming Pandora SS16 collections! :D Everyone has been asking, and they’ve finally come through. I’ll be adding the prices into the existing previews this evening and tomorrow, so keep an eye on those for more info.

Pandora Spring 2016 Collection Release

The biggest, and most exciting, Pandora event for the month is undoubtedly the launch of the Pandora Spring 2016 collection on the 17th March! Entitled Poetic Blooms, and featuring softs pinks and purples, the collection offers a selection of floral and natural designs. A full preview of the collection, plus live shots, are available if you have a look through the Pandora Spring 2016 tag.

pandora spring 2016

In addition to the release of the regular Pandora Spring collection, there are also releases for Pandora’s other lines scheduled for the 17th. These include new launches for:

Pandora have added some gorgeous new campaign images to their online magazine. My favourite is this one, which showcases the new pink and purple Shimmer faceted muranos beautifully:

pandora spring 2016 pastel muranos

Pandora SS16 Live Shots

There have been a few more media previews in the last month or so, with some brand new live shots of all Pandora’s upcoming collections. :D I’ve collated them here for you.

Pandora Spring 2016 live shots

Immediately, the new pink and purple Shimmer muranos stand out again for me. They look so beautiful in person! The live shots also really show off the new cabochon rings, which look gorgeous stacked together. I love the aqua shade in particular.

Excitingly, there are also some good shots of the new Pandora Disney Spring 2016 collection! The Rapunzel signature murano looks darker than I expected in these images, and the White Rabbit’s coat is quite a deep red enamel:

There are also two great videos of the new jewellery, which showcase both the regular spring collections and some of the upcoming Pandora Disney charms:

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 live shots

You can see both of the new Mother’s Day 2016 safety chains in these two additional live shots, plus another look at the upcoming pearlescent heart. It looks to be a pretty light peach/pink.

Pandora Disney Price Increase

Recently, I noticed that many of the prices on the Disney Store for Pandora have gone up by $5 USD. Muranos are now $55, for example. :/

pandora disney parks price increase

However, prices for Pandora Disney at Pandora concept stores seem to still be unchanged (or, at least, they were on the US Pandora eStore). I imagine that the Pandora prices will follow suit eventually, so it might be worth getting what you want, sooner rather than later.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Gift Bag

Just in case you missed it, the UK got their Mother’s Day release last month and with it came a rather beautiful limited edition Pandora gift bag. I managed to snag one on a trip to London last weekend. It’s so pretty! :D It has a gold tassel handle, as well, but I forgot to hold that up for the picture.

pandora mother's day 2016 bound by love

The accompanying gift packaging is rather nice, too (Pandora’s image, not mine):

pandora mother's day 2016

Pandora North American Bracelet Promotion

It’s one of the biggest Pandora events of the year: the free bracelet promo for the US and Canada is set to run right at the end of this month. From 31st March until the 3rd of April, spend $100 USD and get a free silver Pandora bracelet.

pandora spring 2016

Unfortunately, I’ve not heard whether any other deals will be offered in addition to the $100 offer (in previous years, two-tone bracelets have been offered as a gift with a $500 spend). I’ll let you know when I hear more about it.

This is the perfect opportunity to indulge in any charms you might like from the Spring 2016 collection, so it’s probably worth waiting a couple of weeks for this promotion (if you can manage it! :P).

My Comment

I am very excited for the launch of the Spring 2016 collections, and I have my wish list pretty much mapped out now. ;) I’ll be doing the bracelet promo as well, hopefully, with the help of friends overseas. My absolute favourites from the upcoming launch are the new muranos – the Flower Garden, the Pink Shimmer and the Purple Shimmer. I’m also excited to try out the new bracelet! From the upcoming Disney launch, Maximus is a must-have – and I’m quite tempted by the White Rabbit, too, despite his garish colouring.

What are you looking forward to most this month? Have you worked out which items you’re going to get yet?

84 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for March 2016

  1. Great post! Looking forward to seeing prices :-) Can’t wait for free bracelet promo end of this month <3

    • Hi Natalie, any idea what bracelet can we choose from the free bracelet promo event? I’m eyeing silver oxidized bracelet and new threadless bracelet. Will the new mickey bracelet part of the selection as well? I’m also excited, getting a friend from US to help me…

      • I don’t know, I am guessing any bracelet up to $65, and hopefully we can upgrade to other bracelets if we want to. Haven’t heard if two-tone will have the $500 spend promo this time.

      • I’ve not had any info on the specifics yet, which is a little frustrating! I don’t know about that Mickey bracelet – I imagine it isn’t included, tbh.

    • Thanks! Prices are up for the Spring 2016 collection charms. I’ll get around to the rest when I’ve got a moment. ^^
      I’m excited for the promo as well! Although I still need to map out exactly what I’m getting…

      • I know, I’m still deciding too! I’m pretty sure I want the 2 tone Locked Hearts charm at least, problem is it’s $90 so I have to figure out an affordable charm to pair with it to get to $100 without going too much over. I’ll have to see what else I fall in love with :-D

        • That’s a fun decision to make ^^ As Joanne says, the new bunny is one of the only new plain silver options to make up the spend!

        • I’m planning to get the Locked Hearts bead as well. I’m planning to get a $25 open work bead, Ocean Breeze, to meet the $100 spend. Wildflower Walk, Butterfly Garden, and Picking Daisies are three other great $25 open work beads. The new all silver flower dangle/pendant should look good with the Picking Daisies openwork bead.

      • Do you have any new on any Asian exclusives for this year? I’ve noticed they don’t seem to have done any yet :)

  2. I’m so excited for the Spring collection to release. I’ve got my list together of what I like and from the live shots so far, I don’t see my list changing.
    On my list is the new threadless bracelet, crystal silicone spacers, pink primrose clip, poetic bloom charm, blooming dahlia pendant and clips, forget me not charm and spacers, dazzling daisy fairy charm, spring garden charm, shimmering bouquet ring, blooming dahlia ring and the small forget me not ring. I might get the blush pink radiant hearts charm to go with the blooming dahlia. I like to have symmetry on my bracelets, so will need two of some of these above.
    I just need to decide which ones to buy first. My list is that long, I’ll have to buy them over a few months. I’ve got design ideas in my head and put them into groups of what I want to buy together.
    I’ve seen all the live pictures on Instagram and saw the new pictures in the magazine, which show me some better pictures of the rings and charms I want.
    I just can’t wait to go in store and see them.
    Look forward to your previews and reviews coming up.
    What’s on your list for the Spring collection?

    • Ooh that’s a very comprehensive list! I still like that idea of putting the Blush Radiant Hearts with the Dahlia. That would look lovely. The blush facets charm would also be beautiful, but you’d need one of the pinker ones. It’s funny how much they vary – I was in the store last weekend and I compared the ones on display with the ones on my wrist. The vast majority of the ones in the cabinet were very yellowy and nude under the light. Mine’s much more berry-coloured, and it would look nice with the Dahlia clip as well I think!
      My Spring collection list is a little variable, but my must-haves are the pink & purple shimmer muranos, the flower garden murano, Maximus from the Disney collection and the new bracelet. I think I’ll also get the pink primrose clips for the bracelet.
      Possibles are the Dazzling Daisy Fairy, the Poetic Blooms pendant, the Spring Time dangle and the White Rabbit from Disney. I’m also quite tempted by the new butterfly jewellery, although they might be Asian exclusives…

      • Sorry I’m all new to this. Have I missed something about the butterfly jewellery? Are there pictures?
        I apologise if I sound like a numpty, but all this is information overload and I’m struggling to take it all in, even though I’m reading and re-reading these posts an comments ?

      • I’ve been thinking through my designs and I think I’m going to get the poetic bloom pendant dangle instead of the heart charm. Also I think I’m going to leave the threadless bracelet and silicone spacers for now.
        The pink primrose clip has got silicone inside it. I’m going to use it as a spacer in my design.
        Yeah I’ve heard the butterfly jewellery is going to be an Asian exclusive.

        • I like the Poetic Bloom pendant as well, and it’ll look nice on my pink floral oxi bracelet. It needs a third dangle ^^

  3. I will be getting the flower garden murano in Russia and the perfume in France. Confidentially, all my work and personal travel coincides with the Pandora launches so I can (hopefully) avoid the higher UK prices this year. Let me know if you want me to pick up anything for you . I wish the UK had a free bracelet promo now though as I really need a new bracelet

    • Ooh! I used to like getting my charms from as many different places as possible, when I first started collecting. It made each purchase seem more special. That has fallen by the wayside these days, but it is still fun to look at my first couple of bracelets and to remember where I got them all.
      Thanks so much for that offer, Judie! I’ll let you know. ^^

  4. Do you know yet, if the new Disney bracelet is part of the promotion? I was going to wait to buy some Disney charms, for the promotion, but if it’s not, I’ll probably buy now before the price increase hits. Thanks!

    • I don’t have confirmation on that yet, but I would imagine that it isn’t. It’s possible that some stores will let you upgrade if you pay a little extra, but that’s just speculation on my part!

    • Yeah, although I’m surprised that they haven’t coordinated the increase with Pandora. It’s just encouraging people to buy the Disney charms elsewhere, as it stands…

  5. Hi Ellie I’m really excited to see all the new pieces I would really like the rabbits head charm for Easter. And I’m excited to see the rapunzel charms eeeeee. Just being nosey what did you purchase from London Pandora.

    • Hi Nicola! The rabbit charm is a cute one for Easter, especially with those pastel pinks and purples. You could make a very sweet Easter bracelet with those! Hehe I’m excited for Maximus as well. He’s definitely on my list for the bracelet promo… I got my limited edition Bound by Love charm in London. :D Review coming soon…

  6. Did all the uk stores have the Mother’s Day bags? My local store didn’t even have the jewellery box quite gutted actually :(

    • I don’t know for sure on that one – I know there was a shortage of the Mother’s Day boxes (none of the stores I’ve been to have had one), but most seem to have received the packaging. It’s a bit rubbish about the boxes!

  7. Omg, count down for 2 more weeks to see the real stuff in the store! And the most excited news is free bracelet promo in US, I’ll be getting a friend help on this. I need to get the oxidized bracelet, hopefully it is part of free bracelet promo campaign?
    Oh no, if they have free two tone bracelet with USD500 spent, i will be crazy for that! I wanted to own it for so long but budget blow…

    • I know, not long to go now! The oxidised bracelet is usually an option with the free bracelet promo, so I would imagine you will be able to get one. :)
      I did the two-tone bracelet promo last March as a one-off special. So much fun to open that parcel from Canada with so many Spring 2015 and Disney goodies in it! I won’t be doing that again, ever, I imagine, but it was so much fun that one time. And it was actually a reasonably economical way to indulge in everything I wanted from the new collections, in a way, as the exchange rate worked out very well for me :P

      • If you buy the two toned Iconic set comes with 2 two toned Sunburst clips and one $50 charm your choice plus spend $75 more add up to Can $550 to get free two toned bangle. This is the most discount (43% discount) to get two toned bracelet and bangle.

        • Thanks Michelle!
          Does it mean that promo is on in this end Mar? When u said two tone iconic set, does it mean it is available all year round in US etore? If this is really true to then i can own two tone bracelet and bangle at the same time with such a great discount!!! Let me check it out in US estore website now.

    • Get the 2 toned Iconic set plus one charm add up to U.S. $500 to get free 2 tone bangle, 43% off to have both bracelet & bracelet.

    • Canada has it on Pandora catalog all year round, you can buy Two toned Iconic set Can $475 ( $555 value)at any concept store or jewelry shop. We don’t have estore in Canada yet. I might spend Can $550 plus 13% tax to get both two toned bracelet and bangle at once. 2015 March had Two toned promotion, I think it will come back this year. If you can’t get it from estore, they don’t list everything. You just buy direct from any concept store.

      • I am a earrings person, has 50 pairs real semi precious stone & small diamond earrings. Since 2015, I am collecting Pandora bracelet, 2 heart clasp, 2 rose gold, 1 oxidized bracelet all from free bracelet promotion, add $5 upgrade to oxidizes, add $15 upgrade to rose gold. Then I got paved barrel bracelet with 2 Layers of Lace clips & Radiant Bloom beautiful gift set $225 during free charm promotion, I got 2 free charms, I picked 2 toned Fill with Love dangle & Abundance of Love Pink enamel. After X’mas, Pandora ad spend $150 get free charm again, I got 2 free paved Lights, red cz if I want to wear as a pair of earrings. Oh! I like LE bangle, I have LE paved Heart gift set during promotion ( lucky to get the last small size, I waited until the promotion ), LE 2014 paved Star with paved X’mas Tree $110 and 2 Dainty Bow free. I only buy when is promotion or go to outlet store for my treasure hurting, this is one of my hobby to shop for bargain.

    • Two toned Iconic set # 590702HG , includes Two-Toned bracelet, two Sunburst clips (790216×2) and the charm of your choice, valued up to $50. Can $475 (retail value of $555) on Pandora 2016 catalog. Good luck for your treasure hurting!

      • OMG, so tempted now. Million thanks to Michelle for such a great info! Will ask my friend check it out for me.

      • Hi Michelle and Ellie…
        OMG Singapore was having great promo few days back after i commented on this. This 1st time they had free TT bracelet campaign with sgd750 spent. With Michelle suggestion, i took TT bangle with 1 charm to meet the quota and get the TT bracelet. Great deal!!!
        Thanks to Michelle for suggestion else i am quite reluctant to buy many charm to meet sgd750 as i usually get charms from Australia which is so much cheaper.

        • Yes, this is the best deal to get both two toned bracelet and bangle at the same time. I am waiting for Canada promotion 31th March to see if they have two toned bracelet promotion. Very happy for you to get what you want.

    • Aha, I like them too! All the muranos for this release are beautiful. I look forward to hearing and seeing what you got!
      Have a wonderful week too!

  8. Hi Ellie,

    Your post really makes me feel like spring is on the way. I play a game with myself every March 1st and say over and over only four weeks to spring! Even if we have are having a raging blizzard here on April 1st I take heart knowing the snow will melt quickly. The flowers & Muanos in this collection really stand out for me. I will be travelling to Ottawa next week and I will pop into the downtown Pandora store. Sadly, my trip will be too early for the launch but I might finally pick up the frog prince to put in with some of my flower themed charms.

    Pandora seems to have only retired a few charms this year, my local shop in shop had a tray of them. I’m hoping the trend of huge product retirements like we had over the last few years is done for a while or at least for this year.

    I have to say I am eager for the bracelet promo I hope top pick-up the new threadless moments bracelet. The blooming Dhalia calls to me as do those wonderful new silicone spacers. Last fall the fascinating blush charm cane out and as much as I love it, enough to buy two, this charm seemed out of place with all the jewel tones. I think this charm will blend nicely with the spring pastels.

    Ellie, I am excited to see what your spring designs will look like, no

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      It doesn’t feel much like spring quite yet here either, so it’s nice to be looking at all these pretty flowers from Pandora. It actually snowed quite heavily for half an hour here today! The muranos are my favourites, too. The Flower Garden murano looks just heavenly from the live shots so far. The Frog Prince is one of my most-loved charms and I would definitely recommend getting one! :D

      Yeah, there’s not really all that much left for them to retire these days is there haha. :P A lot of the classic silvers and two-tones are gone already!

      I have my Fascinating Blush charm with my Radiant Hearts charm in blush on a brown leather bracelet. It looks nice that way, but it would look gorgeous with the Dahlia charms too. :)

      Haha, I’m already cooking some up to try out when I finally get my hands on the new Spring charms! I’m looking forward to reviewing them. The Valentine’s charms were nice but I’d love to do something other than hearts. It feels super repetitive, but that’s what Pandora have been putting out over the last couple of months. It’ll be fun to do something different!

      Thanks for commenting Lisa!

  9. Hi, Ellie! Thanks for the prices on the Spring collection. Now I can plan my spending. I hope my local shop-in-shop will have everything I want in stock by the date of the launch. Patience is not my cardinal virtue!

    • Hi Angie, you’re welcome! They were very late this season. :) Patience is not one of my virtues either, so I’m hoping very much that there aren’t any delays with the muranos this time around. They are what I’m looking forward to the most!

  10. Oh, those Shimmer Muranos! I think what I’ll do is get the flower Murano the day it comes out and then something else for the bracelet promo. Do we assume that the new threadless bracelet will be the freebie?

    • The flower murano is going to be a day one purchase for me, too! I am hoping that the threadless bracelet will be included in the promo, as it should be the same price as the regular silver bracelet. I don’t have the specifics yet though!

  11. Hi Ellie. These all look fab. Choices choices! There is a particular charm I don’t think I’ve seen before! It’s on the pic by wendycr and is at the top of the picture laying on its side and looks like it has a pink butterfly on it! What is that called please? Many thanks.

  12. hi there, it is so exciting with all these new releases upon us, cant wait to start shopping, gonna need more than 1 new bracelet for all these great charms :)

    • Hi Alex! Yeah I’m planning all my new purchases as well. I keep changing my mind about what to get first. I’m going to try and pace myself (although I think we can all appreciate how well that might go…). Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  13. I’m really looking forward to this release! Usually I wait until the presale (for the bracelet promo, which is one week before the promo) to see the beads, but this time I’m going to go check the beads out before the presale so I can determine what I want to select at the presale. I’m a murano freak, so I’m looking most forward to seeing the new muranos. It’s a bummer, though, that the murano prices are so high (and a Disney increase as well!).

    • The muranos are also top of my list! I’m still irrationally nervous that one or more of them might have production issues, haha. Touch wood they’re all out on time! The muranos are very pricey in the US, I hope they’re not more than the standard £35 here in the UK…

  14. My list is endless as you can guess :P The three new muranos, the fairy openwork, snazzy spacer clips, the new leather bracelet/threadless bracelet, the peachy enamel heart, and the butterfly selection! I really need to slow down…. I’m terrible. Thanks for the lovely round-up :D and if the butterfly collection do happen to be Asian-exclusives, you know where I am ;) xxx

    P.S. Have you seen Chamilia’s Alice in Wonderland collection? I think they did really well on all the charms :O

    • Aha, and mine! You’ve picked out some nice ones there. And haha thank you – I am so tempted by that butterfly necklace! :P We all enable each other rather badly don’t we!

      I did, I saw the Chamilia charms on Endangered Trolls recently. I loved so many of their concepts, especially the Cheshire Cat and the fob watch. I had a beautiful fob watch that I used to wear years ago – it was only from a high street store, but it was gorgeous. I wore it until it just fell apart. ^^ I’d love a Pandora charm of one!

  15. Hi Ellie,
    Looks like I’m adding the pink and purple shimmer muranos to my spring wish list. I started a
    bracelet at the end of summer last year with Cosmic Stars multicolored clips as well as the
    Multicolored Pave’ Lights, but never could seem to find the right shade of pink or purple to get
    it completed. After seeing the above picture, I should be able to complete this bracelet to my
    liking. Really like the glittered look of these muranos. Think they go well with the sparkle of
    Multicolored charms. My list keeps growing! Having a hard time deciding what to buy first!!!

    Thanks for this post.

    Have A Great Day Ellie!

    • Hi Emily! Good choices. I’ve already got a bracelet plotted out that I want to add them to. ^^ Love your idea of putting them with the Cosmic stars clips. Hadn’t thought of that, but that will look gorgeous! I’m putting mine with some plain silver classic charms and the lavender candy-stripe murano. Possibly also the new Rapunzel murano too!

      Thanks for commenting and have a great evening Emily!

  16. Hi Ellie!
    I’m really excited to see in person the Spring collection and start bringing home one by one all my desirable ones!I mainly can’t wait to get the new muranos! I was pleasantly surprised to see their price (thank you for informing us!). The blue one from winter costs 49€! Don’t they use for all shimmering muranos the same materials? Strange… But perfect! :-)
    I’m also happy that my friend Alex, who I’ve met through your blog, will help me get the Rapunzel murano, too!I hope they match well with the shimmering purple one!
    Any idea if there will be a bracelet promo in UK as well? I’ll be in London from 26 until 30 of March, and it would be really convenient to participate to a promo, of any kind!
    Thank you for the prices and the lovely round-up, Ellie! Can’t wait for Spring release after that! :-) ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa! I am so excited for the new muranos, too. I saw some more live shots of the pink and purple shimmer ones and they look so good! They may well be first-day purchases for me. ^^ I don’t think these Shimmer muranos are the same as the Iridescent one from Winter. They’re a different line and the effect is different. So that’s probably why they’re cheaper :)
      I don’t think there are any promos in the UK during that time unfortunately! The bracelet promo here tends to run later in the year, September/October time. But you could always go shopping for some Pandora Rose, as that’s not available in Greece? :D
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! Lovely to hear from you as always!

  17. I saw the spring collection today! My local store called yesterday to tell me that Pandora accidentally shipped the collection very early, so they put it on sale:)

    I couldn’t help myself; I bought the shimmer muranos, 2 of the rabbits, the flowered heart, the 2 purple button charms, one of the pink droplet muranos, and even 2 of the letter charms, which had very nice silverwork. I thought these charms were all beautiful.

    Truthfully, I only bought what I most wanted; there were other pieces I wanted, but the charms have gotten so expensive I just can’t buy anymore. Some disappointments: The flowered murano was not shipped with the rest. They expect it to be shipped later. More production problems?:( The butterfly garden is coming out with the mother’s day group, not the spring. The threadless bracelet was also disappointing. It is meant for only 5 to 7 charms. If you divide this small number of charms with the new spacers, the effect is an almost empty bracelet with clumps of charms. Imho, it was not attractive. I would use the bangle and clips for this limited number of charms, myself. Maybe other people will have other ideas on how to use this bracelet, hopefully better ones!

    The store did not have the Disney charms yet. I am also looking forward to seeing these…

    • Ooh that’s so exciting Lisa! UK stores never put it out early, so I have to live vicariously through you guys until the 17th arrives haha.
      Lovely first choices! :D I can’t wait for the shimmer muranos myself, they look so gorgeous. I am anxious to hear that the flower garden murano was not shipped with the others. I have been jokingly saying how disappointed I would be if that one was delayed and seem to have jinxed it haha. Fingers crossed that one comes out on time in the UK as I was so excited for it!
      Oh gosh, the threadless bracelet is only meant to have a small number of charms? That changes things completely. It’s much less attractive to me now. That’s weird, especially as Pandora’s own campaign images seem to have added a fair number of charms to it, as far as I recall. But the silicone clips are great for bangles and leathers regardless, as you say.

      Thanks so much for sharing your first impressions Lisa! Very interesting!

      • The 5 to 7 charms include the spacers. If you put 3 spacers, you can maybe add 4 charms? This doesn’t make sense to me. Why are you spacing 4 charms out? I forgot to mention that the salesperson told me the threadless bracelets are supposed to be lightweight and carry fewer charms, to be used for a small number of pave charms for an evening, or fancier look. If that is true, they don’t seem to have made this clear in their marketing. I’m very unclear on the use of the bracelet, especially since the silicone clips are expensive themselves and use up your bead alotment. The main attraction of the bracelet for me would be the spherical clip as well as the smoother look of the bracelet itself. The use of the clips would not be attractive to me.

      • Hi Ellie I asked my store and yes indeed the flower murano charm is now coming out in the Summer collection. She said that the new bracelet can hold 16-28 charms. I’m a bit disappointed about the murano though lol

  18. Ooooo thank god I did not pay 75 dollars for that wishes charm at the parks I actually paid 65 for mine so it must’ve went 10 dollars up USD

    & especially now that the Canadian dollars compared to the US dollar is SUPER bad right now & unfortunately it isn’t a good time for me to be ordering any of the exclusives yet I guess I’ll just have to wait a bit till the dollar rate gets a little better so I guess I’m stuck with the ones that the normal Pandora stores are releasing where I can pay for them in Canadian dollars with no paying for shipping & import charge fees
    So I’m kinda happy that I don’t desperately want any of the Disney spring exclusives this year cause it’s less tempting to spend money that I actually shouldn’t

    • Oh wow, it went up that much?! I regret not getting them at the time. The prices are sky high at Disney now!

      You’re right about the US/Canadian dollar. It’s much cheaper for me to get help from friends in Canada than in the US. The only problem is how crummy Canada Post is being right now – I’m still waiting on a package posted to the UK from Canada in January. :(

      • Ya prices at Disney World & Disneyland are gonna be sky high no matter what you even touch I mean even for a child’s single pen with Princesses all over it is like 10 dollars American & the clothes are just simply scary & the Disney adult hoodies at the parks are just as much as the Pandora charms there like 65 to 75 dollars & was only able to get 3 hoodies there I couldn’t get the Disney white sorcerer 2016 hoodie & it would of matched up with a lot of charms I got

        Though I also did hear that the wishes charm was one of their most popular ones & they sell out on it very fast cause it kinda reminds them of New Years when the fireworks show literally bursted into the sky at Magic Kingdom & it doesn’t have the year on it so you can wear it on your bracelet for years to come & the 2016 mind you it is my favourite & aside from that it a nice charm but most would are gonna replace it with the 2017 one when 2017 comes cause I guess some like to be up to date with the yearly charms personly I love the 2016 one & will be shocked to see the 2017 one beating it cause I wasn’t to fond of the 2015 one & especially they made a lot of Disney 60th anniversary charms to match up the 2015 to much so the 15 charm to me was just ruined & didn’t stand out as much & after all the year one is kinda suppose to stand out but the wishes one will be able to stay for many years to come & luckily when I walked into the World of Disney store in Disney Spings they said it was one of the last wishes charm that they had to take off one of the samples & told me that it was very popular cause the most that each store that gets them is only able to order about 10 of each charm in cause they told me that in the store I went in before I went into World of Disney so they told me that at Market Place Co-Op

  19. Hi Ellie. I’m so excited about the Spring collection coming out soon. Is there any information on the pricing of the Mothers Day collection yet ? I also was able to het the Mothers Day bag and packaging. A lovely lady from the UK from one of the Pandora pages sent it to me. I only paid for shipping with was fairly cheap lol. Can’t wait for your next review. Have a great day !

    • Hi Linda, yes I have pricing for the Mother’s Day charms but not the jewellery yet. I’ll upload that soon!
      Yay you got a Mother’s Day bag! That was nice of your UK friend. I managed to snag myself one in London when I got my LE Bound by Love charm. That’s being reviewed very soon! :) Have a great day too!

  20. I’m kind of a newbie to Pandora but is there a limitation on how many free bracelets you can get during the promo? I was plotting out what I wanted and my total came up to $200 so would I be able to get 2 free bracelets? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide :)

    • Usually the stores will give you 1 free bangle for each $100 you spend, so yes, you should get 2 bangles.

    • Pandora want more business, I saw one lady got 10 free charm last year during free charm promotion. In Toronto, customers spend $2000 to $3000 during promotion to take advantage of low Candian $ to bring back Pandora to Asia.

  21. Hi Ellie. Another store has told me that the flower garden murano will be coming out in the Summer collection. I’m so disappointed. I was hoping to get that one on the first day it came out. Looking forward to another update lol. Have a great week .

    • Hi Linda, I’ve heard that from a few sources now :'( I’m sooo disappointed! And I’m going to have to change all my spring review ideas now. But thanks for the info all the same :)

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