There’s just over a week until the launch of the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection, and today – as is tradition – I have HQ images, detailed commentary, and additional pricing for all of the new charms coming out! This year’s Autumn 2018 collection features majestic purples, regal motifs, and lovely grains inspired by the season.

Pandora Autumn 2018 fairytales

The collection is due out on 30 August worldwide. Here I’m focusing on the regular charms and bracelets – there will also be pieces for the Shine, Rose, Disney and jewellery lines. I’ve linked to those previews below:

I haven’t had any kind of go ahead from Pandora about a Disney preview I’m afraid though chaps. :( In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this HQ walk through the Pandora Autumn 2018 Moments charms and bracelets!

Pandora Autumn 2018 collection preview

First up, we have a new charm bracelet, again in the new padlock style. I absolutely love the detailing on the clasp, and it’s all-silver design. My problem is, however, that I would want to fill it up with charms, and I’m not sure that that’s how best to wear these padlock bracelets. This one is retailing for $75 USD or £60.


Next – charms! I’m beginning with one of the most charming options, Bruno the Unicorn. This little guy is an all silver design, and so very cute. My OH thinks he looks a little like a uni-cow haha, but regardless, too adorable and definitely coming home with me on release day! He’s priced at $40 USD / £30.

Pandora Bruno the Unicorn 797609The Regal Beauty features translucent purple enamel, arranged in what looks to be a slightly hypnotic spiderweb design. It will be retailing for $50 USD or £40.

797607EN13 Pandora
The Regal Key pendant is another from this collection that scores highly with me – the intertwining silver detail and oxidation of the key itself is lovely. It’s affordable at $45 USD or £35.Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Iridescent White Glass murano comes in silver and Rose, and represents something new for Pandora – murano glass beads with patterned silver cores. I think this works rather nicely, and am looking forward to seeing some live shots of it in action! The only thing that I’m not sure about from the image is whether the coring as the same height as the bead – I prefer the silver cores not to overwhelm the glass. It’s priced at $55 USD or £45.

797617 PandoraThe Dazzling Crown clip would be fab for a London-themed or Disney princess themed bracelet, I think, and is priced at $45 USD or £35.797634CZ PandoraThe Love Potion charm is another that catches my eye, as I do love a nice pastel pink! The stone is simply described as a ‘pink mist crystal’. I’d put it with the white iridescent murano and some of the fairytale beads for a nice white-and-pink styling. It’ll be priced at $55 USD or £45.

Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Fairy Tale Castle is lovely and solid in its detailing, with lots of little windows and gates beautifully depicted. However, it’s similar to many of the Disney Parks castle beads, if you already own one. It’s priced at $50 USD or £40.Pandora Autumn 2018The Free as a Bird is reminiscent of a classic two-tone Spring 2013 design that was one of my all-time favourite Pandora charms. This new version features the ubiquitous pavé detail of ‘newer’ style Pandora, but also a few of its own very sweet quirks – I love the little curlicues around the bottom of the charm, and the way the dangling bird can either be worn caged or uncaged. You can see that the cage itself is hinged and will open and shut! It’s priced at $55 USD or £45.Pandora Autumn 2018The Fairytale Book charm has a cute horse design on the front, and Our fairytale written inside. I have a few of these book-type dangles, and while they’re very cute, they do have a tendency not to shut properly after a little while. This is another modern Pandora take on a Spring 2013 classic – this version will be $55 USD.797611EN23

The Layers of Lace charm is a honeycomb decorative piece that reminds me a lot of the Pandora SS14 pieces. It’s retailing for $45 USD or £35 – this strikes me as being more affordable than a lot of Pandora’s similar statement pieces, which usually feature more pavé.

797653CZ PandoraThe Keys of Love charm is retailing for $55 USD or £45. I wonder if it’s quite jingly in person, with all those little silver keys knocking against each other.


The Lock & Heart features two silver heart charms connected by a silver chain in a rather sweet design, priced at $55 USD. I would love this, but the pavé at the bail detracts a little for me – it’s not a design that needs sparkle.

797642CZ PandoraThe Love You Lock will be $45 USD or £35.

797655 PandoraThe United Regal Hearts is $45 USD or £35.797670My favourite of these abstract heart charms is this pretty little openwork, however. It has a less contemporary style and an elegance that really appeals to me. It’s $30 USD or £20, which is also a price point that appeals to me, haha.

797672 Pandora

By far the most interesting thing about the Regal Love Key charm is its beautifully elegant filigree panel. I’d strip away the sparkle at the bail and around the edge of the locket, and replace it with elegant silver beading, though, I think. It’s priced at $60 USD or £50.797660CZThe Faceted Floating Locket is marked as a seasonal item, which means it will be retired after this season. You can see how this looks with a petite inside in the campaign image at the top of the post. It’ll sell for $65 USD or £55.


The Sparkling Love charm is reminiscent of many other Pandora beads, offering a straightforward heart design in CZs. It will retail for $75 USD.797608CZ

For years and years, Pandora collectors have been asking for more Halloween charms – well, in the year 2018 they have finally got one! The Sweet Pumpkin scores instant brownie points for being plain silver – I love the style of it, too. I’m definitely in the camp who prefers their Halloween to be more on the cute side rather than actually scary. ? This bead will be $40 USD or £30.

On a side note, I don’t have good pictures for these yet, but there will also be two new US-exclusive Halloween beads in the style of last year’s engraved charms. One is an engraved heart dangle with Hocus Pocus written on it, and the other is a CZ button with Boo-tiful engraved on it.

Pandora Autumn 2018

The Pumpkin ties into another major theme of the Pandora Autumn 2018 – grains, harvest and renewal. The Grains of Energy clip has purple enamel detailing and a pleasing contrast between the two rows of leaves – one has oxidised markings, and the other is plain silver. It will be $40 USD or £30.

Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThere’ll be a safety chain along the same sort of design, too, retailing for $55 USD or £45. This has silicone lining, and is really rather pretty. I love that it’s plain silver, too.


I love the beautiful plain silver styling of this next one, too, with bright twists of silver grains brought together in the shape of a heart. It’s easy to tire of Pandora and their many hearts, but it’s fun when they do something a bit different and reimagine it in terms of a collection’s core theme. It reminds me of the Angelic Feather charm from Autumn 2015. The Icon of Nature will be $35 USD or £25.
797618 PandoraThe Always by Your Side charm sees another visit from the cute little mouse and bird that featured in the Pandora Spring and Mother’s Day 2018 collections, this time given an autumnal twist with grains and purple stones. It’s priced at $50 USD

797671CZRMXThe Bright Seeds is $50 USD or £40. I really like the raised grain detailing around the edge of the heart.797581CZ

The Seeds of Elegance is a simple design, but a pretty one – it has a silicone grip, so can be used for keeping charms in place on smooth bracelets, leathers and bangles. It’s priced at $40 USD or £30.797578The Dazzling Grain Swirls is quite abstract in style, and will retail at $50 USD.797596CZ PandoraThe Radiant Grains of Energy offers a little more colour, and is priced at $80 USD or £65.

797650CCZ Pandora

This charm is engraved with Family is where love grows, and retails for $40 USD / $45 CAD.

797590The Family Locket offers a blush pink dangle, hidden away inside a silver locket case. It’s $55 USD or £45.797615EN130The Family Game is a really cute and new take on a well-worn Pandora theme – it will be available for $40 USD or £30.797626CZ PandoraThe Rabbit Lantern is detailed in pretty pastel enamels. This one won’t be available in the US, but it should be coming to Canada and selected other regions.797603ENMXThe Dazzling Stethoscope celebrates the medical profession, and retails for $40 USD.797487CZThe Hero Dog Tag will be $50 USD.797659CZRMXThe Firefight Essentials will certainly make a mark on any bracelet design, with its bold red enamel – it’s $55 USD.797632ENMXThe Om Symbol is $55 USD.

797584CZ Om

To finish off with, we have two solid 14kt gold charms coming up for Autumn. The first, the Opulent Flower, will be $400 USD.

In the Spotlight will be $400 USD also.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection

On a finishing note, there are a few pieces that I showed in my original Autumn preview that I haven’t posted here. This is because they haven’t appeared in any subsequent catalogues, and they don’t seem like they are still coming out – or not immediately or straightforwardly. I’ll update later if I get confirmation on any of them. The pieces I’m mentioning include the Sparkling Open Heart, the Thank You Letter, and the unnamed Pandora signature pieces, including the heart padlock bangle.

My Comment

There’s lots to love in this collection – I think the grain/harvest motif works beautifully, especially in combination with the Shine collection, and the ‘new’ Pandora take on classic fairytale beads is really enjoyable. My one caveat is that I wish Pandora felt comfortable enough with their designs to not add a sentimental message or a dusting of CZs. The designs are sweet, and nice, and interesting, and they really do speak for themselves. Nevertheless, it continues to be very refreshing to see new characters, new animals, pretty design motifs – and a minority of generic button designs. <3

I just got the sliding silver bracelet in the US promo, and I’m thinking Bruno would look rather nice on it. I’d like to get one of the White Iridescent muranos to go with him, and I think perhaps the Love Potion and Free as a Bird, too. Other than that, I absolutely adore the Sweet Pumpkin and I have a little space carved out for him (get it?!) on my Halloween bracelet. ?

(Also, on a side note, I’m a little behind on my comments and email – it’s been super busy lately, and posts like this one take quite a while to put together! I’ll get on them as soon as possible ?)

What are you planning on getting from this collection? Are you excited for the 30th?

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  1. The Rose Iridescent White Glass Murano is at the top of my list to all but complete an all rose bracelet – it will be the focal point. I think it will be an absolutely stunning piece, and can’t wait for its release. Thanks for the wonderful and detailed previews – I would never have known to keep my eye out for it!

    • My pleasure, Glenda! I am really excited to see the new muranos in person. I love the concept, I just have to see the core/glass ratio in person to make up my mind for sure. ^^

  2. Hi Ellie. Please don’t stress yourself out trying to reply to the comments. You have spoilt us with so many informative posts again lately which generate alot of responses. We understand.

    Love your choices from this collection. Again, looking forward to your reviews of these especially the new Murano and the birdcage.

    I too was taken aback by the amount of engraving on the charms they do look big in your previews but in person you barely notice them I think. I have missed out on a couple of bangles the past because the engraving weren’t appropriate but now I will buy myself the charms despite “I love you”. Clearly I love myself. Lol.

    Must buy for me is the new lock bangle. Love the lock design. Everything else I will decide on once I see in person

    • Hi Lozzie, thank you, that’s very sweet of you! <3 I've been a bit snowed under over the past week or so!

      Yes, I think you're right in saying that the stock images always make the the engravings and messages look more noticeable. I just think it's a trend that Pandora has really come to rely on in recent years that they really don't need! It makes a charm feel less like a charm in its own right and more like a present, if that makes sense haha. I also get myself charms with the sentimental messages on a lot of the time haha. The ones I hesitate over are the 'family' messages, which I would rather wait to have my own family before getting.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  3. Hi Ellie!

    I love almost everything in this collection. On release day I think I’ll concentrate on the Shine scarecrow, the wheat, and seed clips. I also want the Shine mesh bangle, so this will be my birthday haul! I have already experimented with the orange Shape of Love and the Red Twinkle Glass, and they work beautifully with each other as well as with the Shine pieces. I think this will be a nice Autumn design.

    I’m hoping there will be a sale or promo in September. I can then concentrate on the silver and rose pieces. I’m toying with an idea for a lock and key bracelet using my older TT birdcage, the new one, the love potion, the older locks, and the new ones with the keys. The theme would be that love will set you free. I also want the purple enamel “spider web” and the new pumpkin for my Halloween bracelet. And I think I might get Bruno for my summer fair bracelet to be the stuffed animal I won at a game booth. I am also considering adding the new tea pot and cup as the fortune teller’s brew.

    It wasn’t that long ago that I was feeling uninspired by the recycled designs we were seeing. Now, my wallet can’t keep up with my inspiration! It’s such a nice problem to have.

    Thanks for the preview. I am eagerly anticipating next Thursday!

    • Hi Deborah,

      I love your idea of using the older locks on n a design, I have the older TT birdcage, one of my favorite pieces from 2012-2013. My hope is for some good promos, this collection has so much to offer I might have to ask for some pieces for Christmas gifts.
      You are right about the wallet keeping up with the inspiration from this collection. your idea for the pumpkin and purple regal beauty is a lovely one that I may borrow for my local Harvst Jazz & Blues Festival along with Halloween. I wonder if the shine scarecrow would work too with the regal beauty? On that last note, I’ve found jeweller in my city who can clip the message tag off the shine scarecrow charm.
      Good luck with your fall designs.

      Lisa K

      • I’m glad you found someone to take the message tag off the scarecrow. I totally think the scarecrow will work with the regal beauty. I have a beautiful pair of dark amethyst and diamond earrings set in 18k Gold. The colors work very well together.

        I love mixing the older charms with the newer ones. The new charms are so much bigger than the older ones that size variation alone makes a design more interesting. I have never really been satisfied with the way my bird design turned out. It’s just a bunch of birds on a bracelet. No cohesion to the style. I think this new idea may make more sense. We will see.

        One of the things I love about this blog is we can spend some time deciding which pieces work together with what we already have. That way I don’t arrive at the store without a list. I won’t say I never go off list, but at least I have a bracelet to wear when I get home, with no charms left over. Most of the time. ?

    • Another reason why I love this blog.what a fantastic idea to use the purple Regal Beauty on a Halloween bracelet. I would have never thought of that thanks bunches:)

    • Yes reason why I love this blog I would have never thought about doing a fair bracelet I have the original unicorn charm as I love unicorns but couldn’t figure out reason to buy the new unicorn charm. Can you send me picture of your fair bracelet?
      Now I have reasonto buy some of those fair charms

      • Hi Margaret!

        My fair bracelet is just started from this year’s Summer Collection. It’s on a smooth clasp bracelet, and has the color wheel (ferris wheel) the popcorn (kettle corn) and the dreamcatcher in the middle. I have the multi colored mosaics on each side of the dreamcatcher, and the multicolored clips on each end. I’m planning to add Bruno (stuffed animal prize) and the new teapot and teacup (fortune teller reading tea leaves). Maybe the love potion for a crystal ball too! I have the old carousel tt charm as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on any other addition. Maybe Pandora will help us out and add a roller coaster or a merry mixer next summer.

        • Hi Deborah your bracelet sounds amazing I actually want to duplicate it
          As I was also looking for a way to use the rainbow mosaic and couldn’t think of one
          As far as things to add to it I would say Alice teacup charm if you are wanting to add Disney charms to it
          I have a deprecate Disney bracelet but don’t own that charm as I have been trying to only get one charm from each of my favorite movies and I already own a Alice charm
          How many bracelets do you own? I am finding myself getting way too many

        • Or even an elephant here at our fair we have animals and I have ridden a elephant there with my kids

        • Margaret,

          I own way too many bracelets. I’ve been collecting for over 2 decades. My husband jokes that I have to talk about my collection in terms of weight rather than pieces!

          I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. My first bracelet was a family one. My last one a salute to a day out with my best friend, who also collects Pandora.

        • Wow Deborah I didn’t realize they had been around that long
          I have been collecting for 5 years now just bracelets I haven’t expanded to rings or necklaces yet.
          What other theme bracelets do you own?
          How do you store all your pandora?

        • Hi Margaret,

          I have floral bracelets, beach themed bracelets, 25th Anniversary bracelet, one for each holiday, and 2+ for Christmas. I have a childhood bracelet for my son and granddaughters. I have celestial bracelets, a technology bracelet, a spiritual bracelet, a swan lake bracelet, a butterfly bracelet, my hobbies bracelet, nature themed bracelets, travel bracelets…some 14k, some TT, some Rose, and a Shine. I also have necklaces, earrings, rings, and Essence. I have my Mom and Aunt hooked as well as my daughter in law and both granddaughters. I started out saying I was too old to pull off bows and crowns, but that didn’t last. I still have minimal crowns, but I’ve been on a bow kick lately. ?. The only thing I haven’t caved on is the lockets. I think the contents of a lady’s locket should be a secret, so I don’t have an open locket or petites yet. This is my hobby, and I am lucky in that I have a best friend who loves Pandora as much as I do, an enabling husband, and a local store where the ladies are more knowledgeable and friendly than any other place I have shopped.

        • Oh, and I have Stackers modular jewelry storage boxes. I keep my bracelets in a 4×4 anti tarnish bag with an anti-tarnish paper inside. I store them upright in the box, and can flip through them like records to find the one I want to wear. I purchased mine from The Container Store.

        • Hi Debbie
          Do you mind sending me email? I would love to see pics of some of your brackets as I started a beach one I want to get sunglasses charm but t is retired
          I also want to start celestial bracket too so would love to see your bracelets
          Also have Christmas one that I told my husband I was going to sell but now I want more Christmas
          My email is

    • Hi Deborah! That sounds like a lovely Autumn leafy design. Really pretty and unusual! It would be great if there were a promo, as I only want a few things to make my little Bruno/fairytale design, and that would give me a great opportunity to hoover them all up! Bruno will definitely come home with me on release day though. ^^

      I second everyone else – fab idea for the Regal Beauty to use as a Halloween bead! That would be an amazing focal piece. <3

      Glad you're excited! Thanks for commenting :D

  4. :-) Dear Ellie,
    thank you for all the information!
    I‘m a bit overwhelmed by all of this information. can‘t decide on anything at the moment.
    Have a HAPPY day!
    Claudia :-)

  5. The scarecrow and pumpkin for sure. Everything else will have to wait. I love Fall! Discipline is needed! Thanks Ellie!

  6. I’m tired of hearts and CZs!!!! Not a fan of this release. The pumpkin is cool, but heart shaped eyes? Yeah, okay, whatever’s. Looking forward to the new Disney release. Tiffany did the keys years ago, nothing new here.

    • I like the heart eyes on the pumpkins! But then I’ve never minded the little heart details on charms. The CZs on the other hand, I do tire of, especially given their effect on the price. Glad to hear you’re excited for Disney!

  7. I think this is a great release. There’s nothing that screams “what are they thinking?!” I sort of agree with you Ellie re:written sentiments…unnecessary and quite off-putting. The only exception to that would be “I love you to the moon and back” on the moon and stars dangle from a couple of years ago. The wording on that scarecrow has to go…I’ll be taking it to a jeweller to remove before I even get it home!

    However, I *do* love a little cz here and there. I think if used sparingly it can really make a piece ‘sing’. I guess that’s the point…when it’s too much…that’s the problem.

    • Ah, yes, I think the quotes work much better when they tie thematically into the design of the charm. The moon and back quotes are quite cute. But yeah, ‘guardian of love’ on the scarecrow on the other hand is actively distracting for me! ^^

  8. I really like the grains of energy safety chain. Always seem to be in need of more safety chains. I am curious to find out how bird is put into the cage. Does it slip up through the bottom? Hinged door opens but then chain on bird would prevent door from closing. I also like Bruno but not sure how he would fit with my existing designs.

    • Yes, that is one thing I love about recent Pandora collections – they’ve really upped the ante on the safety chain front! I used to always be wanting new designs to use for all the bracelets I was making. ^^ Now I think they’ve finally made more designs than I actually have a need for currently haha. I see what you mean about the bird charm – I assume that there’s a little hole or something for the chain in the bottom? We will have to see!

  9. Also, wondering if the Family Game charm letter blocks can be slid across, up and down as moveable? Is is just me but is the cover for fairytale book a unicorn? Bruno in relief, side portrait?

    • I don’t believe that the family game charm is moveable – no mention of it in Pandora’s covering text for the charm and they usually mention cool little details like that! I can’t quite make out what’s on the front of the book, it looks like a horse or a unicorn!

  10. Hi Ellie,

    Thank-you for this review.You put a lot of work into these posts, no worries about replying to the comments. You need to have time for other things and people in your life. There is soooooooo much I want from this collection! The grains and seeds theme will be a big draw for me as I love Fall. The pumpkin is a keeper for sure. I noticed the shine scarecrow was absent, or is that because Rose & shine will come at a later time? I wholeheartedly agree with you, I wish Pandora would leave off the sentimental message tags. I have plans to have the tag attached to the scarecrow removed, and from some conversations I’ve had with others I’m not the only one. I love the keys and padlocks. Sometime ago I came across the 14kt padlock and key, a real indulgence but I loved it, and would have regretted not getting it. It reminds me of the locks on the bridge in Paris, I think they may have removed the padlocks, by now. I have the garden oxidized lock that came out a few years back. All of these would work with a harvest, fall theme.
    The irredescent white murano is on the list. The silver core is so pretty, it would be nice if the murano is larger than the core. Ok I have to agree with your OH on the Bruno charm. I thought he looked a little like Eeyore, so yeah I guess more like a donkey, still a very cute charm.
    The radiant grains of energy might make its way home with me, I have four of the ochre fascetted muranos, and this would make a lovely centre piece for the harvest theme with the seeds of elegance clips. I love how the seeds of elegance clips are simple without CZs.
    I tend to steer away from dangles but if I buy one it will be the ohm charm, a reminder to centre oneself and find life work balance in a crazy and busy world.
    Well, looks like I’ll be retiring on cat food! I’m going to need some great promos to stay out of the poor

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa
      I too have that fear for my retirement! However, just last week my husband commented that we spend almost as much on premium cat food for the cats as we do one on our own food! I am clearly doomed or will have to work forever! ?Ha ha!

      • Aw! I think we all do the same for our furry babies, don’t we? ??? They do deserve it, poor things ? ?
        Hope Pandora funds a charity to raise money for poor old retired customers, though. At this rate, many of us could need some support in our old age lol! ?

        • Marie,

          Wouldn’t that be lovely kind of a loyalty rebate program that helps Pandora
          Yes, I agree fur babies deserve the best. Why have pets if we’re not going to spoil them. Love my Pandora pet charms.

          Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you, that’s kind of you to say! No, the Rose and Shine pieces have their own previews which I linked at at the top :) this post is just for the regular Moments beads and bracelets. Just a blog tradition that I like to keep to when putting out previews, as it lets me preview things in manageable chunks! ^^

      Aha, poor Bruno! At least we’re mostly all agreed that he’s rather sweet, whether he be cow, donkey or mythical beast! ^^

      That’s a very nice reason to buy the Ohm charm :) They did have an engraved regular bead with that symbol on I believe, but I think it was exclusive to the US. It would be a nice excuse to buy a dangle!

      Haha Lisa! ?

  11. Thank you for a great preview Ellie there are some lovely pieces here. I love the grains designs, it is such a fresh and original theme. I will definitely be looking at the regal key and regal heart and the cute little bunch of keys. My only problem is how big the newer charms are when you see them in person – the dangles are very long and the charms are wide. I really liked the enchanted teapot from the Spring collection but ended up returning it as it looked too big on my bracelet, as I tend to buy the smaller charms. But the little birds dangle, although quite long, looked just right. So I expect to go in with a list but change my mind quite a lot when I see the charms in person! I will definitely get Bruno if he doesnt look too bulky, and my other must have is the always by your side dangle, which I think looks really sweet. I would really like to make a Harvest/Autumn design with all the grain charms, but I have been buying in the sales, so I have to economise! I just managed to get the retired crystallised snowflake pendant and matching earrings which I absolutely love. I hope we get a nice promotion in September to help the pennies go further!

    • Yes, I hear you about the charms varying in size! I mean, in a way it’s welcome, as they had a phase of making the character beads teeny tiny (such as Eeyore or the Arabian Coffee Pot etc). So it’s good that you get more silver, but the teapot was hard to style! And the Spring Bird House. I had to work quite carefully to balance them on my bracelet.

      Good work buying in the sales ! ^^ I did a lot of that last year – I’ve refrained somewhat this year, but there are so many great things up for grabs. It does make you want to hold on before indulging in new collections, particularly the Christmas ones.

      • Regarding the larger charms, I like the variation when mixed with older charms. However some of them, like the spring bird house, are also thicker, which makes them challenging to balance. And they almost have to stay on top of the arm. If they move to the side, they are even more out of balance. But I agree that the upside is a larger piece with the opportunity for better detail.

  12. Hi Ellie,

    I agree with the other girls. Yoy don’t have time for everything!

    There are lots of things i like but i have to priorotize. I really hope they release everything in this region.

    Bruno, 2 of the seeds of ellegance clips and probably the birdcage are coming home with me on release day. The rest has to whait till the 29th of September. Then it is glamourday and if yow show the magazine you get 20% discount and if you are a member(wich i’m) you get 25%!

    Have a nice day!

    • Thanks Manon! :) Those are very nice picks, and fun that you have a nice little promo to help later in the month! I think Bruno will be my first pick, to go on my new sliding bracelet, and then I’ll wait and see what promo opportunities crop up for the rest of it. Have a lovely weekend!

  13. I really wish they will release more solid 14kt gold charms. I only wear YG and it’s annoying how limited the charms collection is and the ones they have are all almost with CZ. So annoyed!

    • I like CZs in silver, but I’m affraid of them falling out of gold ones and tben your beautiful gold charm looks ugly. Pandora’s warranty is only for one year now. And not only are they not putting out any more plain gold charms, but they just retired all but like 2 over the past 2 years! Maybe they are trying to push their plated 18k on us.

  14. In this latest post I was happy to see more silver and more reasonable prices. This would be a nice way for a bride or bride-to-be to start a lovely bracelet for her special occasion. A wish list for her friends would be great too! I know lots of ladies like to buy a charm for those getting married.

    As always, Ellie, you’ve done a beautiful job!

  15. Hello Ellie. Another lovely post about Pandora Autumn 2018. The collection is very pretty. But my must have are Regal Key and Regal Love Key .. I already showed it to my boyfriend .. rs. Have a great week

  16. Ellie
    Thank you for this very informative review. This is my first comment since you’ve returned and I am so happy to have you back. Congratulations on your engagement. The Autumn collection is one of my favs each year. The only thing that interested me in the summer collection was the dream catcher and I still haven’t bought it. I will definitely be getting the new safety chain and seeds of energy clip. The clip reminds me of the blue wave charm (hope I got the name correct) from the spring collection. The new murano is very nice but I will have to see it in person before I decide. I also like the pumpkin. I can live with the hearts for eyes but wish they hadn’t put those strips on either side of his mouth. Reminds me of a more sinister take on Halloween and is quite the contrast to the eyes. ? I will need to see him in person before I decide. I really want to get the Celestial Mosaic with the stars and moon from last winter to go on my Halloween/fall bracelet but it’s turning out to be a challenge. It’s not available on the Canadian online store nor in my local shop. But that’s part of what makes collecting Pandora exciting! Ha ha. It is great to have you back. I look forward to future reviews and previews. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about individual replies.

    • Hinajanet,

      This charm, appears to gave disappeared from the Canadian website & paper catalogue. It looks to be available in other countries. I found one at my shop in shop on s Christmas tray. It was quite pricy, $75 Cdn plus 15%HST and is mostly acrylic. The charm itself is quite light. It us a nice charm, you might find one on eBay. It is pretty and will go n my a harvest moon theme and Halloween bracelet. If it is still in the US tiedyedeb might have it on her ebays store.

      Lisa K

    • Hi Janet,

      There is a woman on Instagram that has the celestial mosaics and she might be able to help you. See if you can follow her then you can see her feed where she features a celestial themed bracelet. She lives in Canada that has a few of the celestial mosaics at her local store.
      Search for Sarinak23 on Instagram. I think her name is Sara.

      Lisa K

      • Thank you so much. I’ve sent her a message. Hopefully it works out and I can finally have this charm. I really appreciate the help.


    • Hi Janet! Thank you so much for the congratulation sand nice comment <3! Haha, I think that the heart eyes and the strips on his lips balance each other out quite nicely. But perhaps the downside is that they please neither camps, haha. ^^

      Glad to hear that there are a couple of things in this launch to tempt you, and thanks again for commenting :D

  17. thank you for the pictures and information on the new autumn releases, my list of charms to get is getting bigger all of the time,looking forward to the previews on the new disney releases as well.

    • I am still waiting to hear from them for clarification on what the policy re Disney will be going forward, I keep trying! :)

  18. ok, i could literally start a new bracelet design with all the regal swirl charms! I love the regal lock bracelet. I have all the other lock bracelets and love them too. This is my new addiction I think. I like to wear them as they are though, no charms needed. But, that regal key would look great dangling by the regal lock, on the regal lock bracelet!

    • I really like the new bracelet as well, the clasp is gorgeous, but I think I’d want to fill it up and I don’t like the padlock bracelets full of charms! It would be nice stacked, but really I’d want to wear it in conjunction with all those pretty new fairytale beads. Decisions, decisions!

  19. Hi Ellie!

    I hope all is well. I have enjoyed reading your preview as always. I do like this collection. Love Bruno and the pumpkin. I finally got the lock your promise bracelet and I ?. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Disney usually do a Limited Edition Black Friday charm in the US? I’m a gal on a budget so I’m already planning possible spends. I hope everyone else is well!

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you, glad to hear it :) they usually do a limited edition bead for the holidays, yes – these are often more generic Minnie/Mickey designs. I’ve seen all the Disney beads coming up but am not sure whether any of them are the designated limited edition..

  20. At first my wish list was comprised of the regal beauty, regal heart, castle dangle, and pumpkin, but now I’m also considering the love potion, keys of love, and purple floating locket. (They look pretty in the campaign image.)

    Since I want the pumpkin bead, I’m going to see how it looks with summer’s orange shape of love bead (which I don’t have). I love muranos but I’ll have to see the new style murano in person to decide if I like it. Not much longer to wait!

    • Lovely choices! I like the Love Potion as well. I think its name actually won me over a little bit, I like that idea.^^ I’m also waiting to see whether I like the new murano! I saw one live image and I’m not sure whether I do like the height of the new core, so I’ll have to take a look in person!

  21. Hi Ellie on one of your post with a member I saw a conversation about someone you know who sells beads on eBay can yo tell me her name as I can’t seem to find the post on here and I am looking for some used beads
    Thank you

  22. Thanks for the wonderful preview, I like the new clips, but will wait until I see them in person.

    I may have missed this information, but can someone please tell me the date of the Disney fall release. Are they end of Auguast as well?

    • I’ve heard the snow while collrction will be released on the 30th along with The Pinocchio collrction as well. The Mickey and Minnie charms and Mary Poppins will be released in November.

    • Yep, 30th August for the first drop, and then you’ll get Mary Poppins and some Mickey/Minnie beads for Winter.

    • Just saw on Instagram Pandora Saucon Valley is already selling the fall Disney pieces. They have a few pictures. Talking out loud – shouldn’t every store have to wait until the 30th? As much as I am excited for the fall release I am going to wait for a sale. This year’s fall and winter Disney releases are going to set my credit card on fire! I will make exceptions for 2 of the Xmas Mickeys and the small world charm which I am still waiting for! :)

      • North American stores never seem to have to stick to their release dates, for whatever reason! I always get super jealous when I see the pictures they post, haha. Our UK stores never get things early!

        • That is a stinker. Stopped in my “shop in shop?” and the sales lady said to me that there is a 25% off on the 30th. Now I am assuming she is correct – but I am not sure if she just meant her store or all of Pandora or what items. Either way something to look and hope for!

          I am still eagerly awaiting your Disney preview – to me it is not just looking at clear photos (I never seem to be able to grab a catalog) – I like to read your thoughts on the charms. It is almost like you are bringing them to life in a way.

          Have a great week!

    • Hi Heather. I saw one US Pandora store offering that 25% off sale. 3 days only. Need to buy two items or more and you get 25% off total purchase BUT it excludes the new release (!), Shine and sale charms. Starts on the 30th. Labour Day yay sale apparently. Hope you get to take advantage.

      • thanks for the info Lozzie! I may get an item or two. I really like how some of the collectors on instagram are making those necklace bead stacks or whatever they are called. How they put three charms on top of each other. So I might get a chain or two to try. But then I would need a dangle charm so that would be Jiminy Cricket but he is new so not part of the sale…. This rabbit hole is never ending! ?

        • I have seen those necklaces too. Great way to feature a dangle and a couple of charms. No idea how they are done but I am sure a SA would show me or a YouTube video. But looking at Pandora on YouTube would definitely be a rabbit hole. I am bad enough with insta.

    • Hi Margaret
      I have 7 charm bracelets, 2 essence bracelets and 4 bangles. I only wear one at a time during the week at work. I like to wear a different one each day. If I am going out on a weekend I wear a full charm bracelet on my left wrist with my watch and a plain bangle on my right.

      I don’t own any other charm brands. My other Jewellery brand is Tiffany. Majority are necklaces. I do like to wear the one Tiffany bracelet I have with a Pandora bangle. They look nice combined.

    • I usually wear a full charm bracelet and a more simple bangle/leather together. I have a couple of CHamilia beads, and these tend to get worn in smaller designs mixed with pandora on a bangle.

  23. Hi Ellie. Have you heard anything about the Russian fish charm being released now in the US? I’ve seen a couple of insta posts from Pandora retailers in the US featuring it. If so, I wonder if it will be released in Australia with next week’s release?

    • Yes! I was told about this recently and I completely forgot to add that bit of info to this post. I don’t know about Australia, but the US is getting it for sure.

      • That’s an interesting re-release. Given he was only available in Russia back in 2016! I remember you getting your hands on him back then. Just scrolled back thru your insta photos to have a look at him again. Such a lovely charm.

        • Gah! I asked about that charm in St. Petersburg, Russia, when I was there on a cruise in May. They had no idea what I was talking about. But I’d love to get it and put it on my cruise bracelet!

  24. Hi Ellie. I’ve read you for a while but this is my first post

    This is a nice set this time, but I’m still trying to finish my travel theme bracelet. I’m kind of shocked Pandora still hasn’t come out with a travel themed safety chain since they have just about everything else. Maybe not globes since that’s already the only clip option for travel bracelets, but something.

    I’m also starting to despair of Pandora continuing the World Icons collection. I’d really like the Parthenon to represent my Greece trip (or at least a generic Greek temple bead – heck, at this point I’d even settle for a Greek column bead). Can’t decide whether to hold out or get the current dolphin charm to represent the country, as it’s one of Greece’s symbols.

    • If the recent Brazil, NYC travel charm, pasta dangle and pizza dangle sell well then I think there is a good chance that Pandora will release more of them. Here’s hoping. I love my travel bracelet.

    • Hi Kelly! Yes, that does seem like a fun idea! THey’ve only really just recently started to make more character based safety chains, so perhaps they’ll run with that in the future :)

      Pandora stopped adding to the world icons series quite a while ago, it doesn’t seem like they’re intending to do more for now :( I really liked them as well! The dolphin is a really cute bead, and I think would be a nice way to commemorate your trip – you never know how long you’ll be waiting else! :)

  25. Hi everyone there used to be a link at bottom of pandora site to authorized pandora sellers but I no longer see it do y’all ?

    • Hi Margaret
      If you go to the bottom of the Pandora page click where it says “About us”, then click where it says “explore the brand”, then click on authorized online retailers link and you should get the list of authorized online retailers. A lot of clicking now I know but hope this helps you. ?

  26. hey ladies how do you keep your bracelets from banging on things example hitting desk while typing at work?

    • I don’t really think you can, unless you tuck it under your sleeve. I take mine off at my desk sometimes, though. Typing at your desk is one of the worst culprits for scratching beads, I’ve found :(

      • Would you say you take them off at work more often than not?
        I hate the scratching but also hate the noise it makes however love my pandora.
        I also read somewhere pandor isn’t doing good this year and letting someon go this mont?

        • Hi Margaret,
          Not sure if this is what you are referring to.
          I get a fashion business -The Business of Fashion – email every week and they had a little blurb about Pandora China hiring a new Chief. They talked about Pandora and others losing money in the grey market. I’ve pasted it below.

          Jewellery Maker Pandora Hires New China Chief
          The Danish company has recruited Geena Tok from Nike to head its business in China, where it has been challenged by a rise in sales on the grey market.

          Source: Pandora
          Source: Pandora
          COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Jeweller Pandora has recruited Geena Tok from Nike to head its business in China, where the Danish company has been challenged by a rise in sales on the grey market.

          Pandora has 200 stores and employs more than 1,400 people in China but has said it needs to counter China’s grey market, where increasing numbers of jewellery pieces are imported from other markets and sold online.

          Last month Pandora, the world’s largest jewellery maker by production volume, said it would lower retail prices in the country by an average of 15 percent.

          Chinese resident Tok joins Pandora next month, having spent 17 years with Nike in the United States, Thailand, India and now in China, where she is leading the sports retailer’s stores and e-commerce business.

          Tok will replace Anthony Asinas, who taking up a new role as Pandora’s Hong Kong and Macau chief.

          Pandora, best known for its charm bracelets, warned in May of a surprise slowdown in China, which accounts for about 12 percent of its total sales.

          China is a key growth market for affordable luxury jewellery makers such as Pandora, with the country’s growing middle class willing to spend at a time when mall shopping in other big markets such as the United States and Britain is declining.

          By Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen; editor: David Goodman.

    • This is why I don’t have alot of dangle charms. Not practical for work and they get caught on stuff.

      My travel bracelet being the exception.

      • Yea I don’t have a lot of dangles either even my essence makes noise maybe I bang my wrist or slide them too much
        Maybe it’s my desk and how quite the office is

        • That’s a shame. I find Essence are the best for wearing at work. Maybe put a mouse pad under your wrist. That will stop the banging.

  27. This morning the art of pandora website had the new disney releases charms pictures, and when I just went to the website this afternoon the previews of them has completely disappeared. At least I got the chance to see the charms closeup this morning to see the details on them and the prices. Did anyone else see those pictures as well.

    • All I know is the instagram account that had sneak peeks that I mentioned here very recently has been closed down completely as it was reported. Confirms to me that official Pandora keep tabs on this blog. At least they are reading our comments.

  28. Hi Ellie
    I am looking at getting some of the older Christmas charms from ruelala.
    Do you know if the new polar bear will be better than llast years?
    Will there be new snowman?
    Or letter to Santa?

  29. I would like the Unicorn charm! Will go & take a look at it this week i think:) Also like the small hoop earrings with cubic zirconia hearts on them, in silver or rose (saw a Pandora assistant modelling them) xx

  30. Hi Ellie,

    I actually can’t find the fairytale book anywhere in stores where I’m from. Is it country specific?


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